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  1. thank you my friends😊 the wipers are P.E set from "the model car garage",I bought them on internet,they are quite useful!! it's take time and patience to assemble it..but once done,it looks very realistic😉
  2. thank you for watching my video😊!!hope that is useful!!😉
  3. HI,I feel a bit tricky on black paint...it need more concentration and patience..actually,this kit is easy to build,..enjoy it!!😊
  4. hi everyone !😄 this is my REVELL 1/24 'GT 350 H, I once build mustang 2+2 fastback couple months ago,I just love mustang...this time I try to build the famous GT350H,I add some modification and detail patrts on it..the black paint is quite tricky I try to build this model as good as I could, still, there are some defects on this model🙁,but I just love this car😅..... hope you guys like it!!🙂 and here is the video build if you are interested..🙂
  5. Hi,sorry for late replying Yes,I usually cut decal when it cross the panel line,and push it with some decal softer to achieve smooth. I think the difference between sand paper and Sponge is the way I use it,when I try to sand the surface flat or try to change the line,I usually use sand paper with my finger or a wood bolck for jig...when the surface is curved or I just want to smooth the surface,I use sand sponge,there are no certain rule,just use them in your suitable way... Hope this is useful and thank you for watching!
  6. Thank you for watching!!😊 hope my video could bring some inspiration for everyone..🙂
  7. hi everyone !😄 this is my REVELL 1/25 '69 camaro,an very nice kit and easy to build!! hope you guys like it!!🙂 and here is the video build if you are interested..🙂
  8. thank you!! I hope my video is informative..😊
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