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  1. thank you!!🙂 I forgot to mention that this kit is 1/12 Aoshima honda dream 50.. the original kit is like this:
  2. hi,every one!!😄 this is my first motorcycle model. I did some modification on this little bike.. not perfect, but I am happy with the result hope you like it 😀 and here is the video build if you are interested😀
  3. thank you!!🙂 I am glad this tips works for you!!😄
  4. hi,thank you very much for your comment🙂 yes,I use the kit's M1.6 screw to keep the hub..and yes, the blue mark is for aligning the rim and the hub..I forgot to record them or mention that..😅 I will pay more attention on my next video🙂 I cut the tube by a power tool with diamond grinding disc,after cutting them off,I also file the cutting edge..it takes time😅...I am also looking for a metal fabricator that can do this for me... thank you and have a good day!!😀
  5. hi every one🙂 I would like to show you how I modify the spoke wheels for bike models I've tried many ways to do it and I felt this might be the most suitable way for me.. hope this tips works for you..😄 here is the whole building process video: hope you like it!!😄
  6. Thank you my friends and happy new year!!😄😄😄
  7. nice!! I love the color you choose..I got a fairlady z 432 kit from fujimi, I will do the same color!!🙂
  8. I totally agree with you!! 🙂this 240Z probably is my favorite Japanese sports car of all time... The design concept of 2022 Z also incorporates the style of 240Z .I love it more than R35 GTR... lucky you could see the real one!!😍
  9. thank you for watching! I am glad my videos is informative. I always try to a achieve maximum effect through the simplest procedure😅 next project working on!!🙂
  10. thank you guys and happy new year!!😄😄😄
  11. HI everyone!🙂 this is my 1/24 hasegawa fairlady 240Z. I add some detail and change the wheels..the body color is mix by myself.. a very nice kit to build hope you guys like it!😄 and here is the video build if you are interested:🙂
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