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  1. Thank you!! I am glad to hear that..I try to improve my skills time by time .. first time building this kit is about one year ago,at that time, that was my third car model..I just love this car..the shape..just combine power and beauty..😍 I try to reach the pace of one work a month,after one year of building car model...Looking back now,I found that my skills have indeed improved slightly..I am happy with that..🙂 about the cobra... I will definitely build it again in the future..maybe that time I will focus on the engine part..😅 thank you for your appreciation,that really give me motivation to carry on!!👍
  2. HI, about the 427 emblem, just like the cobra badge, I use the kit's decal, apply it to a thin plastic sheet which painted in silver, nothing special,but I really like the three-dimensional result 😀
  3. hi, the wiper is P.E set from "the model car garage"..quite nice product...😀
  4. Hi everyone!!😀 this is my 1/24 fujimi shelby cobra 427.. I pass the engine and focus on visible area in this case. I also made some modification on this kit. takes a lot time...I am glad it came out well.. hope you guys like it!!😄 and here is the video build if you are interested!!🙂
  5. Thank you,I'm glad you notice that~ I used 2K clear once,yes,it's shiny,but I just felt something wrong…I think the effect is a bit greasy to me…and I felt the thickness of the clear coat is hard to control…,or maybe my painting skill is not suitable for that paint… Anyway,I like to build up my paint layer by layer,and polish tham,these process is similar to making Japanese lacquer ware,it takes time,but I can always fix problem and imperfection between layers…frankly,I really like the result,I feel it's more classic and elegant… Just my opinion,anyone could find the best way for themselves.cheers!!
  6. Thank you!!🙂 I always hope to achieve the best results with the simplest steps..or maybe I am just lazy..😅 in this case..I think the little detail up turned out well..🙂
  7. Hi Trevor,nice to hear that and thank you.😄 I didn't notice the size of wheels...now I know..what a discovery!😃 about the P.E wiper,there are so many of them..I've tried several aftermarket P.E parts and I think the K.A model's product is just fit the right size in this case..somehow they are not easy to find now..🤔
  8. hi,this kit is aged..but Tamiya made it very well,enjoy it and have fun!!😄
  9. HI,I think the biggest challenge of this kit is decal..it takes time and patience..you can check my building video...about 13:00, it reveal how I apply it.. hope it works for you..🙂
  10. Thank you for watching my video!!your supporting is the biggest motivation for me to carry on!!!😄
  11. hi everyone !😄 this is my tamiyaI 1/24 lotus europa special. the kit is easy to build,I made some modification and add some detail parts on this beauty.. hope you guys like it!!🙂 and here is the building video if you are interested🙂
  12. hi,I am glad you got this kit, it's not easy to find these days.. it's an easy kit.enjoy it..🙂 thank you for watching my videos🙂 my intention of making these videos is to provide inspiration for whom want to build their own models.no matter for beginner or professional...and I am glad it works!!😊 cheers and happy modeling!!😄
  13. Hi,this kit dose include some engine parts,but the instruction didn't mention it.I think maybe there are issues about the engine parts.🤔 I know nothing about engine..and I'm not a fan of engines either..... so I pass it!!😝 anyway,Except for the issue of quarter window,this kit is easy to build...have fun ,enjoy it!!🙂
  14. thank you very much!! I think this kit is much easier than the 246 GT...this kit include some engine parts,but the instruction didn't mention it...so I pass it.....😝 have fun !!🙂
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