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  1. here most of the chassis parts and engine were installed to see how fit ,next i will adjust the suspension wheel spindles and rear axle., stay tune! most of the parts instaled needed modifications drilling and a lot of work the front upper suspension were modified to fit correctly to the chassis and headers fit .,this is the part without modifing and this is the modification to let the headers fit well in the cylinder heads
  2. i use diamond files from squadron and sanding blocks to clean the chassis and other parts here i check the fit of the floor pan.i need to align the chassis to fit flat to the floorpan ,note the poor molding and rough material i reworked the engine because all the parts doesnt fit prefectly so i drilled the pinholes a little larger and adjusted some warped parts
  3. Hi guys! i bought this kit a few years ago i stored for a while until i get enough time to work with let's start with the chassis .as you can see the rough material of the parts made this kit a little dessapoint one but with a little patience and work with the correct tools it will look great.,all the details are there but they are hidden by a little rough film that is the mold release powder,this type of powder is used to make easy to remove the part from the rubber mold so a little sand and file will remove it ,some of the parts doesn't mold well in the spin cast process so those parts needs more attention and some fill with white epoxy almos all of the parts were aligned prefectly and drilled to pre assemble the chassis to see if have any issues ,and i found a lot,this cause a assembly problems and poor fit of the parts causing a poor appeareance ,
  4. Marcos! dont forget,you are near with your thunderbird!! and we are a week away! to end this poll so congrats to you too!!!
  5. Hi guys!! here some pics ., i assembled the hood hook pins,these hood pins are made from 5 springs(comes with the kit) and the photoetched hooks the hood needs five ,so i glued the parts with 5 minute epoxy ,since they are functional they need a strong glue to avoid loose the parts when remove the hood. see... Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  6. well the tank is done! the tank belts came with the kit i made it functional so they can removed.,the buckles are from KA models
  7. the tank was clear coated with tamiya semi gloss clear ts-79 ,this clear gives a look of aluminum to white metal
  8. Hi guys ! this is part of the fuel and oil tank before i start to work with ,ugly huhh!? now after hours of sanding,polishing,metal priming,a little welding here an there., drilling and make some adjustments Now looks better ,looks like a real aluminum hand formed fuel tank,i just need to complete the oil tank in the same way that i do with the fuel tank and is done!,the oil tank goes on the rear part of the fuel tank in those tinny pins.,
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