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  1. There is a single one for $65 just like the read on above but is out of Japan
  2. There are a couple of the Aoshima ones on there currently
  3. It may be an odd question but why not buy the one off eBay? Tomica made a 1/64 version as well. Good luck on your hunt
  4. There is the Trumpeter version that was just listed a couple hours ago on eBay
  5. Found one set of turbines. Could use one more set and still need the tires
  6. Thank you for looking into it. I am set on chrome reverse wheels as that is the look I am going for. I have the Jo-han version of the wide whites but I want to stick with AMT
  7. The wheels do look really close to the Galaxie. The tires may be harder to find.
  8. Thanks, I will consider them as an option if I can't find the early ones.
  9. Still looking! Thought these would be easier to come by as I figured they were pretty common.
  10. Are you looking for new or used? Complete frame with suspension or bare frame?
  11. I wish that I had this stuff. You have been looking for quite a while. Good luck
  12. I am looking for a couple sets of these. They were optional on a lot of the early '60s AMT annuals. Not sure when they quit putting me and their kits. Have lots of misc to trade
  13. This is a very nice build! I actually have the box for one of these. No van though! Love the 70s stuff!
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