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  1. Hi all. I got that Atlantis kit to play around with. Being that it's a very old mold it needed a lot of clean up. That said, my floor has eaten the filled & primed radiator because of course. Anyone have one in their spares? Much appreciated! Thanks in advance- Mike
  2. Makeout

    Surfite tires

    Looking for (at least) the rear tires. Have had crummy luck in trying to cast them for a 1/32 secret project. Thanks. Who knows- I may have something you're looking for.
  3. Ugh. I can't help but I need the rear tires from the Surfite kit if you're holding.
  4. What did you use for the top moulding?
  5. What brand/color did you use on the interior? I'm thinking Tamiya XF-9 Hull red but haven't experimented yet. Started an All American Models Aerocoupe years ago. Buddy's brother had a super clean one until it was assassinated. Rear ended so hard it knocked out the rear springs & broke the drivers seat. Poor car!
  6. Just stock. Maybe some tweaks like tires/ ride height. Just got the MCW pastel gray in the mail the other day. I also found a couple of shops within driving distance that have MV lenses!
  7. I am! Yes. Figure I can cast the three missing wheels.
  8. Ahh! That's where I saw it. I emailed him back in October & haven't heard a thing. There's no price so I don't know- discontinued?
  9. Hi there & happy New Year to you all. Looking for some oddball items. Have some '69 Camaro stuff '66 Fairlane & other stuff kicking to trade. AMT 1/43(!) '69 Fastback ft. bumper/grill & rr. bumper '90 LX police parts (computer, radio, light bar etc.) & hood Any MPC early 80's Mustang chassis and suspension parts Finally I think I think I've seen an early 80's notchback in resin. (Like 82-86) Does this actually exist? Thanks for the help.
  10. Maybe the wrong place to ask but anyone have the LH drive dash for the Rav4?
  11. Getting back into the hobby after something like 20 years. I've been looking around for a nice 1/24- 1/25 scale AOD trans to pop into my '88 Mustang. Anyone have any recommendations? I've even looked at the Shapeways site & nothing. Thanks in advance.
  12. What color did you use on the interior? Colors totally screw me up so I stick with black or white.
  13. Speaking of parts I'm new! And getting back into the hobby after 20 something years. I've been looking for a nice Ford C4/C6 auto trans shifter; just a floor mount. Recommendations? Oh yeah- 1/24- 1/25 scale!
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