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  1. My daily driver is an 07 GMC Sierra, had it 6 years now and hands down the best truck I've ever owned. Except for a motor swap last year no issues with it.
  2. Not today but came across this last fall on some property close to my cousin's place. 50s GMC or Chevy truck. In rough shape, been sitting there a lot of years.
  3. Both look great, really like that Charger Daytona.
  4. Stopped at a Michael's 2 hours away from me this morning, had a good selection there compared to the one local to me. Brought this home.
  5. Just built one of these a few months ago into a RCMP police cruiser, was surprised the amount of detail it had for a snap kit.
  6. Thanks pal, had a little issue with the wheel backs going into the tire. Then I realized that both sides of the tires weren't the same. Put them on the other side and problem solved.
  7. Nice looking Challenger, not usually a fan of flames but those blue ones stand on on that black paint.
  8. Thanks pal, appreciate it. Thanks bud, going to paint everything. Just to cover up the plastic look to it.
  9. Got most of the chassis assembled except for the shocks, really like the stance the kit has with the larger tires in the rear.
  10. I haven't had no issues yet but thanks for the heads up bud.
  11. Nice job on the Dart, white cars can sometimes be hard to get to look right but yours definitely looks good.
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