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  1. Haven't been able to do anything with it for the past week, things have been kinda hectic. Hoping to get back at it soon.
  2. Thanks pal, I'm happy with it so far.
  3. Definitely not a fan of where the number is going to be.
  4. Thanks, I got my kit from Mike's decals I'd recommend it to anyone it's a well done kit.
  5. Got some of the chassis assembled and the wheels attached. Have had a few hiccups so far but nothing too major
  6. Thanks appreciate it, I'd recommend the kit well done and a lot of extras with it.
  7. Nice looking Duster Michelle, like the color.
  8. I'm gonna put a few on besides the Pepsi one's, just have to look online and see what year the companies I've picked out were created.
  9. Nothing too spectacular, just some detailing and trying to figure out the right decal combination to make it stand out. That's cool, never realized that Pepsi once sponsored the king.
  10. I hope it comes out cool, got a few ideas for the build that I hope work out.
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