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  1. Thank you Thanks pal and I agree, it's a decent kit but the tooling is way too old now. It can definitely use some updating.
  2. The kit is finished and has been posted in the under glass section. Thanks everyone who took the time to look or comment
  3. Just finished up this morning my build of MPC'S 1974 Plymouth Road Runner. For an older kit went together pretty well. Like most older kits has it's issues, can be built it into a nice replica though. Built it pretty much box stock, wanted an easy build and this one delivered.
  4. Lmao. Keep an eye out on Amazon, I seen some on there a few weeks ago at really good prices.
  5. Thank you, it's coming along pretty good. Thank you David, I'm happy how the interior turned out. Thank you Jim, I've been happy with the progress. Thanks pal. Thank you pal, yeah I noticed that after the glue dried.
  6. Stopped at the hobby shop today to grab paint, only paint I told myself don't bring anything else home you have enough kits now. That didn't work out.
  7. Got the interior painted and assembled, came out decent. Found myself a brown sharpie which makes detailing woodwork much easier. Not much left on this one, just a little more assembly then can call it finished.
  8. Good job on both Daytona's.
  9. Off to a great start, that engine looks really good.
  10. The kit is pretty bare bones but builds up easily. Always liked the look of the 71 -74 Road Runners.
  11. Got some more work done past few days, engine painted and assembled and chassis painted. Pretty bare bones kit so didn't take long to do.
  12. Thank you pal, coming along good so far
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