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  1. Wow 'Red Head' sure is a good looker! Possibly a good subject when I have exhausted the ultimate record holders. Thanks Johann
  2. Great post Pete. Thrust 2 is a good call. Totally sums up British eccentricity. I'm only put off by the decal nightmare. - maybe one day. CN7 on the other hand...:)
  3. Thrust SSC is a real beast, I absolutely love it! With 3D printing it is quite possible in 1:18. All of the LSR cars are printed in sections. SSC would just take more parts. Thanks for posting the plans John, definitely food for thought.
  4. Thanks Jim, glad you like me Blue Bird. Have you seen the T80 videos yet?
  5. Hi CT thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. The future is 3D printed - any subject any scale. It just takes a lot of hand finishing to get things looking right. Sera
  6. Thanks Trevor, It looks great next to my 1:18 T80. I'm not sure which LSR car to do next. I do have a few ideas from that golden era but as yet undecided. Sera
  7. Thanks John, glad you like my Blue Bird. What's your suggestion for my next LSR car? Sera.
  8. Project Blue Bird is now finished and I am eyeing up my next Land Speed Record holder. You can see more on this build on my YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyoUUsH1Mg_ksQgmkldaaDQ Blue Bird is about 18 inches long and as you will see from the videos on my channel it has been a journey not without problems. Ultimately I plan to make a series of the great Land Speed cars for my personal collection. All the best FURBALL
  9. 'BLUE BIRD' Following on from my Mercedes T-80 I am scratch building Sir Malcolm Campbell's 1935 'Blue Bird' as it broke the Land Speed Record in 1935. Like the T-80 this project is 3D printed . You can see exactly how these and other models are made on my YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/c/StaplesandVine Tanks for watching and I hope you enjoy this, and my other projects.
  10. Mercedes T-80 This is my first scratch-built car. It's a Mercedes T-80 built in 1939 for Germany's attempt on the 'Land Speed Record'. With the outbreak of the Second World War it was put into storage and now is exhibited in the Mercedes museum Stuttgart. You can see exactly how I made this and many other models on my YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/c/StaplesandVine Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy my other projects.
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