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  1. Wonderfull 356 engine

    Didn't it also had something to do with Geronimo Works? I vaguely remembers that Gio guy was from Geronimo, they also released a Renault 5 Turbo.
  2. I knew it!, 1/12 Caterham is coming back!

    If I could afford these kind of cigars on wheels; I'd prefer (being slight patriotic) the Donkervoort D8 GTO. Way, way , way evolved version of the Lotus concept: and yes, this company has some serious pedigree, not a cheap knock-off
  3. Pocher Porsche 911 1/8 Scale.

    that is a very steep price, you can find them new in box way under that, probably even under 500. Don't get me wrong, I respect Amy's work in selling her dad's collection, but some of the pricing are very high. I hear you, I bought the 911 too, knowing how bad it was. But I am also convinced, that with some hard work and scratchbuilding, it can be made into a nice model, the base is there.
  4. I knew it!, 1/12 Caterham is coming back!

    I heard of pricing around 300 euro's, which is considerably less than 526. I guess we'll have to wait until they hit the shelfs and tell what they cost for real. I have two and wouldn't mind a thrid or fouth, but not at 500.
  5. Car Repair Ripoffs 1: Dealerships

    I loved the guy that used to be a service rep explaining to me what the timing belt is for. I never knew that if the belt wears off, the engine starts to overheat. Silly me always thought that if the timing belt snapped, the pistons could bend the valves and cause serious internal damage. I am glad he put that urban legend down
  6. Toy fair 2018 news and pictures.

    That saves me from a lot of digging : thanks haha
  7. Toy fair 2018 news and pictures.

    From what I understood, mainly the engine bay is different. I should receive both 356's anyway, so I can compare them when they come in. Didn't know he did, going to search for that build. From the sound of it, seems like a nice new kit.
  8. Toy fair 2018 news and pictures.

    I was hoping of some pictures of the Porsche 356 from Revell, but it might be too soon for that. One other things that is interesting, is the Ford GT. The snap kit has about 27 parts, but Revell shows a Ford GT with 120 parts, which indicates a glue kit.
  9. Toy fair 2018 news and pictures.

  10. I knew it!, 1/12 Caterham is coming back!

    I'd consider this kit a multi-media, rather than die-cast. Only a few detail parts, like the exhaust is diecast. IMHO, this is one of the most delicate and intrigueing kits around. But yes, a small car never get's large, not even in big scale haha.
  11. I knew it!, 1/12 Caterham is coming back!

    From what I could find, the original was released in 200 and sold for about 150 dollars, the cycle wing was about 200-ish. Don't hold your breath, but if they are releasing this one, you can bet on it that the cycle wings are going to be released as well. I am fortunate to have this one and the JPE, but I also would like the BDR cycle wing. If you have the JPE version, it has a Vauxhall engine. Tamiya didn't go the easy way on that.
  12. 1/12 Italeri '68 Fiat 500F

    poop, now I have to get one of those too..... Not that I would mind though..
  13. I knew it!, 1/12 Caterham is coming back!

    Check the video link ;-)
  14. I knew it!, 1/12 Caterham is coming back!

    Wouldn't that a bit too low? I would've expect somewhere around 250, since the last release was around 180-200. Haven't seen it on presale in Japan yet, let's hope you're right and I am wrong