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  1. Interesting to see that there is no Ford License, but they managed to get the F O R D decals as seperate letters and only mention the decalnumbers in the instructions, without showing the letters. I am wondering if there is still lettering on the tyres as well, in the 1999 picture it appears to be blank sidewalls, but it is hard to tell.
  2. It's the same with the hoodie girl, it appears.
  3. I saw it popping up online and loved it. When I was browsing through the pictures, I was really interested in getting one, but at 180 dollars, I find that too steep. I'd rather save that money for the Meng GT40 or new Italeri Delta.
  4. It is frome a Japanese guy who goes by Pocherman. I've been trying to figure out who he is, but I am affraid he either passed away or just stopped, since he didn't post anything since 20xx.
  5. Sorry, I misunderstood 🙂 I guess we end up on the same page .... hahaha. From what I notice, I see a lot more Aventadors popping up than those Huracan's. Which is also a bit logic, since the Aventador did sell better than the Huracan, I believe even by a great number. Never heard the 'cubic dollars' phrase yet, but I agree. A few years back, the F40 would do about 150-200 in a built form (I bought my K57 Dutch Prototype for 100, with only the interior minor built). But now, they don't get below 250 built anymore, usually between 300-400. But I assume it can also be some sort of wave, at some point it will lower again.
  6. Revell had a somewhat 'turbulent' 2019 behind them, maybe we should wait and see how the cards will unfold. Revell GmbH was a healthy organisation and seeing what they have done now'they definately deserve the benefit of the doubt.
  7. I am more interested in which coupe it will be, will it be the 2 seater or the 2+2? I hope for the first. I think the photo they supplied is from the 1/8th model, so I am not using this photo as reference for the upcoming kit.
  8. It is a bit confusing, since the Type 1 is the beetle, the Type 2 is the transporter, but the generations of the transporters is also called T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and now the T6.
  9. I disagree, the lamborghini Aventador does pop up regurarly on the second hand marketplaces. Some build, some still in box (hoping/speculating on upgoing value, which it doesn't (yet)). even though the 911 does pop up a few times per year, it is by far not as much seen as the Lamborghini. The Aventador has been sold quite a lot actually, the Huracan would be more rare, but still was sold pretty good and recent. I would say that the Aventador, Testarossa, F40 and the Mercedes are the most common Pochers popping up.
  10. Reading this, I will not be pre-ordering one to be honest.
  11. I agree with you on the 1/8 scale kits, but the 1/12 kits are a different game. They do sell quite good actually. It could be they may not run that well in the States, but in Europe and Asia, they do sell good. Italeri made a new 1/12 Fiat 500 and keeps releasing older 1/12 kits. Tamiya does good business with their 1/12 kits too. The 934 and 935 are good sellers. Fujimi released the Skylines again, Trumpeter is going to release the GT40 and MENG is even going to make their own GT40.
  12. Those two have been released quite a few times. I've never seen the C3 been released again, nor the Camaro and Firebird. From what I heard it had to do with copyrights, but since the '65 is also GM, I find that weird. I don't think we'll ever going to see a new 1/8 modelkit from the plastic manufacturers, the costs are too high with a too little demand. Even though the 1/12 Mustang did sell ok, it wasn't the succes Revell expected from it. Appearantly, Revell is more interested in the 1/16th scale, as they have now produced many new models in that scale. (to be clear; I never would say no to a new 1/8 plastic kit! The Superbird is my all-time favourite for a 1/8th scale kit)
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