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  1. I think they were attached JPEG's, but unsure why they disappeared? It might have to do with the forum overhaul.
  2. I guessed I earned a bit of credit when it comes to paint and finish, but sure, here is 'proof'.... The yacht is painted with Model Air black 057, Model Air Gun Metallic and Model Air Orange, clearcoated with Zero 2K The same goes for the matching Challenger, although it had some more Model Air colors on the front (red, yellow, white and orange) The BMW M1 has a combination of Zero colours and Model Air colors, everything apart from the numbers is airbrushed, clearcoated with Ultimate Paints 2K The artwork is done with Model Air colors, the finish is Zero 2K The Pfalz is done with Model Air grey something and Model air red, clearcoated in Zero 2k and zero 2K matte. The Trabant is painted with Zero white and a mixed purple Model air color, clearcoated in Zero 2k.
  3. I have and I agree with @Dpate; the primer does not sand. However, the primer does stick! I do use both Vallejo primer and the Vallejo model air sometimes on a body. I use the primer when I know the body is all smooth and does not have to be altered anymore. The Vallejo Model air works good for solid colors, not such fan of the metallics. It is quite resistent to many different clear coats. I do have the Vallejo clears, but I use them only for smaller parts. I use PU 2K as a clearcoat and Model Air handles that without problems.
  4. I got my order placed today as well, I am wondering in how long it will take to get here and how much taxes I have to pay at customs 😞
  5. Thank you John & David! John, did you order the chrome as one would regular order? I have some foil left, perhaps for 2 or 3 cars, but I have to do a 1:8 Jaguar and need almost one sheet alone for that car.
  6. I am in dire need of bare metal foil and over here in The Netherlands there is no stock whatsoever, nor in any of the surrounding country's. Reading here that the 'old' BMF Chrome is back, was great to read! However, I am a bit skeptical I guess, about ordering the BMF from BMF, as I would be afraid for receiving the 'crappy' stock. Especially when reading that one had to order the Ultra Bright Chrome in order to receive the New Improved Chrome doesn't help. I e-mailed Randy yesterday, but haven't gotten a reply. What are the latest experiences of ordering BMF?
  7. I might not completely understand what you mean here with U.S. Boxes. For me, a US box is a 2 part box, consisting of a bottom-box and a lid-box. and the Revell Europe type box would be a one-piece enveloppe style box. Or are you referring to the box-art? (genuine question here, no critisicm whatsoever). I have almost all of the Jaguar E-type releases, and they are all in the US-boxes, including the latest releases, consisting of a 2-part box. I expect nothing else for the Trans-am to be honest. I just pre-ordered my Trans-am for 135 euro's 🙂
  8. As far as I have seen in Europe, with the larger kits, Revell doesn't use their regular enveloppe type boxes, but the american top-and-bottom kind of boxes.
  9. I would not do that if I were you.... This is a re-issue from the eigthies and only came as the Trans-Am and Turbo version. I highly doubt they would make new tooling for a different version.
  10. I have tried, read and looked for an conclusive answer, but I end up with more questions than answers. For my 1/8 Jag, I need a new sheet of BMF chrome, I noticed last year that there was hardly any stock available and didn't do much with it, as I didn't need it asap. I thought to wait and order it later on. Now that I am much closer to when I need the foil, I still can find hardly any stock of BMF within the EU and started digging. I read about the supply issues, the new, not improved chrome and the issues with the adhesion. Still, there is no stock available in the EU, but there is now stock available on the Bare-metal site itself. How are the experiences nowadays with the replaced chrome sheets? Is it still the same, poor performing with adhesion?, has it become better? Has there been new contact with the guys from bare-metal? I did read Erik's thread with the alternatives, but that didn't gave me much hope either. If the Chrome is still not all that good, would the Ultra Bright Chrome from BMF be the best choice out of 2 not so good options? ( I did find 2 sheets of UBC in the EU, sigh...)
  11. And there it is, the final day of the groupsbuild Dakar '22 and 2 days after the real Dakar's finish. I managed to get the Hummer finished, just in time. I had some last minutes issues and I didn't like the 10mm lift, so I shortend it to a 5mm lift and narrowed the wheels a little bit, it makes more sense this way. All in all a fun, not so serious build. I wanted to add more detail and some weathering, but couldn't get that done in time. This is from last weekend, where I painted the body in clearcoat. https://www.firerods.nl/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/dakar21-026.jpg[/img] And added some black paint to the body After that, I added some fantast decals, partly from a Nascar and some from Tamiya's 205 T16 This is where I shortened the lift with 5mm A little dry-fit, it does look a lot better now it has been lowered back from the 10mm lift. I added some seatbelts, made from standard ribbons And added the toolchests in the back, unfortunately I did not take the hinges of the rear hatch in count and now the hatch can not be closed anymore hahaha. oops. The interior detail is done, for so far I could. I wanted to add more, but there was no more time So I also cut a bit short on the detail on the floorpan, And suddenly it is finished! I must admit, it looks a whole lot better than straight out of the box!
  12. Thank you! I just love Dakar, mostly the older era, but I still like to follow it. It is basically the only thing I follow on tv hahaha. I just learned that Zvezda is coming out with a Kamaz Rally truck very soon, I am interested in that, albeit it being 1/35 scale.
  13. Ken Block is not in this Dakar, but the E-tron is. It has some mixed results, not as Audi was hoping for, their drivers are Carlos Sainz, Ekstrom and Peterhansel.
  14. It still looks very good! Next to the normal Dakar race, since last year they also have the Dakar Classic race at the same time! Check on Youtube and then the Dakar Channel, you'll find video's of the Dakar classics. This year a 911 in Rothmans livery is participating, but also a 205 T16 replica along many, many, many other cool classic cars! It is really worth the effort to look up the Dakar classics!
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