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  1. The 356C Cabriolet came in today and got the box open. As assumed and predicted, it does share a lot with the 356B easy-click, a lot of shared parts, together with the easy-click system. But it is more detailled and has opening/hinged parts. I'll start soon with a syncro-build to see where the real differences/similarites are.
  2. Porsche 356B Coupe, Revell, 1/16

    Bill, I agree with you, but it is what it is. and I am glad that there is a 356 in big scale to begin with. I would've preffered the A always over the B and C, but appearantly the B (and C) is more popular or commercially the better choice. Revell knows how to tackle this and even though I love the A, I assume the B/C is more popular. All in all, let's just be happy that Revell made us two 356's in 1/16 scale that look pretty ok ;-) At least Revell dares to stick it's neck out. ;-)
  3. Porsche 356B Coupe, Revell, 1/16

    The wheels were one of the first things I noticed and got dissapointed about when I got the kit. I am working on a set of wheels for the 356 without hubcaps, it just looks so much better. I was hoping for a A, but I think they chose the B, since there are more versions for available that are commercially viable. And it is easier to go from a B to a C, than from a A to a B. As mentioned before, the loudhailer is for a upcoming police version. The Germans used them for the polizei and the Dutch for the RIjkspolitie.
  4. In Box: Revell 1:16 Porsche 356B Coupe 07679

    @Matt Bacon I think they will. There is also a second dashboard in the kit and some more unexplainable items. I am sure there will be the police car (Dutch/German versions) and without a doubt another coupe version. I think it is also the reason why they chose the 356 B/C, rather the 356 A, since there are more commercial viable options. By the way, the chassisplate reads Porsche 356 B/C.
  5. In Box: Revell 1:16 Porsche 356B Coupe 07679

    I looked a bit into detail and from what I see (and expected) is that the full detail 356 (convertible), will overlap in parts. For example, there seems to be a hing-system for the doors, but the doors in this kit are just rigid. ANd there are more examples like that.
  6. Got the box in today, I am both excited and disappointed, however I am still positive. It looks pretty good. I also noticed a lot of unused parts, which means that there will be more versions coming up and mark my words; One of them is a police version!
  7. Hasegawa Toyota Starlet EP71 (1984-1987)

    Ditto! has also a bigger cult-status.
  8. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    I was looking focussed on the engine, from pictures I've seen of the snap-version, the snap has a almost-all-parts molded in 1 engine. But when I look at the engine of this glue-kit, it also seems quite simplified. But we'll wait and see when it is due and on our desks :-) I will get them both anyway.
  9. Looking for a 1972 Chevy C10

    Thank Tom and Keith! @RichCostello; what is TRAK? and am I cheap if I find 40 dollars for a mass-produced kit a bit steep?
  10. For a friend of mine, I am looking for a fleetside C10. AMT had some, but they seem not to be too easy to find. It could be this one, or a later release.
  11. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    This should be the glue version, the 356 coupe that is due in september/oktober is a snap-kit. From the first look on the part-count; I can't say I am very excited, it seems quite simplefied.
  12. Looking for '69 Camaro RS or SS Revell hood

    Case closed! :-)
  13. Looking for '69 Camaro RS or SS Revell hood

    Hello Casey At this point I am glad to get what I get my hands on, but yes, the Cowl induction hood would be preferred.
  14. Looking for '69 Camaro RS or SS Revell hood

    I am on a streak with picking back up old(er) projects and finished the '57 Bel Air, the '69 GTX, 1/12 Lotus 72, 1/12 Lotus 79 and finishing the Ferrari 365 and the Morgan 3-wheeler. I was planning on picking up the '69 Camaro next, and was getting it ready for primer. When I went through the parts for paint, I somewhere realised there was a big gapping hole in the middle of the body. I know there used to be a hood, but can not find it at all. Therefore; I am looking desperately for a Revell '69 Camaro hood. Who can help me out?
  15. Looking for chassis Ferrar 365 Fujimi Enthusiast

    I am working on the 365 GTB Speciale again and for the life of me; I can not find the chassis anywhere, I went through my complete modelspace, but it is nowhere to be found. Is there anyone with a partscar of a build-up who could spare the chassis? Note: any of the Fujimi Enthusiast 365 chassis would work.