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  1. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic My worst fears realized   

    Dear Harry,
    I am trully sorry to hear that you are diagnosed with Cancer, it always hurts to hear that someone you know well has a bad diagnose. I can not imagine how you must've felt when finding this out. But I do believe you to be a fighter and have a positive attitude, I think that those 2 things will help more than we think in getting better.
    I hope you will defeat this and get out of it stronger. Get well soon Harry! We are not done with you yet!

    (when it comes to such delicate subjects, I feel that my English is not always as it should be, so if there is any doubt in the way I put things, go for the positive meaning, sorry)
  2. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic El Cheapo modelling machinery   

    jup, that;s the one and I think he concludes it well....
  3. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic El Cheapo modelling machinery   

    Ask CrazyCrank,
    I think he is using one, I believe I saw it in his project topic in the Big Boys section, about a Bugatti.
  4. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Can you guess what I am scratch building?   

    Isn't that the ship from the Sahara movie? after a little searching, something called a Ironclad or CSS Texas?
  5. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Routemaster Car Transporter   

    Finally, after a busy period, I was able to re-start the bus project. Last night I started a little bit with the trailer and with that still in the development-stage, I took up the transporter today and started working.
    I don't much big work needs to be done, but to me, I think it is best now to finish the lower floor and go from there, that will include detailing and weathering, even before the construction work is finished; means challenge haha.
    The kit I got for the trailer was partially started, therefore it has some paint on it, this is how it should be

    And this is the first step; putting the saw to work

    First I thought to leave the chassis like it was, letting the wheels stick out, but it looks odd and decided against it, giving me a lot more work....

    Some rough idea's


    The original chassis

    Cut in two pieces

    And shortened 65mm

    Putting it on the floor

    Drew the cutlines

    And voila; more pieces to the puzzle

    Today I started on the bus; started the weathering

    Adding some furniture

    Some washes

    More washes

    And even more washes

    I also gave the furniture a worn or used look.

  6. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Routemaster Car Transporter   

    It took me a little while, but the kind of trailer is a A-frame drawbar trailer. :-)
  7. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Routemaster Car Transporter   

    Thanks guys for the positive response!
    @Jairus; where did you got those figures from? I really like them and they look quite british, could be a nice touch to this project.
    After I stopped working on this project in early march, I wanted it to finish it for the Jabbeke show in Belgium and I started to notice that I took shortcuts and did started to rush, I put it next to me and it has been there ever since. I did manage to finish the Turbine car and I am now in the middle of my engine-casting project.
    As soon as I have that good on the rails; I'll start to tackle this huge project again.
    But I do have a update: I bought another (the third, can you believe it?) London bus, It was partially started, so a bit cheaper. But when I saw the ad, I directly got an idea for it; I want to make a trailer for my transporter. A trailer with on the upper deck some spare parts and on the lower deck it will have a workshop/tooling area, where the side will fold open, to make it to a roof where it can be worked on dry.
    It will be difficult and comprehensive, but I think it will be a nice addition.
    This will give some of a idea:

  8. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Hobby shop in Oregon   

    I seriously didn't expect that, I've seen the ad in Scale Auto for a while and when it dissappeared, it didn't dawn on me that they would go belly up.
    I'm sorry about giving the wrong info, should've checked I guess.
  9. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Fujimi EM series 1971 Ferrari 365GTS4   

    Whenever I come accross the EM-kits I just buy them within reasonable money (which is below 25 dollars). They have been sold quite a lot for a long time and still being reissued by Fujimi for nice prices. Regurarly.
    I love the old box-art a whole lot better than the new ones, they are/were so beautiful, true art. 
    And you are doing a nice job on this beauty, even though it might be a tricky kit, it is very pleasing when finished.
  10. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Hobby shop in Oregon   

    Bridgetown hobby's on Sandy Boulevard in Portland is a nice one
    and there is Tammie's hobbies in Beaverton.
    But Rodney should know the best places over there, his forumname is Rodneybad
  11. The Creative Explorer added a topic in Under Glass   

    BMW M1 LeMans Andy Warhole, (10hr quickbuild)
    I build this during the 24hrs of Le Mans, The Dutch IPMS hosts annually a 24hr event where participants (at home) build a model during the 24hrs.
    Due to a very busy schedule and being a bit sick, I only had about 10 hours to finish this model. I didn't had much time for detailling as I spent a majority of the time working on the paintjob. I couldn't find a nice livery that participated in the 24 hrs and decided to go with the Andy Warhole artBMW. I did everything by airbrush and tried to recreate a hand-painted livery.

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  12. The Creative Explorer added a topic in Under Glass   

    Chrysler Turbine Jo-Han full detail
    It's been a very long time since I finished a 'normal' build, but here it is after 1,5 years: The Turbine from Jo-Han. A very interesting, yet challenging kit.
    I bought it as a gluebomb and had to pull some overnighters to get everything back to a decent shape. But I am very suprised by the level of detail and fit from Jo-Han. I would've thought it was much worse.

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  13. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic What happened to   


    I did not know modelmotorcars, but looking at that, I find them a bit on the expensive side. Scaledetails had some nice stuff for nice prices.
    @Cato; funny story: I sold a rare Bandai kit on eBay (first time I used eBay to sell, since it didn't sell here in Europe). Got it sold and shipped it almost instantly to a adress in Florida. As soon as I came back from the post office, I got a e-mail from someone in the UK, he didn't notice I lived in The Netherlands and asked if I could ship it to him in the UK. His name was Peter Doney, so I googled and found out he was linked to a Pocher Parts site.
    Funny enough, I sold that Bandai kit for the funds to buy me a Pocher Alfa, appearantly it is a "Boyd Model", but had some missing parts. Now we are talking about getting me some missing parts.
  14. The Creative Explorer added a topic in Big Boyz   

    What happened to
    Does anybody here know what happened to or with Stephane? The website seems to be down.
    I recently got myself another Pocher (appearantly a 'Boyd' Alfa Romeo), but ofcourse, has some missing parts that I need to get.
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  15. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Ferrari 312B2 1/12 Protar   

    Hello Ian,
    It is a not so good kit, but not too bad either. The molds are vague and not so crisp.

    It is definately a Protar, but it is a good base for starting a bit more detailled built.
    I put the pictures on my own website and I am not sure why the pictures don't work no more. I have to look into that.