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  1. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Looking for ANY 1/16 Morgan three-wheeler instructions   

    I always wondered where they went too! haha, well, this manual is sorted, but I found out that I also missing 4 other manuals.....
    Anyone know where I could find the Tim Flock 300B manual from Moebius?
  2. The Creative Explorer added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for ANY 1/16 Morgan three-wheeler instructions
    For some weird reason, aliens have came into my modelroom and stole my instructions for the Three wheeled Morgan. Why they wanted it, I do not know, all I know is that they abducted it.
    Now I am looking for a replacement, can anybody help me with this? I tried Minicraft themselves, but they were left in silence unfortunately
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  3. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Jeep Rubicon Crossing Stream   

    I really like the diorama, the waterfall does look like a waterfall and it looks right. But the jeep looks out of place, it is way too clean, there is not a speckle of dirt on the tires, nor the rest of the car, which destracts from the really nice diorama.
  4. The Creative Explorer added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Lamborghini Aventador S.E.
    It is time, time to take a second take at the Aventador. Reviewing it for the IPMS, I built it box-stock, no alterations. This time, I am going to built it my style. But I am not going into extreme detailling. I will alter parts, replace some, scratch some, but will not add any (way expensive) upgrade parts or transkits.
    The paint is going to be changed as well, I have a nice idea. Where I usually going for custom, Lamborghini did it already for me in one of their special editions of the Aventador. I've never seen nor heard anything about this particular edition, but searching through internet I stumbled upon it.
    I'll show later what I have in mind.
    First some shots in-box:

    And today we start! Beginning with the interior; I found some heavy mold lines and got rid of them, making the parts appear a whole lot nicer. Thankfully, Pocher put the locatorpins on non-visible sides, so that makes it easier. But the plastic Pocher uses, is hard and not very modeller-friendly.

    I also filled the pedal holes for the LHD version

    It took me 3,5 hours to sand these parts.....

    This is how the interior looks box-stock, pretty grimm and without a lot of depth.

    Into the paintbooth and adding a coat of primer,

    And finishing with some earth-tones for the interior, I faded a bit with the airbrush to get some depth into the seats and leather parts.

    And this is the interior after some basic-painting. I'll add some more details and washes later.

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  5. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic For 1/8th Scale Nuts Like Me   

    Seriously.......? that is very, very cheap. I wish I was in the neighbourhood of an Ollie's.
  6. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic 'Pro-built' from France...   

    What I am more amazed about; who in the right mind bid 175 dollars for such a thing? To me it seems a joke, like they bid for fun on it. And what I am also wondered; how high is that freaking reserve?
  7. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Revell 1/24 London bus   

    Even though you are right, I also agree a little bit with Skip. It just doesn't really fit in the picture. By all means; it is YOUR display, so you do whatever you want haha!
    But I think a E-type, Mini, some Lotusses, London cab and that sort (sixties cars) would 'fit' a little bit better.
  8. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    This topic has taken me by the heart and unfortunately I can not donate the cash I would like. But I have been thinking this over and over and I think I found a solution to help out maybe. Let me know if this is ok:
    I just recently started casting a couple of v8's; I would like to 'donate' 10-15 engines, which means sell them here at the board and donate everything, but the shippingcosts, to help Harry out.
  9. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic My worst fears realized   

    Dear Harry,
    I am trully sorry to hear that you are diagnosed with Cancer, it always hurts to hear that someone you know well has a bad diagnose. I can not imagine how you must've felt when finding this out. But I do believe you to be a fighter and have a positive attitude, I think that those 2 things will help more than we think in getting better.
    I hope you will defeat this and get out of it stronger. Get well soon Harry! We are not done with you yet!

    (when it comes to such delicate subjects, I feel that my English is not always as it should be, so if there is any doubt in the way I put things, go for the positive meaning, sorry)
  10. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic El Cheapo modelling machinery   

    jup, that;s the one and I think he concludes it well....
  11. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic El Cheapo modelling machinery   

    Ask CrazyCrank,
    I think he is using one, I believe I saw it in his project topic in the Big Boys section, about a Bugatti.
  12. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Can you guess what I am scratch building?   

    Isn't that the ship from the Sahara movie? after a little searching, something called a Ironclad or CSS Texas?
  13. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Routemaster Car Transporter   

    Finally, after a busy period, I was able to re-start the bus project. Last night I started a little bit with the trailer and with that still in the development-stage, I took up the transporter today and started working.
    I don't much big work needs to be done, but to me, I think it is best now to finish the lower floor and go from there, that will include detailing and weathering, even before the construction work is finished; means challenge haha.
    The kit I got for the trailer was partially started, therefore it has some paint on it, this is how it should be

    And this is the first step; putting the saw to work

    First I thought to leave the chassis like it was, letting the wheels stick out, but it looks odd and decided against it, giving me a lot more work....

    Some rough idea's


    The original chassis

    Cut in two pieces

    And shortened 65mm

    Putting it on the floor

    Drew the cutlines

    And voila; more pieces to the puzzle

    Today I started on the bus; started the weathering

    Adding some furniture

    Some washes

    More washes

    And even more washes

    I also gave the furniture a worn or used look.

  14. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Routemaster Car Transporter   

    It took me a little while, but the kind of trailer is a A-frame drawbar trailer. :-)
  15. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Routemaster Car Transporter   

    Thanks guys for the positive response!
    @Jairus; where did you got those figures from? I really like them and they look quite british, could be a nice touch to this project.
    After I stopped working on this project in early march, I wanted it to finish it for the Jabbeke show in Belgium and I started to notice that I took shortcuts and did started to rush, I put it next to me and it has been there ever since. I did manage to finish the Turbine car and I am now in the middle of my engine-casting project.
    As soon as I have that good on the rails; I'll start to tackle this huge project again.
    But I do have a update: I bought another (the third, can you believe it?) London bus, It was partially started, so a bit cheaper. But when I saw the ad, I directly got an idea for it; I want to make a trailer for my transporter. A trailer with on the upper deck some spare parts and on the lower deck it will have a workshop/tooling area, where the side will fold open, to make it to a roof where it can be worked on dry.
    It will be difficult and comprehensive, but I think it will be a nice addition.
    This will give some of a idea: