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  1. And there it is, the final day of the groupsbuild Dakar '22 and 2 days after the real Dakar's finish. I managed to get the Hummer finished, just in time. I had some last minutes issues and I didn't like the 10mm lift, so I shortend it to a 5mm lift and narrowed the wheels a little bit, it makes more sense this way. All in all a fun, not so serious build. I wanted to add more detail and some weathering, but couldn't get that done in time. This is from last weekend, where I painted the body in clearcoat. https://www.firerods.nl/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/dakar21-026.jpg[/img] And added some black paint to the body After that, I added some fantast decals, partly from a Nascar and some from Tamiya's 205 T16 This is where I shortened the lift with 5mm A little dry-fit, it does look a lot better now it has been lowered back from the 10mm lift. I added some seatbelts, made from standard ribbons And added the toolchests in the back, unfortunately I did not take the hinges of the rear hatch in count and now the hatch can not be closed anymore hahaha. oops. The interior detail is done, for so far I could. I wanted to add more, but there was no more time So I also cut a bit short on the detail on the floorpan, And suddenly it is finished! I must admit, it looks a whole lot better than straight out of the box!
  2. Thank you! I just love Dakar, mostly the older era, but I still like to follow it. It is basically the only thing I follow on tv hahaha. I just learned that Zvezda is coming out with a Kamaz Rally truck very soon, I am interested in that, albeit it being 1/35 scale.
  3. Ken Block is not in this Dakar, but the E-tron is. It has some mixed results, not as Audi was hoping for, their drivers are Carlos Sainz, Ekstrom and Peterhansel.
  4. It still looks very good! Next to the normal Dakar race, since last year they also have the Dakar Classic race at the same time! Check on Youtube and then the Dakar Channel, you'll find video's of the Dakar classics. This year a 911 in Rothmans livery is participating, but also a 205 T16 replica along many, many, many other cool classic cars! It is really worth the effort to look up the Dakar classics!
  5. Thanks guys! It is fun to do this little build every year, it is not so serious as the 'normal' ones and there is not that pressure of achieving the ultimate finish; just have fun building with your buds! @89AKurt; did you build that one from the beginning of this Dakar? If so; Impressive! I wish I had that speed... Do you also follow the Dakar Classics? If you ask me, I find that the most fun to see/watch! Well, my speed isn't as I wished for. I wanted to have everything in paint yesterday and in clearcoat today, but I am behind at least a full day and still need to do a lot of scratchbuilding during upcoming week, it will be close wether or not to finish the build in time. Before I started painting, I had to print a few parts first, I draw the parts-cabinet and tyres myself and sourced the seats from Thingiverse. Work started then on making a roll-cage in other to keep the people somewhat save. And I added a fuel-cell in the back, but I seriously doubt if this would pass tech inspection.... 🙂 All the parts ready for paint! And so is the body, Main color is white Secondary color Third color Fourth color And the finished livery! Up to clearcoat! I might be able to clearcoat it tonight.
  6. For the Dutch IPMS, I organise every year a Dakar group build. The idea is to build a Dakar or Endurance rally vehicle during the duration of the Dakar. It is permitted to make a fantasy competitor as well, as what is what I am going to do this year; convert the Revell H2 into a Dakar competitor in a fantasy livery. But I have no ideas for that part yet though. This is the kit I am using for the build The wheels in that kit are not quite suitable for Dakar use, so I went designing some new wheels And after the tyres got decent, I turned the printer on 8 hours later and I have 4 tires, 4 wheels and 4 beadlocks. Since today is the 1st of January; the Dakar started and off we went building! First I got all the parts of the sprue and assesed of what I am going to use. I got rid most of the windows, getting a bit of a panelvan Just as the rear hatch This is de difference between the kit wheels and my own I don't need the stepsides, but want to keep the sill-protectors And also the interior needs a lot of changes. This is the result of the first day, time for bed and tomorrow the next day of building!
  7. My Delta is in! And I was very excited, unfortunately my body has been squeezed by the box contents. The lower part of the rear has snapped and the front scutterpanel has been heavily warped. A friend also got the Delta, but has piece of cardboard that should protect the body was stapled and his body was fine. I emailed Italeri, but haven't gotten any response after a few days. I am quite sure I will not get a response from them. There service is quite Italian; rather non-existent unfortunatelly. They are definately no Revell.
  8. Let's hope so. Let's hope I am too pesimistic and just plain wrong and the kit will be 100-150 euro's. I'll be a happy chappy.
  9. No, it is even weirder than that. The panelvan sides are molded in grey plastic and included in both boxes, but the passengervan sides are completely molded in clear plastic! and also included in both boxes. So, it doesn't matter which version you want; just go for the cheapest box you can find, unless you want the specific decals.
  10. I'm in! But with the prices lately (The Italeri Delta 1:12 is going around 200 euro's), I would NOT be surprised if it would hit 200 or exceeds it.
  11. And for the info; bot kits are identical in parts! The ONLY difference is the decals.
  12. Well, Patience is a virtue! After (I believe) 6 years after it's first announcement, both versions of the Heller Renault Estafette are finally at the workbench!
  13. I am sorry my pictures can't be seen anymore, don't know exactly why they are gone. Since I can not edit that post anymore, I can't restore it either.
  14. I never realised there would be a difference, I am too young (even though I am 40 😞 ) to be into the annuals from back then. I am looking for the 90's version wheels. I've looked @hedotwo's wheels and they are quite different; I don't think I can make them work. And I am sorry for being somewhat turtle-ish on the reply's, work is crazy, then there is the young family and gone is my spare time hahaha, but no reason to answer so late. I just noticed now Rich did answer me on the 27th and poof! it is already the 10th now. Sorry @hedotwo& @Casey! @SteveGyes, those are the wheels I need (all 4 of them).
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