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  1. I got married, have 2 kids and......: My other car is a Megane diesel......... 😞 But, I bought this back in 2002 and still have it. Just bought a place where I can have it actually at home and the plan is to get it back on the road this year. It hasn't been since 2006. They feel quite fast, and the turbo lag is very entertaining 🙂 It is still a honest ride, steering is responsive, handling is like it should in a hot hatch and they smell like petrol 🙂
  2. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me, I love the design of the French cars, they dare to think outside the box and spend a bit more time on the design than other manufacturers did. Nowadays that is not really happening anymore as most cars can basically be brand-switched with different lights and emblems. I have to say that there is quite a difference between the American 5 (leCar) and the original 5 (the European). The American version is a European one, with a lot of modifications to meet the required american laws, which wasn't counted for in the original design and that shows. But the European version is in balance and quite stylish, compared to other European cars from that era, especially compared to the German counterparts. I am a second-generation 5 (super5 or super-cinque) owner and I do love the design of that small car. I have the sporty version, which has a small turbo-charged I4 engine, but generates enough oomph to have fun. even though it has only 120 hp, it also weighs about 1600 pounds.
  3. This is the 'Alouette', which is the person version of the Estafette.
  4. true, but still, I think the platform, windows, interior tub, dashboard can be re-used. It is a thought that won't leave my brain. I think the upcoming 911 release will share parts with the 934, but that is my own believe and not based on anything but my guts. hahaha.
  5. I am wondering, would the new mould 911 share components with the not that old new moulds of the Revell 934?
  6. It is very, very easy to swap out body's. Both kits are basically identical, the easy-click has a lower parts count, but mechanically the same.
  7. It says it has a full engine, but it looks more like a top halve of the engine. Plus it doesn't look like the hood would be removable/openable. Bit of a dealbreaker for me.
  8. There is finally some life in this years old announcement, even after Glow2B took over Heller and stated their first act was to bring the Estafette to life, it still took a long time. But there is finally some hope, as Heller posted this announcement! I am excited!
  9. Hello Everybody, For the Dutch IPMS, I am looking for 2 'Cuda's. The Dutch IPMS is celebrating it's 50th anniversary and they had the idea to make modelreviews between kits, issued 50 years ago and recent kits. I've been asked to do this for the cars section. So, I've been looking and I think the Jo-Han and Reveell Martin & Sox would be a very nice comparison. For the military and aviation subjects it is easier to find comparable models, but for cars it is more difficult. But, the issue is that both kits are hard to find in The Netherlands, and I have to use my network to find them (reasonably, as they are purchased by the IPMS). Who can help me out with them?
  10. Interesting to see that there is no Ford License, but they managed to get the F O R D decals as seperate letters and only mention the decalnumbers in the instructions, without showing the letters. I am wondering if there is still lettering on the tyres as well, in the 1999 picture it appears to be blank sidewalls, but it is hard to tell.
  11. It's the same with the hoodie girl, it appears.
  12. I saw it popping up online and loved it. When I was browsing through the pictures, I was really interested in getting one, but at 180 dollars, I find that too steep. I'd rather save that money for the Meng GT40 or new Italeri Delta.
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