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  1. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic 1/12 Enzos-where are they?   

    Seriously none? I would've thought people would've started some projects by now.
  2. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Found a very (extreme?) rare modelkit, dare I say it?   

    Exactly that.
    I was on vacation, so I am reacting a bit late, but Rob read my post, notified Eric and Eric contacted me by mail. And sent me the text that Rob translated above. He gave a lot of information and with that, I got a whole lot wiser. It is very interesting to read.
    And he was so kind to sell me his, partially started, RX-7 for a good price. Together with a 1/12 Veilside Skyline. So I am happy! Not only can I build me a 1/12 RX-7, I also can keep the test-shot as is, if I decide to keep it (most likely). And since I get the other RX-7, I can make molds to cast me a extra set of windows.
    But the knwoledge of Eric about this particular kit, is just great. I am happy ;-)
  3. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Found a very (extreme?) rare modelkit, dare I say it?   

    In addition to the Best Balsa guy: I know stories of mass-production 1/25 kits with a few parts different/wrong or something and collectors go bazurk for it. You can't tell me that a manufacturers one-of-a-kind is scrap-value
  4. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Found a very (extreme?) rare modelkit, dare I say it?   

    No, that is basically how he sells all his inventory. The 1/12 '08 Mustang was in stores 50 euro's, he asked 100. Once you get to know him a little bit, he is not a bad guy and everybody is free to ask what he wants, Except for buying a AMT 1/4 engine, I never bought anything from him and I don't think I will.
    Haven't got anything back from Norman yet, so still waiting on that one.

    But a friend from South Africa has the production kit and soon we will go together through our boxes to point out the differences. That will be interesting.
  5. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Found a very (extreme?) rare modelkit, dare I say it?   

    I know, haha ;-) But since 'you americans' put a V8 in basically everything..... just kidding
    I will contact him, I don't really know him, but like to know his opinion about the matter.
  6. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Found a very (extreme?) rare modelkit, dare I say it?   

    I wonder; how can a V8 engine be more special in this car than the 2 'cilinder' rotary engine of the Rx-7? Compared to that, the V8 is quite mondane hahaha (sorry guys ;-)
    So, it almost is heading towards a curse.... I really don't know what to do with it. I asked someone who has more big scale modelkits (the guy from Best Balsa) and he qualified this kit as 'scrap'. due to the missing windscreen.
    I could agree with him, if it were a production kit. But since this came without the windshield from the factory and with the letter of Hasegawa and parts/sprues that are definately different than the production. In my opinion, the missing parts of the production kit are not relevant to it's uniqueness.
    But, it did make me wonder who would be able to appraise such an thing? With most kits, I base my appraisals on my own experiences and knowledge of the modelmarket, but this goes beyond me. I am not at home in the collectors world.
  7. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Found a very (extreme?) rare modelkit, dare I say it?   

    Thanks for the replys guys.
    Yes, I live in The Netherlands and I did buy that kit in The Netherlands, I asked the previous owner where he got his kit from, but no more response. So I don't know.
    It can't be other than one of the European importers, but it would be only guessing at this point. But it is interesting for sure.
    Other than the mystique (which I love!) of the kit, I have no idea what to do with it. Or should do with it.
    Building this would be a deathsin, basically. I've never stumbled upon a big scale, pre production/testshot modelkit. It has a different content than the consumerkits, but I need to go through the kit in detail. And will point out all the differences.
    When I build this, all goes away and it will turn into a ordinary build modelkit. It's uniqueness is gone. Other than the letter from Hasegawa.
    Mind me, I am not into making bucks on this kit. The most sensible answer came from my wife and trade it for a builder. But due to it's uniqueness, I also have a hard time letting it go hahaha.
  8. The Creative Explorer added a topic in General   

    Found a very (extreme?) rare modelkit, dare I say it?
    This is about the 1/12 Hasegawa Mazda RX-7, but wait for it! There is more........
    It can’t be a secret anymore that I love big scale modelkits, I have a strong passion for them and love the oddball kits in larger scale.
    One of the harder to get modelkits is the Hasegawa Mazda RX-7 in 1/12 scale. Not a model I have been looking very hard for, since they cost a small fortune. But I do like it and wanted one eventually.
    Funny story: My wife and I have been looking for a new(different) house and we stumbled upon a house, after looking at the pictures, I noticed something odd on the cupboard. The pictures were lo-res, so it was a bit of an search, but I could conclude very quickly it was the big scale RX-7. So far for that.

    A few months later, a 1/12 RX-7 came on a local website for sale, the seller posted from the same town as the house was for sale, so it was easy to conclude it would’ve been the same. The only thing now, was to land the modelkit. The seller was asking a hefty, but somewhat reasonable price. I was fortunately able to get it a bit cheaper, since the seller was very reasonable to deal with.
    Today, I went to collect the kit. Together with the seller, I went through the box and soon I had to conclude that it was missing it’s windshield and backwindow. Even though the rest was in the box, some things looked different than I am used to, but figured that it was me, since I never seen this kit in real life. These are some pictures of the box:

    So far so good

    This is different, I thought it was supposed to be plated?

    The manual was also different, but it happens with Japanese modelmanufacturers.

    And from this point on it get’s interesting. Accordingly to this letter, this model was not a consumerkit, but a pre-sale test-shot, possibly send to only a handful importers over the globe for review and sales. It also states which sprues are different and some things might be off, or not correct.
    Interestingly, it also tells that the windshield (and I figure back window, since it is the same sprue) was not in the box.
    I can not conclude any different than this must be a very rare version of already a rare modelkit. I would not be suprised if there are less of these still around than fingers on one hand.
    But, what to do with it? I am definately not a collector and the collectors value does not say anything to me. I rather build the RX-7. My wife came with a practical solution: trade with a collector. He wants collectibility and I want buildability….
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  9. The Creative Explorer added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Italeri Fiat 500f 1:12 MRSP revealed
    I learned through the Italeri website that the price of the 1:12 Fiat 500F will be 130 euros. And it will be released in/around november.
    Also; if you put down a 'down-payment' at the Italeri webstore, you will get a customized car plate.
    I am not sure yet where I stand on the price of the new kit, it is in line with the Mefistolo and such kits, but those are repops. This is a new kit.
    The quality and partcount is yet unkown, but it is a new mold. Tamiya charges roughly triple for their new 1:12 releases, where Revell only charges 1/3rd of the Fiat for a brand new 1:16 mold (Isetta).
    I think we need to wait it out and see the first shots to really make a verdict. I am curious nonetheless.
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  10. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic 1/12 Enzos-where are they?   

    We're 4 years down the line and I barely have seen any builds of the Enzo. Anybody working on theirs?

    Btw: Still have not purchased one, price is much friendlier now though. I am leaning towards ordering mine in the near future.
  11. The Creative Explorer added a topic in General   

    Anybody know 'Pocherman'; Japanese person who builds big scale...?
    I came across a website ( http://pocherman.tistory.com/ ) on the interwebs and must say that this guy builds pretty impressive builds. It looks very nice, but I can not find any recent work. It seems like he stopped in 2012, since that is the date of last entry.
    Is there anybody more familiar with his work? I would be very interested in the story behind him.
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  12. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Heller Citroen CX 2000   

    I can look around over here in The Netherlands, these kits are better/cheaper available over here. Shipping shouldn't be too bad.
  13. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Why Glue Bombs ?   

    I stay away from gluebombs and rather build new from box, but there is a exception I make: when it is about a rare, hard to find or just expensive kit (like a Pocher, 1/12 Tamiya's etc...) and I can get them for an interesting price, I do it. Just to get them affordable.
  14. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away   

    I have no words, Just can't believe it.
  15. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Heads up Revell...$$$$....Time to Re-Release them all....   

    Even though that is true, if the license of those names are a problem, they could release them for example as a Firebird T/A or Camaro Z28.