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  1. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic The 1/24 Scale History Story?   

    I believe it's a matter of the Metric and imperial system.

    IMHO: I don't care if it is 24 or 25.
  2. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Schnappy Hemi   

    Thanks Bruce,
    The belt came with the kit actually, i think it is just a tad too thick, but other than that; it does look better than a molded-in one.

  3. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Schnappy Hemi   

    There is a hoop and a higher up pushbar in the kit, but they are not used, due to the bodywork and the canopy. I'll make a picture of the instructions.
    But don't worry about those seatbelts; they are well protected in case of a roll-over by the helmet and head of the driver..... ;-)
  4. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic British Racing Green?   

    There is no 1 BRG, there are many variety's in it. You can 'almost' say that any dark-green would classify...
    Look at paintcharts from the 50's through 70's. There are so many choices to go with, Most importantly is metallic or not. Old Jag's were solids, later they went to metallics.
    Personally; I love the Zero Paints Bently Speed8 BRG, it has such a nice tone to it.
  5. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Schnappy Hemi   

    You don't want to. Normally, these kind of dragsters have some sort of overhead protection, this one too. But they are omitted for the bodypanels. There was also a pushbar that went up, but had to be trimmed. Makes it a dragster you don't want to crash.
  6. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Schnappy Hemi   

    Haha, you're welcome. I'll see if I can find the article numbers for you.
  7. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Schnappy Hemi   

    Thanks guys!
    @MeatMan; very simple; I got it at Radioshack. For you it's local and for me it isn't quite that local. But that wire has the perfect diameter for ignitionwiring. it is 30-gauge or 0,5mm. It comes in red, white and blue.
    @6bblbird; ok, that would make more sense. Maybe I am weird, but I love the look of Hemi's with a satin-black cover a lot better than chrome.
    And you're totally right with the boots, I kinda knew, but I decided to do it anyway. <--- why? I am not sure. I shouldn't have.

    This is a modelkit with low partscount, just slapping the thing together would be too easy and too quick, so I decided to give it more detail.
    I added the throttlelinkage to the blower and added the fuellines to the fueltank.


    Because a single fuelline would be unlogical for a dragster, I added 4 more fuellines to the collector and hooked it up to the fuelpump in the front.





    Added some seatbelts

    And started assembling the askewed frontend. Which is horrbile.

    I drilled a few holes in the body and used some wire to hold the frame in the right position and cut the steering linkage in halve, making it possible to get the wheels straight.

  8. The Creative Explorer added a topic in Under Glass   

    2009 Dodge Challenger, custom paint
    This build was more focussed on the paintjob. I gave it a somewhat custom paintjob with a gungrey body with orange and black side-striping. But to make it stand out, I also gave it a true-flames paintjob. This color-scheme was also my inspiration to paint the Luxury Yacht in these colors, minus the flames.
    I didn't add much extra detailing, modern cars don't show a lot anyway.















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  9. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Wanted: Round 2 Boxes   

    I am a not smoker and don't like the smell either, sometimes I get a kit from a smoker (it doesn't hold me back from buying), but I put the kit outside for a couple of days and usually the stank has been removed.
  10. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Royce Kit   

    You can try Scalemodelcars forum or use Craigslist. They might not sell slow, but you have a broader audience. To unload the Pocher decently, you need a nationwide platform, such as eBay (but I can see why you don't want that).
  11. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Schnappy Hemi   

    Thanks guys! Appreciated!

    @426-Hemi; how are they different? I am familiar with the 426 and 392, but not with dragster engines, I noticed the covers were different than the 426 ones, but thought they were what came in the kit and I haven't thought about it being either wrong or misplaced. Maybe you can shed some light on the subject? I am genuinly interested.
  12. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Schnappy Hemi   

    Thank you Bob! @Dragline
    Well, Today I worked some more on the Schnappy, the body was clearcoated and looked ok. I painted the inside of the tubs red, almost starts to look like a watermelon instead of croc, and painted the inside of the wheels red.


    After painting the parts, I started assembling the (poorly molded and executed) engine, ofcourse it was hemi orange with black valvecovers, just looks so much better than those chrome covers.

    The kit had a clear oil-pan and I thought that gimmick was cute, so I left it. The crankshaft is somewhat funny, looking closely, it looks like a crankshaft for a 4-banger, not a V8. But nobody will ever notice.

    The blower was added

    And I did a dry-fit to see how things will go.

    It is time for detailing, first I made small pieces out of insulation wiring,

    Put small wire through them

    And we have ignition cables. I thought of a new way to make consistent small pieces and it shows, all the black little pieces look similar and gives a more even look

    Hooked it up to the distributor and presto: an wired engine, but that's only the beginning.

  13. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic 1/24 Trailer   

    Or just wait a tiny little bit, Aoshima is going to release the Brian James trailer very soon.
  14. The Creative Explorer added a post in a topic Schnappy Hemi   

    I hope so, my experience to dragsters is, apart from some cars with slicks, none. Therefore I need to learn a lot. And since it will have an exposed engine, I will try to detail it somewhat extra.
    First, we have to do the paintjob and I found it difficult, not completely happy with it, but when I asked my boys of 2 and 5, indepently they said it was a croccodile, so I did something right haha.





  15. The Creative Explorer added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Schnappy Hemi
    At the moment, I am finishing a lot of older projects, cleaning out my closet so to speak. Even though I am finishing those, I did wanted to start a new build too. A somewhat simple build, good for practising my airbrush skills.
    When I held the two body parts together, it dawned on me; it's not a hippe, it looks like a gator! So this is going to be a first for me. Where I am ok with abstract and materialistic airbrushing, I am horrible with living things. I just can not get that done properly.
    But, if one doesn't practise, it will not succeed. The plans are made and the goal is set: Create a gator paintjob on the rail-dragster and make it look ok.

    The alignment of the two halves is off and some carefull sanding is necessary. Because the two body halves can not be cemented together before paint, it is key to get it as straight and fitting as possible, before painting and assembly later.





    When sanding on a part, leave all the tapes in place, except for the part you're working on. It makes the body halves shift as little as possible.

    And finally some putty on the rear quarter panels

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