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  1. Thanks bro Thanks Scott Thank you JC, glad you like it
  2. WAW Francis, i have no words for what i see here, i love how thos details turned out, question, whta you use to mark the aluminum part before start working on them, i see a purple or blue mark on top before you complete them...?
  3. Thank you Francis, yes i was out for a bit, but i have a lot to share in the upcaming days LOL, your detail work never stop amazing me...
  4. Thank you Richard, i contact a guy from FB if i'm not mistaking, and he print them out for me, let me see if i can find the person and i passed that to you... Thanks Joe, love this project too much LOL
  5. Hello gang, sorry I haven’t make any update but I’ve been busy with family and work, here’s a little update on the beast and now I love this project more and more, hope you guys like it, use original Color Me Gone decals for the doors and the rest is from the 58 Christine promod kit decals and they look great, the front grill decals is custom made and looks really good
  6. Thank you Francis, yes definitely need to put this beast on the oven for that, still so much stuff to do on it, but i will get there soon
  7. Thank you Ian, you FED is giving me so much ideas for my Big scale project, looking forward for more updates on that man Thanks AJ.
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