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  1. Thank you Francis, yes definitely need to put this beast on the oven for that, still so much stuff to do on it, but i will get there soon
  2. Thank you Ian, you FED is giving me so much ideas for my Big scale project, looking forward for more updates on that man Thanks AJ.
  3. Am following this project on facebook man, and i love it, you're doing an excellent job
  4. Ian, you're doing an amazing work on this project man, love all the details man
  5. Hello every one, it's been a while with any updates on the beast, sorry, but here's is a little update and I'm super happy with it
  6. I love what you did on the front axle, a lot of details there my friend
  7. Well Francis, that is true no rule on this little world of us LOL, but i now that i see your vision i think is the best way to do it man
  8. awesome project Ian, well done my friend
  9. amazing detail Francis, love it, that's somethign i can try to do on one of my promods
  10. I like how this porject is turning man, love the interior
  11. Awesome project my friend, can't wait to see your next build
  12. WAW turn out amazing man, looks more cool finished with all the details together
  13. Beautiful paint job, nice tip on how you lay down those colors man
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