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  1. Truck bed has been found, thanks for all the help and for the plans. Thanks, TR
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions, let me know if you have a spare. Thanks Again, TR
  3. Hoping someone can help me locate a bed for the 1/24 gmc snow plow pickup. I need another bed to make the truck into a long bed to replicate my brother’s 1977 Sierra shown below. Anyone have an extra lying around? Thanks, TR
  4. Thanks all for the high praise, it is much appreciated. I thought I’d post a video of the Impala on my track for the full effect. Hopefully this works. Thanks, TR IMG_0015.MOV
  5. My most resent completion is a tribute to the 1961 Impala Dan Gurney raced in Britain. I left the numbers off of this car but did go for the white steel wheels. As with all of my completed models I convert them to slot cars but with full interior and engine left in place. This allows me to see the cars in action! Here are some shots of the car as well as a photo of the real car for reference. Thanks, TR
  6. Hubcaps are on the way, Thanks All, TR
  7. My grandpa was a pretty lucky guy, unfortunately the corvette was damaged in a rear end collision in the mid 60s. He sold the car and has regretted it ever since. This year though we discovered that the car still exists and has been restored. Now to find the owner.... Mr. Cox I will let you know if I still need the hubcaps. Thanks for the help. TR
  8. Hopefully someone will be able to spare a set of Dodge Lancer spinner hubcaps for me. I am hoping to use them to recreate my grandfather's 1955 corvette he had in high school which is pictured below. Thanks for the help! TR
  9. Thanks for responding, which size of styrene do you recommend? Did you also scratch build the gas cap as well? Thanks for the help. TR
  10. Mr. Ellifritt, I was curious how you made the silverado side trim on your model? My brother has a 1977 GMC Sierra Classic which has the same trim, and I was hoping to replicate his truck. Did you lengthen a short bed as well? Thanks, TR
  11. Thanks! I'll have to post updated pictures soon. Stay Tuned. Thanks, TR
  12. I appreciate the replies. I did some research and discovered the the Coca-Cola 1957 Chevy does include fender skirts. Looks like I'll have to pick one up. Thanks, TR
  13. I am hoping to build a replica of my dad's 1957 Chevy which he restored and was wondering which releases of the kit in 1/25 scale include fender skirts? Here is a picture of the of the car I'm planning on modeling. Thanks In Advance, TR
  14. P.S. Just click on the link below the pictures to see the video.
  15. Thanks for all the enthusiasm. This build is nearing the end as I have have mounted the hood, doors and glass. To add another twist to this build I mounted it to a slot car chassis which I do with all my models. Although it differs from regular slot cars because it still includes a full detailed engine and interior. I have included a video of it running around my track and I must say I'm pretty pleased with it. Hopefully the video works. Thanks, TR IMG_4142.MOV
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