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  1. Yes, one from the 1960 would work great! Let me know what you need for it. Thanks, TR
  2. I just start with no vision in mind and am usually more than happy with the results. This thing looked very different in my mind before I started. Thanks, TR
  3. Well as it turns out green metallic paint works wonders. It turned out a lot better looking than I thought it would. Body and interior is now complete suspension work will follow suit. The engine is a 348/409 with the wild supercharger setup I never though I’d use. The styling now reminds me of that found on old hot wheels cars. Thanks, TR
  4. Right you are on all accounts and the cockpit section is made from the surf woody. Untold amounts or filler and careful sanding later this is what we’re left with. Not too bad, I’ll finalize it and get the base coat on. Thanks, TR
  5. Recently I realized that I had some other left over components from long dead models that could be put to hood use. What better way than to make a completely different looking dune buggy out of their remains. Here’s what I’ve got so far, it looks like a mess at the moment but I’m pretty sure I can shape it into something respectable. I think I just may have some metallic green left over from when grandpa painted cars in the 1970s that would suit this perfectly. Can anyone tell what parts were used in this thing? Thanks, TR
  6. No rush, all the oem parts are good if they’re available. Can’t thank you enough! TR
  7. The year of the engine really doesn’t matter to me. If you have a spare I’d definitely be interested. I don’t want the corvette engine because of the intake and the radio shield. Thanks, TR
  8. Looking for another Chevy straight 6 engine. Any year works well except those found in 53-54 corvettes. Anyone have a spare lying around? Thanks, TR
  9. That would work great. I only need the bumper though, not the grille. Let me know what you need for it. Thanks, TR
  10. Am finishing up a 1948 ford woody model and realized I have no front bumper. Anyone have a spare lying around somewhere? Thanks, TR
  11. This is a 1/24 resin cast 1948 Tucker which I molded myself. The master was the Franklin mint tucker. So far I have just casted the body and trim therefore I have no undercarriage or engine yet. However those items are in the works to be molded in resin as well. This was a rougher casting to begin with and I’m not the best at body work, so my newer castings will be much improved. If there is enough interest I will definitely consider casting more bodies.I tried to replicate waltz blue as close as I could and it’s not too bad of a match. Overall I’m pretty happy with how this is turning out so far. Thanks, TR
  12. Thanks for the interest. Have since finished the chrome trim and the custom interior. Interior bucket is 1953 corvette with the transmission tunnel out of the surf woody. The dash is two 1964 impala driver side dashes joined together. A television is also mounted on the dash like many customs of the period. The grille still makes this thing look like a frog, but it’s growing on me. I have selected mag wheels and have also mounted the engine in the frame as well. Thanks, TR
  13. While searching the forum I was inspired by Impalow’s build on a 1963 Impala into the advanced custom that it is today. I had a built up Impala which I stripped the paint off of for starters. I then cut the top and moved it forward. I also had some left over custom parts from the 1965 Pontiac Bonneville I had built previously. So although the parts were I’ll fitting I desired to roll with the design anyhow. I added a bed out of a 1977 GMC pickup and also used liberal amounts of body filler as well. The engine is the small block Chevy out of the Impala with the induction setup off of the surf woody. I realize it is a ford intake manifold, but I don’t run the models very often anyways and it looked pretty period correct. I decided to go with a 60’s style turquoise enamel which was left over from when my grandpa painted cars. So that paint is probably going on 40 years old. More pictures and progress to come. Thanks, TR
  14. Well I’m calling this thing pretty much done. Just have to mount the rear axle but besides that it is complete. Got some pictures with its bigger brother today after a wash. May is coming and with it warm weather. It’ll definitely the oldest car in the high school parking lot. Thanks Again, TR
  15. The body has now been painted and mounted to the frame. Paint doesn’t look too bad but I’ll definitely do better next time. Still have to put some chrome on and other miscellaneous items yet. Nearing the end… Thanks, TR
  16. Thanks for all the support. Now have the interior fully completed and it’s fairly close to the real thing. The body is also now in primer so the paint should be completed in the next few days. Getting closer… Thanks, TR
  17. Another build stated on a car my dad has owned for quite some time. My dad restored the 57 over the course of some years and is now allowing me to drive it to high school after it warms up. Till then I’ll be working on this scale version of it. The 283 has been replicated complete with dual 4 barrel carburetors and wired distributor. Also includes is a picture of the frame during restoration. The engine looks different because grandpa must’ve had a hot rod bug and decided to stick some extra corvette valve covers on the engine. Also includes is a picture of the finished car that I’m hoping to replicate. Thanks, TR
  18. Glad you all like it! Thanks for the support, TR
  19. I appreciate all of the kind comments I’ve received on this build. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the interior before installing it but tried my best to take a few more. I’ll have to take a video of it running around the track soon and post it as well. Thanks Again, TR
  20. Forgot to post this picture of right after the real car was painted. Although in this picture it does not yet have the Camaro rims.
  21. Just finished the build on this 1986 Monte Carlo. It is built to replicate my uncle’s high school car. This car was repainted by my grandpa while he was in high school, hence the reason there are no SS stripes. The rims are off of a 1970 Camaro Z-28 and are painted body color. Big thanks to Leica007 for supplying them. Overall this is one of my better paint jobs and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Thanks, TR
  22. P.S. This is the box art I was shooting for.
  23. This is the completed build on my 1965 Pontiac Bonneville. After looking at the box art of the custom version, I knew I’d have to give it a go. This has been one of my best paint jobs with an airbrush so far. This gold is left over from when my grandpa still painted cars. Turns out enamel holds up fine after 40 years. As always I convert my builds to slot cars so they don’t sit on a shelf for long. Overall I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks, TR
  24. Hoping someone can help me locate a set of Camaro Z28 rims I need for a project. Should look like the one in the picture below. Thanks, TR
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