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  1. That is a really cool and one of a kind build. Great work.
  2. That is an impeccable build right down to the carpets and engine bay. Great work on the paint finish.
  3. That blue just looks awesome. Great job with all of the difficult trim detailing. First one I've seen with the Magnum 500's and a good choice.
  4. Impressive looking build. That interior is impeccably detailed as is the engine compartment. Clear coat shine is beautiful. I like the look the Tamiya smoke provides on the wheels. Gives a much more realistic look than the kit chrome. I'll have to get a can and experiment.
  5. Super clean build. Nice work picking out the seating detail.
  6. Great looking Charger and sharp looking color combination. First one of these I've seen in dark blue.
  7. Thanks Chang. Actually the rocker panel is just ordinary aluminum foil and it was applied with Bare-Metal foil adhesive. It's a thin white liquid very similar to Micro Metal Foil Adhesive.
  8. Thanks John, and by the way I happen to have a '65 Grand Prix in my collection still unbuilt. Probably do a vinyl roof on that one. Thanks Bob. I've been having pretty good success with that green labeled Rusto clear. Started using it last year after your topic in which you were curious about Rustoleum clear. So, thanks for starting that topic. Thanks Ciff.
  9. Thanks Mike, Phillipe and Greg. I spend quite a bit of time wet sanding out the clear on my cars. Thanks Rich. I always felt the '65 was the best-looking full-size Pontiacs of the '60's.
  10. Looks great. And nice work detailing the grill and those tricky wheel openings. The detailing on the Camaro scripts also looks excellent.
  11. Thank you Mario. I enjoy taking a little creative license with my builds.
  12. I Yeah, guess I had Buccaneer Red in my head since it was a popular color on the '74 models. Just looked up Sundance Orange since I wasn't aware of that color and it's an attractive one. And now I see it in this model.
  13. Very impressive work on a model I didn't know even existed. I agree with splitting up the photos on separate posts. Nice close-up photography.
  14. Thank you Gerald, Eric, Ken and Dan. Thank you Roger, EMRE, Bill and Harry. Thanks David G. Thanks Glen. It's definitely a classic I'd like to own on a 1:1 scale. Thanks Rusty. Thanks David. Yeah, there are a couple of gaps but some in the foil which I could easily touch up with chrome pen. There is a small gap in the wheel well molding that I needed to miter to better blend with the lower body side moldings. But I'll keep working on improving.
  15. No doubt about it.....a Buccaneer Red '74 T/A will always turn heads. Great work and good luck getting it all back together.
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