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  1. Color and shine look great Bob and I didn't realize lacquer thinner was used to cut enamel paint. But then I've never airbrushed either.
  2. Color suits this beautifully built full size Pontiac. Excellent dashboard detail additionally.
  3. Thank you Cliff. Well thanks for the tip I'll give it a shot. And it really wouldn't be noticeable especially with all of the bright foil on the sides of this one.
  4. Beautifully detailed work as always.
  5. Excellent work on a rarely seen scale model. Very attractive color combination.
  6. Clear finish looks superb and interior detailing very meticulously done.
  7. Thanks Carl. Thank you David.
  8. Very nice build (or shall say rebuild) of a scale model I've never seen built. Color suits the big Cadillac well and nice detail work on the seats.
  9. Brilliant shine and a very unique color.
  10. Looks fantastic in what appears to be a champagne type gold.
  11. Thanks Chaz, the colors along with the wide trim complete the look. Thank you Michal.
  12. Two excellent builds with respect to detailing and paint. And your vinyl top grain always has the right proportion for a scale model. Getting the vinyl tops misted correctly is something I continue to practice.
  13. Thanks for the valuable information as always Steve.
  14. Was the dash pad shot with Testors Dullcote or a gloss lacquer that was lightly misted? I like the soft and very subtle sheen that has been produced.
  15. Thanks Hector the color seemed appropriate for the model year.
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