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  1. Paint color and clear is looking beautiful. Are you applying the Tamiya clear in light or heavier coats? Just curious because I've had the best success with Tamiya clear applying it in light coats over Tamiya TS paints. I have a couple of these kits and following this topic am definitely looking forward to building them.
  2. AMT68

    AMT 68 GTO

    Very nice build in a great color. Looks very similar to Bahama Blue.
  3. AMT68

    66 Buick Wildcat

    Great looking build Anders. That is one of my favorites from the old AMT promo style kits.
  4. Excellent work and I've never tried Coral Blue yet. I'll have to get a can.
  5. That is a truly beautiful build and excellent interior detailing.
  6. Thanks Samuel and Donato. It's a very nice kit that's a pleasure to build.
  7. Superb example of this kit. Nice work on the block lettering at the edge of the hood.
  8. Great restoration and interesting back story. And thanks for posting the vintage magazine and article.
  9. Spectacular work as always and I'm really impressed with the Mr Super Clear Gloss and the Tamiya paints used on the seats.
  10. Thanks Rastislav and David G
  11. The color combinations look very good on a pair of very nice builds..
  12. Great engine compartment detailing and color choice Jim.
  13. Thanks Carl, great to see you back.
  14. That is fine looking! Great work..
  15. That is very nice build of an excellent kit.
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