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  1. Color and shine look great Bob and I didn't realize lacquer thinner was used to cut enamel paint. But then I've never airbrushed either.
  2. Color suits this beautifully built full size Pontiac. Excellent dashboard detail additionally.
  3. Thank you Cliff. Well thanks for the tip I'll give it a shot. And it really wouldn't be noticeable especially with all of the bright foil on the sides of this one.
  4. Beautifully detailed work as always.
  5. Excellent work on a rarely seen scale model. Very attractive color combination.
  6. Clear finish looks superb and interior detailing very meticulously done.
  7. Thanks Carl. Thank you David.
  8. Very nice build (or shall say rebuild) of a scale model I've never seen built. Color suits the big Cadillac well and nice detail work on the seats.
  9. Brilliant shine and a very unique color.
  10. Looks fantastic in what appears to be a champagne type gold.
  11. Thanks Chaz, the colors along with the wide trim complete the look. Thank you Michal.
  12. Two excellent builds with respect to detailing and paint. And your vinyl top grain always has the right proportion for a scale model. Getting the vinyl tops misted correctly is something I continue to practice.
  13. Thanks for the valuable information as always Steve.
  14. Was the dash pad shot with Testors Dullcote or a gloss lacquer that was lightly misted? I like the soft and very subtle sheen that has been produced.
  15. Thanks Hector the color seemed appropriate for the model year.
  16. Turned out very nice in that color. And nice job detailing the trim around the side windows.....I'm working on this kit and those trim lines are not very wide and not necessarily easy to detail.
  17. Top notch and one of a kind build. The WLC shines beautifully. The door panels are very detailed. I guess that is built up pieces of styrene that have been scribed and shaped?
  18. That green '70 Wildcat is a pretty rare find. Chrome appears to still have a nice shine.
  19. Thank you Bob. I think the '66 is the best looking of all the 1960's full size Buicks.
  20. I'm impressed with the depth of the shine I was able to produce (better than with other clears that also checked) so I would continue to use it and refine the technique I'm using. I also like that it is very durable and holds up well to wet sanding. I'm assuming the Createx is shot through an airbrush which I don't have so I couldn't test it out to see what results I might get.
  21. Thanks Mike. I seem to get checking even when I do allow more time for the base to cure so I'm being particularly mindful of the ambient conditions and my application technique. While I don't mind taking my time wet sanding I really need to reduce the amount of time being spent producing a nice shine.
  22. That's a beautiful build inside and out. I'm impressed with the detail painting on the dash and console. And I just started using the Pledge Gloss on my interiors and really like the product. After seeing this I may experiment with using it on a body. Fox body looks great too.
  23. I'll wait longer next time just see if there is a difference in the appearance of the clear when using an automotive base coat. When using a Tamiya color coat I usually wait up to a week for it to cure just to be safe.
  24. It seemed as though the shine and clarity of the clear on the Chevelle was not as good after a couple hours of spraying. In part that may have had to do with the smoothness of the base coat and my technique which I continue to refine. I did spend a lot of time in order to achieve that finish. And the clear was applied just over an hour after the base since the Dupli-color can recommended to wait at least 30 minutes before applying the clear. Also for the record the temperature was slightly higher than yours and the humidity about or slightly less.
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