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  1. Very nice work on the model and engine modifications which often extends the build time.
  2. Excellent creation. My second car was a base (non louvered quarter window) '73 LeMans coupe in Slate Green. So seeing this is really cool.
  3. Thanks Anders. It's a simple kit I truly enjoy building.
  4. Spectacular looking build. I do like those C7's.
  5. Thanks Mike. Always thought the Riviera was a very classy car.
  6. That one gave me a good laugh. And I wasn't aware those motors had such issues. I do remember the Quad4 being pretty heavily marketed by Olds at the time.
  7. Thank you Bo and Carl.
  8. Those '73 Regals had beautifully appointed interiors. In later years ('76-'77) there was the S/R edition which was also very luxurious.
  9. Beautiful example of another model I've never seen before.
  10. Just curious Mike is there a sticker or some type of indication on the package stating it's the better or original product.
  11. Thanks David. I'm content with this one but on close inspection there's some room for improvement.
  12. I've successfully used 91% Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning brushes when using Tamiya X-26 clear orange acrylic. I haven't used any other brushable Tamiya paints so not sure if the info helps.
  13. Excellent work. I've used this Apple Red on interior parts but would consider trying it on a body after seeing how well this turned out.
  14. AMT68

    57 Chevy

    That is one gorgeous red paint job.
  15. Great work as always and a really sharp looking color.
  16. Thanks Chuck. Fortunately we live in an era where dark reds are popular newer car colors.
  17. That is a really sharp looking build and great photography. I like what you did with the headlights and will have to experiment with mixing white paint and clear. I've been trying to develop a way of creating a translucent white for headlights/side markers.
  18. Thank you Ed, Bob and Hector. I'm still learning how to best photograph them. And I envision this color being used at least a few more times.
  19. Thanks for the helpful info Craig and it's great that what is used would be something that's readily available.
  20. Thanks Nigel, there are a few spots on the trim that I now see in the pictures that could be better but overall, l I'm okay with how it turned out. Thank you, Thomas.
  21. Thanks Gareth. It's an older promo style kit that requires some extra effort here and there but overall, it assembles very nicely.
  22. Looks excellent! The color reminds me of the '79 Givenchy Edition.
  23. That color combination is really sharp looking Craig and beautiful foil work. I've been looking at the interiors your last couple builds and thought the realistic woodgrain were decals until I read they were hand painted. Just curious as to what you used for the plug wire boots. I just recently purchased some 30AWG wrapping wire and not sure what to use for the boots.
  24. Oh, that is beautiful Claude. I have used Testors WLC (which is still available at Hobby Lobby) on one build and yes the results were excellent and it did hold up to wet sanding. The only downside (and it probably has to do with me) is that it produced a very heavy orange peel. Perhaps if I wet sand between coats of clear I won't have as much sanding at the end. But it went over Tamiya lacquer well with no smearing of the metallic particles.
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