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  1. Nice work on both models. As a fan of the Colonnades I've always had a particular liking for the very handsome '76-'77 Cutlass Supreme coupes. Nice to finally see one as a scale model.
  2. Looks amazing! Excellent detailing on the interior and nice work blackwashing the grill which I've found to be tricky on this kit.
  3. AMT68

    1970 Hemi Cuda

    That's a beauty and very nicely detailed.
  4. That is a great looking color on a great looking build.
  5. Thank you Kent, there's a couple of small spots where I burned through the clear but I've gotten somewhat better since I built this on awhile ago.
  6. Great job replicating his ride. Paint has a nice shine and the detail work looks excellent.
  7. Great looking build in a classic color combination. I just picked this kit up about a month ago and didn't realize the amount of engine compartment detailing.
  8. Thanks Rastislav Thanks Andreas. I plan to keep working on that fit in the future. Thanks Mike, I've come to like the early morning sunrise and sunset pictures the best.
  9. That's as perfect a build as it gets. Everything is done to the highest possible level.
  10. Thanks Eyman, Phillippe, and D.W. Besides the rear taillights/bumper assembly it really does assemble nicely.
  11. Sorry you lost a friend Carl. We've all lost a very talented model builder. I feel quite fortunate to have learned from his experiences.
  12. A very nice and neat build in a color that looks beautiful in the sun.
  13. That turned out great. I'm as much a fan of the mid and late 70's cars as anyone. I don't think of them so much as malaise era since I like the styling.
  14. Thanks Gareth I'm sure you'll build a great looking example. And if you like applying decals this kit has plenty of them...lol. Thank you Bill and Andrew. Thanks Guido I've found it's all about patience when building. My one disappointment is the slight bulge in the hood on the drivers side which didn't appear until after I assembled the body to chassis. Thanks Hector.
  15. Thank you Larry I enjoyed building this one. Thanks Jeremy.
  16. Thanks David and I did debate using the bodyside stripes but as you've mentioned I ultimately decided to go with the cleaner look. I won't necessarily rule them out on future builds. Thank you David, I always feel the white or off white interiors really pop especially in the sun. And since you and David (espo) asked I've included an engine shot along with a couple of indoor pictures of the car in the meanwhile. While I take care to produce neatly built engine compartments I don't always show them since I don't build them up beyond what the kit provides. While I do have 30AWG wrapping wire for plug wires I really haven't advanced to the point of adding that and other underhood detailing. As a result I feel my engine compartments pale in comparison to some of the highly detailed examples I see here. I did make an attempt at a fuel line on this one.
  17. Thanks for your comments Eric, Harry, Dan, and Eric. Thanks Michelle, Chris, Tim, and Tom. Thanks Bob, I picked up a couple of these upon their initial release and was waiting for my skills to improve before building the kit. Thank you Jim, Joe, Terry and Mathias. Thanks Ryan, I've grown quite fond of this color and plan to use it again. It does seem the taillight section is simply too wide for the body. Thanks Jim and Dan. The chrome work is very vital to the overall appearance.
  18. Some pictures at sunset.....
  19. First build of the 1/25 scale Revell '69 Chevelle SS-396 and it's been painted in Tamiya TS-39 Mica Red and cleared with TS-13. Overall I felt it was an excellent kit with a high level of detail including decals for the fan belt which for me was a first. I found the body to chassis fit to be tighter than the Revell '66 GTO and it likewise required no glue. The metal pins that connect the wheels to the axles are the best I've ever encountered building model cars. The only significant fitment issue I encountered was with the back bumper/taillight assembly. I opened the taillight housings as much as possible and back filed the taillights but still didn't get the assembly recessed as much as would've liked. So for anyone who has built this kit any feedback or tips for a better fit if possible would be appreciated since I have three more of these kits to build.
  20. Overall a great build and your attention to detail produced an excellent '67 Chevy. Funny seeing this as today I'm wrapping up this same kit in a very similar blue. I also had issues with the body not seating to the chassis in the front of the car so I applied super glue and squeezed everything together for a few minutes. To look at yours the stance seems just fine in the pictures.
  21. Very nice looking Charger in a sharp looking color combination. I agree with the dog dish wheel covers and I wish more kits would offer them. Are the heater hoses supplied in the kit or did you create them yourself?
  22. And yet another great looking Hemi Cuda. Nice job matching the color to the 1:1.
  23. Great work on a beautiful automobile. Wish they could also reissue the coupe.. I like that shade of blue.
  24. Great looking Impala David and the foil work around the trim is very neatly done. I had a couple of packages of foil last summer that had adhesion issues but since then recent sheets have stuck much better. First time I've seen one of these without the domed SS hood.
  25. AMT68

    70 AAR Cuda

    A very fine looking Cuda.
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