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  1. Great looking factory color and overall work on the build.
  2. Absolutely perfect paint work and really has a 1:1 look in the outdoor photos. Rally wheels (which I've found tricky to detail accurately) add to the realism. I've never given much thought to painting tires but I do see the difference you have created versus what's offered in the box.
  3. Very nice build and an appropriate color combination for that era Ford.
  4. Perfect clear finish and top notch detailing throughout. Looks like Chevys were fairly popular in your neighborhood back then. Glad to hear you're doing better Mike.
  5. Stunning build in an awesome color combination.
  6. Great looking paint, foil and detail work on the engine bay. I like the floor mat in the cargo area. Looks very realistic.
  7. That's simply beautiful throughout.
  8. Great shine! Nice looking aftermarket wheels.
  9. Beautiful paint work and I like the whitewalls. Are those the door cards from the Revell '69 Camaro?
  10. Great work David. The color reminds me of Testors Inca Gold.
  11. Very impressive paint work.
  12. Stunning paint and foil work. The bright yellow and green interior work well.
  13. AMT68

    '68 Chevelle

    Turned out very nice with excellent work on the interior details. Hope I do as well as you have with the body stripe decals when I get to building mine.
  14. Very impressive work. The rear shot almost passes for the 1:1 and the canopy top works well with this body style. The side mirrors, rub strips on the bumpers and the whitewalls add greatly to the overall appearance.
  15. Outstanding work Anders! So wonderfully detailed and a great shade of bright blue.
  16. Looks great including the excellent foil work.
  17. Awesome looking builds!
  18. Some truly beautiful builds here and at the link. Also very interesting information at the website regarding the necessity of painting both sides of a thinly molded hood when using auto paints.
  19. Thank you Anders and Charles.
  20. Excellent build overall. I really like the interior detailing.
  21. Thank you Carl and Rastisilav Thanks Bob, I plan on using this color on a few more builds as I've taken quite a liking to it.
  22. That is an extremely attractive yellow and an excellent build overall. I like the chromed look on the gas tank and exhausts.
  23. Great group of Fords and I particularly like the '65 Thunderbird. I'm normally not a truck guy but I'd certainly consider the '70 F-100. Builds up very nicely.
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