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  1. I have to admire the effort to customize this model. Great work. I've used this color on a previous build and it's neat to see how it appears with a matte finish. BTW...that '67 Chevelle looks awesome! Is that the AMT or Revell kit?
  2. Thanks Carl, Jim and Hector. I think the Bahama Blue works well on a number of the GM musclecars from this era.
  3. Awesome looking build and great job closing in the t-tops. I really like the seat belts and their guide loops. The wet sanding produced a wonderful shine in the clear.
  4. Great looking build and the Inca Gold is a great looking color. Nice detailing on the front grill.
  5. Thanks John. I have several of these MonogramRevell reissue kits and one '70 AMT. Up to this point I haven't been sure what to do with the AMT. Now that I see the very nice mild custom work you've done with yours I very well may do something similar. Thanks Craig. I'm thinking of using this color on the '68 AMT Camaro I just received this week.
  6. Indeed a great looking model and I really like the creative build.
  7. That is really slick looking. Great work. Someday I'll add this kit to my collection.
  8. Thank you Larry, Roger, and Dennis. I'm currently working on another one these kits from the Monogram era.
  9. Coming along very nicely. I've built a few of these (with about another four to build) and I'll have to do one in either the same or a similar green like yours. And they assemble quite well.
  10. Thanks Wayne, I normally just deepen the panel lines with an old number 11 hobby blade. Works especially well with the Tamiya paints which seen to go on more thinly. Thank you Bill, Steve, Bob, James and Mario. Yeah, nothing against a red Chevelle, but I do like these cars in blues and golds. And I'm quite a Monogram kit fan myself with multiple Chevelles, Mustangs and GTO's in my stash.
  11. Looks great and not the easiest model to foil. The new headlight lenses are a nice touch.
  12. Beautiful looking build and very sharp color combination. I always like the rear window louvers on the '69 and '70 models.
  13. AMT68

    MGB Roadster

    Incredibly realistic looking build and interesting tutorial on the seat piping. I'm still digesting your tutorial on making gauge bezels.
  14. Great looking build of a beautiful subject. And the paint is just so unique. Interesting tip on foiling the tail light section and one I'll remember as I get set to start on this kit later this spring. I have to ask. What was used on the backup lights as they look very good and I never quite know what to do with them.
  15. Thank you Eric, Chris, Larry, Tom, Lee, and Jeremy. It's one of my favorite kits along with the Monogram '70 Mustang. Thank you David, Mike, Anton, and Trevor. I'm mostly satisfied but looking at the pictures I notice the passenger side marker light needed to be better. Mike,,,,I installed the lenses prior to removing the headlight buckets from the sprues. Just made it easier to line them up correctly. I do recall trimming the openings in the body slightly so the buckets would sit flush. The grill/bumper section installed well enough but I did have to keep the drivers side from drooping down until the glue set. So in hindsight I should've said few fitment issues. Hope that helps.
  16. This was built from an early 2000's reissue of what was originally the Monogram Malibu SS454 in 1/24 scale. Painted in Dupli-Color GM Bahama Blue and cleared with Rust-Oleum Lacquer (green label can with high chair). I trimmed off the glass in the rear quarter window area since I prefer the look of the windows being rolled down. Despite it's inaccuracies I really like this model and it assembled with virtually no fitment issues.
  17. Top notch work and awesome color combination.
  18. The engine compartment shot was a great choice since it is one example of the high level of accurate detail that exists throughout his builds.
  19. Very pretty build and rare to see a custom version of this model. Amazing such a nice paint job was done with 40 year old paint.
  20. You really knocked it out of the park with this beautiful build. Looks like it was a time consuming build. And it shines very nicely with the Rusto clear.
  21. Extremely impressive save and a very striking color combination.
  22. Great looking paint finish. I'll always prefer coupes but I've been tempted to buy this one since it is an attractive hardtop sedan. I'd possibly do a vinyl top.
  23. Very impressively clean build and great work on the long trim lines. Wasn't aware of the fitment issues with this one but that wouldn't deter me from buying one since it appears to build up nicely.
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