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  1. Alfa 3.0 V12

    More bikes.....
  2. Name That Car!

    I just meant that it didn't matter to ME.
  3. Name That Car!

    I almost posted the one of you washing it but thought that would be cruel. Yeah, '71 or '72, I can't tell. Doesn't matter.
  4. Name That Car!

    Bombardier/CanAm Spyder
  5. Name That Car!

    It's actually just a '65 Cutlass Convertible that someone cloned into a 442 but there's no way of knowing that from the pic so.... ....CORRECT! I only posted that pic to get a rise out of fordsixty but I guess he skipped right by it. Okay, another easy one but I like the pic......
  6. Name That Car!

    Ahh, I sit corrected. Thanks.
  7. Name That Car!

    This one shouldn't take too long........
  8. Name That Car!

    I didn't see anybody try this one. Is that Chevy Vega, or maybe a Monza under all that Tupperware? The 'C' pillar doesn't look quite right for either one but it'd be hard to mistake that nose.
  9. 59" Impala Custom Project!!!!!!

    REALLY nice. The '59 is my favorite full-sized Chevy. I just like the lines and the fins. They screwed it all up in '60. Anyway, your build looks like it's going to be awesome.
  10. Complete: Nicky Hayden's 2006 Repsol Ride..

    What everyone else said, (except for the Rossi sniveling ). It's beautiful!
  11. Nicky Hayden's 2006 Repsol Ride..

    I can only say, "WOW!" That is looking great.
  12. Nicky Hayden's 2006 Repsol Ride..

    Very, very nice work. I'm a big Nicky fan, too and it looks like you've paid more attention to his bike than Honda/Repsol ever has. Took this at Laguna in '05. What a thrill to be there to watch him take the win with Colin taking second. I will be following your build with great anticipation.
  13. 1983 Lemans Winning 956

    You know, my reading comprehension isn't what it used to be. I thought I'd open this thread and see something like this: Sorry, couldn't resist. That 956 looks awesome so far. I think I had that kit once upon a time. I could never have done it the justice that you are. Keep it up.
  14. Trans Am Question....

    Not to highjack the thread but, since the question's already been answered...... Yep, Wally Grimes, Paretti Pontiac. That would have made me 7 so my memories of that little joy ride are a little fuzzier. Didn't the car have the Dealer installed headers that were in the trunk when delivered? Did it also have a two-point roll bar or did I dream that up?