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  1. Gary I'm no expert by a long shot but almost all the wiring I see looks way out of scale to me. I've been using my wife's sewing thread. It looks much better to my old eyes. Bob
  2. Thank you so much for that. Good idea. Bob
  3. This was posted on Facebook a couple hours ago. Norman Verber will undergo multiple bypass surgery Friday or Saturday. Norman anticipates it will be several months before he can resume production. There is quite a bit more information but this old 2 finger typer would still be typing till midnight. Thanks, Bob
  4. My own opinion on this move is they are in the early stages of doing away with pro stock as we know it. I welcome the change. Get the factories involved. Bob
  5. Thanks guys. I also found 1/1 pictures and decided to fabricate 1. Shouldn't be too bad. Thanks Bob
  6. Bill I haven't started on it yet. Just trying to collect parts. My plan is to build a modern super stocker. Bob
  7. I need one from one of the JoHan performance AMC cars. Looked on the Bay, my gosh I'd have to sell one of my kids to purchase a vintage kit! Thanks Bob
  8. Thanks Mark. The SC Rambler is exactly what I'm trying to collect parts for. Bob
  9. Having out of the hobby for 40+ years I'm not very knowledgeable about what's been offered for a long time. Has there ever been a cross ram available for AMC engines or is there one that could be used and look realistic? Thanks Bob
  10. Stuart I think it turned out very well! Bob
  11. I may be the odd man out here but I'd love to see another SC Rambler and maybe AMX. Bob
  12. I tried the rubber bands and eventually I guess they got rotten and broke. I've since been using bread ties. Bob
  13. They may have. It's been a long time since I've seen an original car. Bot those exhaust ports for sure aren't sbc. Bob
  14. I'd also agree that's a Ford engine. Have you ever seen a Chevy engine with a front sump oil pan or that exhaust port spacing? Bob
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