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  1. I'd sure appreciate knowing if car bodies in 1967-1969 MPC car model kits were bagged or loose in the box? I have a number of MPC kits where the unplated parts are still factory sealed in a bag but the bodies are loose and not bagged. So, I'm wondering if this is how they originally came or were the bodies in fact originally in bags? Thanks, Jeff
  2. I'm in need of the roll bar and rear view mirror from the Cox Cheetah 1/24 scale model kit or slot car kit as they are the same. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hi Guys, I'm looking for decals for the MPC 1968 STP Mercury Cougar (clear body) funny car and the AMT Chevy II "Twister" funny car. Does anyone out there have these or know where I can find them other than Top End Decals (I've sent Jack @ Top End a couple messages and I guess he's real busy so isn't replying). Thanks, Jeff
  4. Needing tail lights for; a) The STP 1968 Mercury Cougar Funny Car from MPC (702-200) b) The 1965 Chevy II Funny Car from AMT (#T151-170) I have these two kits in my collection and both are really nice but both just needing tail lights to complete so any help would be greatly appreciated and I have parts from a Dodge "Revellion" and from a variety of other kits for trading. Thanks, Jeff
  5. I would sure appreciate help with finding/locating the correct Yellow Ignition Wire material for the Aurora Super Scale Funny Car kits. Thanks, Jeff
  6. I'm looking for a nice, clean, complete and original AMT 65 Hemi-Charger Dodge Coronet kit #6025-150 and will trade one of the following; nice, complete AMT Longnose Mustang Funny Car (with record) OR MPC Mr Gasket Mustang AA/Gasser OR MPC Saddleback Dart Funny Car.
  7. I'm looking for a "stock shift lever" for the AMT 65 Pontiac Grand Prix. I have two 65 GP kits and both are missing the stock shift lever, Murphy's Law. I have quite a few extra 65 GP parts if there is something you need. Thanks, Jeff
  8. I appreciate all the info guys. Looking at the back of the decals for a date is a great idea and I will remember that but both the kits are still factory sealed so that isn't an option but sounds like the years for the models are 1970 and 1971. Is there an alternative to Scalemates that is more accurate with info?
  9. I'd appreciate it if someone could shed some light on my two AMT Mach Won kits (see pics). Scalemates shows the kit with the red Mustang being from 1971 and the white and blue one from 1975 but in Tim Boyd's book Collecting Drag Racing Model Kits he shows only the kit with the white and blue Mustang and indicates it was introduced in1970. Can someone out there in modelland clarify the years these two kits were introduced and is there another authority on model kits other than Scalemates? Thanks.
  10. I am in need of a draglink for the Dodge Revellion kit, the one I have is broken, the overall length is 3 5/8". Thanks, Jeff
  11. I'm looking for the original instruction for the Dick Harrell's 1969 Camaro Funny Car model kit.
  12. In 60's and 70's new car models from Revell, AMT, Monogram etc where were the instruction sheets placed in the box, on the bottom or on top?
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