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  1. Here's my recent build, Jimmy Means 1989 Alka Seltzer Pontiac. Monogram kit, Rustoleum French Blue, JNJ decals. Thanks for looking!!
  2. Fireball Roberts 1961 Pontiac. Tamiya paints, Powerslide decals and PPP Wheels and tires. Thanks for looking!
  3. Revell racing reflections kit. I used a combination of the kit decals and Davey Allison's 1987 Powerslide decals for the gold foil. I left the window net off of this one for the interior details to be more visible and I felt like it wouldn't be right to have it layed out over those beautiful foil numbers. Tamiya paints, Future clear. Thanks for looking ?
  4. 1966 Impala that Curtis Turner drove in multiple races that year. Revell 1966 Impala kit. Tamiya TS-7 paint. PPP wheels, Tires, Decals. Future clear coat. K&S Tubing (exhaust) Thanks for looking!
  5. Bmargo11

    Chevelle stocker

    Very cool. We'll done!
  6. Half the decals are on. Still have to finish the other side of the car. Still have to finish the exhaust and install the glass and bumpers. Also need to make some headlight covers. Hopefully I can finish this one up before 2021.
  7. Paint is finished. Should be ready for decals soon. Tamiya TS-7 Racing White
  8. Yeah it does need lowered more. The suspension parts in this kit aren't the greatest. The are really flimsy, especially the rear suspension. I wasn't really sure on how to modify the front to make it lower without destroying the front end pieces. I did file down the top of the radiator wall a bit to try to bring the front of the body down some. Then I ran into the problem of the hood not fitting due to the hight of the air cleaner. So I then had to break off the air cleaner and the carb and file it down so the hood would sit. Going to see if there's something else I can do to get the front down more. Im also hoping that once the front grill and bumper are on it will make it look a little more leveled out.
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