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  1. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic Bill Stillwagon   

    I'll second this statement. I got to meet Mr Stillwagon at the CKM show last month. I had questions about his Starliner F/C.Paint to be exact and he told me the tricks he used on it.Very nice man.
  2. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic Just wanted to say thanks to all who .............   

    Thanks for the kind words Ed.I enjoyed seeing the gas stations and look forward to seeing the one you are working on now sometime in the future.I did not know the Shell station was here in NC let alone so close.I plan to go see it soon since it is only about 1 hr up the road.For those of you that have seen these gas stations you should look at the information in the binders that accompany the models they have some very neat stuff in them about the stations and the construction of the models and real things.Interesting reading.
  3. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic 1/28 and 1/43 scale RC racing?   

    Well I bought the Pearl Green Murcielago raced the first time Tuesday night in Mooresville and had a blast.I have added bearings and the Kyosho ball diff.I want a 917 next.This is way better but more frustrating for noe than slotcar racing.It has been well over 20 years since I raced any RC cars let alone on a roadcourse.But each heat I got a little better.I am nor ranked 80th in the world it looks like we are a very small group at the moment.I think if Kyosho will market this right it could get huge.Qon how are you doing? Getting enough coffee????
  4. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic CKM August 22,2009 Show Pics   

    Scott thanks for the great show.Hopefully we'll see you guys in a couple of weeks at our show in Conover..Bill thank you for sharing your smoking tips with me on the ford F/C while you were packing up. I gotta try that technique out real soon.Again guys thanks for the show and the tips.
  5. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic IPMS Foothills Plastic Pros   

    Its a done deal We'll see you then.
  6. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic 2009 CKM NNL   

    You got 2 of mine on the next to last page.The F1 car and the red willys gasser.It was a fantastic show I know what I have to do to step it up now for sure.
  7. nitrojunkie added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    IPMS Foothills Plastic Pros
    Our show is Sept 26,2009
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  8. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic Steel wire and sharpening #11 blades   

    Yes you can sharpen blades I do it all the time.Get a white Arkansas stone.You can use a sharpie to mark the edges of the blade to see your progress.It will take a few tries before you get the hang of it but it can be done and you should be happy with the end results.You can also try a very fine diamond type hone it will actually work faster.
  9. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic Carolina Kustom Modelers NNL Aug 22   

    I'll be there!
  10. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic LIONS DRAG STRIP "OPEN"   

    Well I finally got the Willys finished.I ended up just redoing the side windows until I got them acceptable.

  11. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic 'DRAG' SLOT CAR BUILDING   

    Check this out...http://www.coastairbrush.com/proddetail.asp?prod=ECL4500

    For just a little more than the above posted price on the Talon of $95.00
    The IWATA is also equipped with a teflon needle seal making it solvent proof.
  12. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic 'DRAG' SLOT CAR BUILDING   

    I'm probably gonna step on toes with this I appologize in advance...There is only 1 airbrush thats an IWATA.I started with a Paasche H,moved to an Aztek then to a Paasche VL set and finally to an IWATA Eclipse HP-CS. If youve seen Mike Lavalle or Ryan "Ryno" Templeton paint chances are this is what they were using.It is very easy on paint being gravity fed and is also a breeze to clean between color changes.I shoot everything through it,Urethane clears,Base coats,Acrylics I have shot some primer through it but very seldom.I use rattlecan primers.
  13. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic LIONS DRAG STRIP "OPEN"   

    Looks good.The side windows in the Willys are giving me a fit.Trash fisheyes.I think I'm gonna get a pak of Par Light Gels and be done with it.Then I'll be set for several colors for a while.
  14. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic Dont use to much filler!   

    Yeah here in NC $20.00 tops and that is on the high side.

    Were you using actual filler with hardner or that lacquer based tube stuff?
  15. nitrojunkie added a post in a topic OT----But this is absolutely ridiculous!   

    Even if she did come with the package you may not want all that comes with her!

    Mark thats a piece of hometown trivia I did not know; as far as the free concert.