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  1. Thanks! The front seat glue popped after I had sanded and painted so theres a line now after I put it back together. Hopefully it won't be seen in the finish rather than me wishing I had gone back to try harder....😃
  2. Thanks! These Round 2 MPC kits make you really work for it and IMO are not really worth the trouble. Lots of mold lines, excessive flash, it seems like you're either missing a whole spruce worth of parts or they give you all the castings from every iteration of the kit. Not much care goes into the finished product. I am hoping for something that'll look the part from a distance if you squint😉....
  3. Toned the engine compartment down a bit. Slapped some color on the interior. Details are needed in both areas, the water pump inlet is bothering me, too big. Started on the exterior. Worked some dents in with a candle, Base coat shot. One aspect was making me crazy on this kit. The way the front end was molded is a shame as are most grills out of a kit. I want real light to come through what will be a busted grill. I had to remove a lot of plastic, but I think the end result works alright...
  4. Killer Skillz! Impressive and inspiring!
  5. What a great start, such skills needed to see how this is possible! Can't wait to see more
  6. Thanks! I work strictly with enamels, which i know is controversial in the weathering realm, but until i get room for an AB i don't really want to mess with acrylics.
  7. The undercarriage is pretty well complete, it won't really be seen it its final form, so i'm not going for insane detail. Neither will the engine bay for that matter. I sloppily cut out what's left of this poor 440 plant, did some scratch work on the front end accessories. Got a ways to go in the bay before calling it good. My guess is that the bottom end was knocking so it was parked and picked apart years ago. I cut out the radiator and used some Evergreen square to make up the difference. I don't have an airbrush setup as of yet, so I'm working in a limited environment IMO when it comes to how this thing will look. I am aiming for the stars regardless....
  8. Cracked the seal on this MPC kit. Going for a tired and used up piece that has done several tours of service. Going from the ground up as I will spend the most amount of time on the body and outward appearance. I've simply made a few swipes with a couple rattlecans. Once I get the brushes on it, i'll start to think I have something here....
  9. I went ahead at built another can and then I scratched out a giant spool for fun, I built the pallet a while back, just weathered it though. I need to make a mountain of pallets really, I'm gonna need them for something I'm sure of it.
  10. 🙏 I love the Capri, and for that matter the variant models always had more appeal than what the big three pumped out. Buicks and Pontiacs will always be cooler than any ole Chevy... to me anyway. Y'all are making it easy to keep going! thanks for the kind words! I hope to keep it up!
  11. I have been trying to finish a project that has taken seven months so far. However, this little garbage can keeps popping up. I'll wake up from sleeping and this thing will start building itself in my head, so I threw it together to shut everybody up. It seems most of my creations begin as these menacing visions... This was all I was able to capture before the winds of change drifted through and now I'm on to the next for now, but this isn't complete. It needs something, and for now that is some time to breathe. My future plans are to build a couple dios. Specifically a custom car garage and a Junkyard dio. I have quite a few parts and pieces from kits out of the 90's and Oughts... Enjoy, I'll be back to finish in the future. I am curious to know what other common household items you all are turning into 1/25 scale stuff, feel free to leave suggestions! I felt like I came to this idea organically, although I am sure this has been done before. joined_video_da1e4c5a18364f60a067c3e4673e119d.MP4 joined_video_d28a18c80e854869b344e51e64c56527.mov
  12. I used a mixture of red electrical tape, cut down into strips, and then I painted clear-scotch tape with 2724 Stop LT Red Gloss from Testors. (a jar i've had since I was a child) It's a transparent metallic that simulates well. Cut it into strips and laid them over one another to make it seem like several repairs to the same problem. I truly appreciate everybody and their kind words! I hope to finish this heap soon!
  13. Thanks Everybody! I'm going to get some better shots of this soon! in the meantime I am building a Foxbody
  14. My goal is to build the worst Foxbody I can imagine. I'm starting with AMT's 88 GT kit. I am using a few unused bits from a 90LX that Revell released, I recently built as well. I will be scratching out whatever I need to complete the vision. Enjoy... Went into primer... I am going with a targa roof instead of T-Tops. I was having trouble getting the lower front valance so i cut the whole clip off and worked these pieces together. This is how the real car is built, so I figured nothing would look funny once it's all together. The fog lights have beaten out of their housings and the airdam is far from aerodynamic. This thing will be several colors, so perfection isn't my aim here. Scribed the panel lines, worked the dents into the body with candle heat. I'm giving this hog beast the big cowl hood to clear what I believe to be a stroked, nitrous huffing Chevy motor. This heap will be a fully neglected death trap, complete with improper safety equipment and unsafe components. Peep these bald 4 lug OEM front wheels... Sure it does 11's but the only thing holding it together is a thick coat of grime and rust... I've seen 1 foxbody in my whole life that had a stereo in it. The glovebox latch is broken and the passenger door panel is long gone. Got some color laid out and I am going to keep the patina for now. Focusing on interior, I found a grant style aftermarket wheel that was screaming for a trip back to the 80's. Scratched out a ratchet shifter and some nitrous tanks. Color and Style... With the tall valve covers I believe this to be a stroker setup on a 350 cast. Wired and plumed all the bits as best as I can tell. Manual brakes, no A/C, no power steering, cut the heater lines, so not much needed under the hood... I scratched out the harmonic balancer, alt bracket, serp belt, plug wires, wet shot intake and brake lines. It's running shorty headers, and I had to reverse the oil pan instead of modifying the K member 🤫 But it all tucks in nicely. It's going to have electric fans, but I'm having trouble with the core support fitting properly. Can you spot the coolant leak? This is where I am now. 7 months and counting...
  15. My first car was an 84 Toronado! I cooked that transmission doing reverse donuts! Super Clean Build!
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