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  1. Thanks Everybody! I'm going to get some better shots of this soon! in the meantime I am building a Foxbody
  2. My goal is to build the worst Foxbody I can imagine. I'm starting with AMT's 88 GT kit. I am using a few unused bits from a 90LX that Revell released, I recently built as well. I will be scratching out whatever I need to complete the vision. Enjoy... Went into primer... I am going with a targa roof instead of T-Tops. I was having trouble getting the lower front valance so i cut the whole clip off and worked these pieces together. This is how the real car is built, so I figured nothing would look funny once it's all together. The fog lights have beaten out of their housings and the airdam is far from aerodynamic. This thing will be several colors, so perfection isn't my aim here. Scribed the panel lines, worked the dents into the body with candle heat. I'm giving this hog beast the big cowl hood to clear what I believe to be a stroked, nitrous huffing Chevy motor. This heap will be a fully neglected death trap, complete with improper safety equipment and unsafe components. Peep these bald 4 lug OEM front wheels... Sure it does 11's but the only thing holding it together is a thick coat of grime and rust... I've seen 1 foxbody in my whole life that had a stereo in it. The glovebox latch is broken and the passenger door panel is long gone. Got some color laid out and I am going to keep the patina for now. Focusing on interior, I found a grant style aftermarket wheel that was screaming for a trip back to the 80's. Scratched out a ratchet shifter and some nitrous tanks. Color and Style... With the tall valve covers I believe this to be a stroker setup on a 350 cast. Wired and plumed all the bits as best as I can tell. Manual brakes, no A/C, no power steering, cut the heater lines, so not much needed under the hood... I scratched out the harmonic balancer, alt bracket, serp belt, plug wires, wet shot intake and brake lines. It's running shorty headers, and I had to reverse the oil pan instead of modifying the K member 🤫 But it all tucks in nicely. It's going to have electric fans, but I'm having trouble with the core support fitting properly. Can you spot the coolant leak? This is where I am now. 7 months and counting...
  3. My first car was an 84 Toronado! I cooked that transmission doing reverse donuts! Super Clean Build!
  4. Thank you, this is the most time I've invested into a piece I was fascinated by the effects of explosions and always saved my junk. I had a wooden wine box filled to the brim with pieces and parts from countless kits I built. Going to have a sweet junkyard dio one day LOL
  5. Thanks for the welcome, everyone! Looking forward to being active on here!
  6. I built this truck when I was maybe 10, then blew it up with blackcats and saved some of the pieces for over 20 years. I took this little gluebomb, and gave it a real wood bed and squeezed all the glory out of it I could. I'll put up a build thread if there's some interest...
  7. What up everybody, I am excited to have another space to show off some of my builds. I like rust, junk and stuff that leaves smoking rubber everywhere. I started building when i was 5 with snap kits. I boxed up my gear when I got my license and forgot all about modeling for nearly 2 decades. I'm back at it and kicking myself for giving it up. Always looking to improve my abilities and expand my knowledge. See you all out here. -Beau *this was my second build back at it after nearly 20 year hiatus, note the terrible orange peel and glue bomb windows... YIKES
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