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  1. With the success AMT had with the KW mixer rebirth, is it possible they can do the same with the Lotus Indy car or the Offy powered Indy car?
  2. For those interested, here is the actual wrecker the kit is based on, removing a car from a sinkhole in Florida. Article -- http://www.baynews9.com/content/news/baynews9/news/article.html/content/news/articles/bn9/2014/11/14/car_swallowed_by_sin.html Video -- http://www.baynews9.com/content/news/baynews9/video.html?clip=http://static.baynews9.com/newsvideo/bn9/web_video/CARREMOVED1114.f4v&vtitle=Car%20swallowed%20by%20sinkhole%20removed
  3. Roll Over Protection Structure for any Cat bulldozer. I built this from Evergreen pieces. It sits on the bulldozer and can be moved from unit to unit.
  4. Built using a built up cat bulldozer I got off ebay. The counterweights can pivot in and out, and are filled with nuts and washers to offset whatever I put in the sling. All the pieces are pinned to the tracks so it can easily be disassembled to travel. They're never finished I just stop working on them.
  5. Built using the leftover front half of my coal hauler 6x6 tractor. This has 4 wheel steering and a water tank built from Evergreen stock.
  6. I don't have any photos of during construction. I was getting the Payhauler kits for less than $25 each so I bought a few of them. I just hacked off the rear of one and grafted it onto this frame here. I followed the same layout of a big rig for the shorty driveshaft from the front differential. I was inspired by a photo I saw of someone who built a dual drive Payhauler dump truck with lengthend dump bed.
  7. Credit goes to Hanks Truck Pictures, Model Cars Magazine, and Tim Ahlborn for advice.
  8. Credit goes to Hanks Truck Pictures, Model Cars Magazine, and Tim Ahlborn for advice.
  9. Credit goes to Hanks Truck Pictures, Model Cars Magazine, and Tim Ahlborn for advice.
  10. Kitbash of a tandem drive Payhauler and coal trailer. The trailer took a lot of Evergreen plastic to build. Trailer attachment moves all three directions. Bottom dump panels open, blade moves up and down. The rear tires are 1/16th(?) Mustang drag slicks!
  11. Built this from a swap meet kit that had a broken cab. I built it as if it were a concrete mixer that had laid over and ate some guardrail while the mixer body came off in the wreck.
  12. Built this a couple of years ago. Setback front axle, lowered the cab mounts so it reflects a Freightliner FLL cab design. The upper front car rail folds up to allow the cab to tilt forward. There is a front support (unseen) that holds the front half of the car rail. Rear fenders are from the AMT Pete Turnpiker kit.
  13. There is no way all the tires would match on a yard dog. It would have the worst of the worst tires, those that would barely hold air. Likely some taken off a trailer that had locked up an axle and flat-spotted. Recaps that had started to delaminate. Bent and damaged wheels. No mud flaps. Broken or cracked windows with BB gun damage. Maybe a dented cab from a jacknife accident, which is why it got demoted to yard dog.
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