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  1. I would like to see Moebius make one like the original stretch nose '66 Mustangs
  2. Here is what I have along with the instructions sheet. Note, that there is an important omission. The entire front clip is not the altered wheelbase subframe and suspension. The subframe assembly is the A-990 pieces. There are no tires either. You are welcome to this kit if interested. Check out Altered Wheelbase Fun in the Drag Racing section. These are the leftover parts from Bill Shirey Professor build. I used the A-990 rear with the AWB front subframe assembly. Let me know if interested.
  3. This is a very nicely done tribute. The '64/'65 AFX era is my favorite. I love the Building The Covers series. Keep up the good work.
  4. Let me do some checking, I may have what you need. Can you send a picture of the box on the GC car?
  5. Dave, these are so awesome, I have a few builds planned.
  6. Here is my second build of the Moebius '65 Nova Gasser. I had this planned from the time I first saw this kit. Unfortunately, virtually nothing is interchangeable between this kit and the Twister altered wheelbase Nova. I cut down the chassis from the Moebius kit and mated it with the Twister body. It required ALOT of surgery. I used the Twister big block and dash panel to keep it true to the Dick Harrell car. The wheels and tires are from the Moebius Golden Commandos AWB kit.
  7. I don't build many non-drag race cars, but here are a couple of coupe builds I enjoyed doing.
  8. These are some old builds from the days before I painted the chrome trim. While these are not up to the standards of the talented people on this site, they are some pretty cool cars from back in the day. Maybe someday I will get around to redoing some of them.
  9. Amazing job! I have thought about this one quite a bit, but can never seem to figure out to do it. Very impressive, nice work.
  10. Thank you for the comment on the door handles. Check mine out on the Altered Wheelbase Fun thread. I broke two sets of door handles trying to remove them from the tree. Very cool build btw.
  11. Do you need a complete kit, or will this work for you?
  12. I always love to see something different. The 62 is incredible and the 63 very nice as well. Great job.
  13. My first attempt at the Moebius Chevy II is a lame attempt at the Steve Bovan 396 supercharged Chevy II. The only departures from the box kit is the big block Chevy from the Model King Twister kit and the cut down Willys traction bars.
  14. I love it! A very nice build. This is the one I am hoping Moebius will do.
  15. Very nice work. I used the same combination for mine. I am hoping Moebius will make a good '64 Comet A/FX.
  16. Awesome Man, I love something different. Very good job
  17. Nice job Mike! This is one of my favorites too. I am just in the planning stages to add this one to my collection. Very cool.
  18. Nice job! I have been thinking of attempting this one, but you nailed it.
  19. This very cool. Original idea and car, a very good job.
  20. I really like the 66 GTO. This is one I have considered building as I built the 65 version. I wasn't sure how to proceed, but looks like you nailed it. Great Job!
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