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  1. Is it just me or Is the blower hovering? And you had me at Ardun😍
  2. Small hijack, this is one of the two survivors I’m trying to get back to their og builders vision. I have a third that was unpainted but kinda heavy in the glue bomb realm that I will be adding my touches to, I’ll start my own thread for that when the time comes. /hijack
  3. Have loved this concept since you showed me the first mockup, keep Your foot in it and pedal it over the line.
  4. Lemme dig around I’m sure I may have a set or two to spare.
  5. I wish it was that easy, summer is my busy season at work.
  6. Pair of Moebius 1970 fords I’m working on, the 4x4 will get a taller set of tires
  7. Roger what is the source for the wheels on the firebird?
  8. And it has Marvin on it to boot lol, I have never laid eyes on that body before. Sweet find Bill
  9. Some work on the engine today, having to clean up the resin and drill and pin all the parts does slow the process down.
  10. Wow real nice work Jim, where did you source the materiel for the seats?
  11. An update finally! Took some time on my keyster instead of off of it lol. Threw some putty on the trans finally to get it closer to my approximation of a Lasalle. It’s rough, really rough but it will work for what I intend. Got some rough filing and shaping done and finished with a brush coat of Tamiya primer to match the engine block. Once it all cures I could not resist a mock-up in the frame. Now that all that prelim work is done I can go back to finishing boxing the frame rails and possibly get the final ride height setup. I’ll be picking away at the engine as well, I’m still looking for a suitable candidate for plug wires, the kit ones are ok but I’d like to find a cloth braided type substitute.
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