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  1. Looking good already Greg.
  2. Nice to see this getting to the engine stage, been anticipating the work you are going to do to the flat 12.
  3. Well you seem to have clean building skills, every one you complete adds more to your skills, practice makes perfect. Keep it up.
  4. Thank you. I need to stop having adhd and just work on one thing at a time! I’m glad that some are finding this as an inspiration to work on their own projects. squirell!
  5. Progress was made! Parts arrived finally after Canada post sent it across country, back to point of origin and then finally to its destination! Three day trip takes 15.
  6. Well when you dig deeper you find the actual truth, it’s not a remake it’s a sequel
  7. That’s kinda what I was implying, the continuity errors.
  8. As was mentioned above the story line arc for Bullit it was kinda weak, and we as car people only really like the chase scene. I’ve watched a couple of originals vs remakes lately and while some are markedly better, sometimes the originals are better because of the story line. Recently i watched Point blank with Lee Marvin, and followed up with Payback a Mel Gibson flick, both had their good and bad moments. id like to see what Spielberg can do with the weak story of Bullit and maybe the car chase can be improved on.
  9. Looks good Ken, I’m guessing you are going for the channelled roadster. The colour looks great.
  10. I have zero problems with restoring an older build, it’s the same in the 1:1 auto world. After all you are preserving the kit, you are breathing new life into it.
  11. I’m liking the meatiness of those tires, it will definitely be a stout vehicle, based on the ride height you’ve set it looks like it could tackle any terrain.
  12. The 63 hardtop is absolutely perfect
  13. I like the finish on this a lot, very well done!
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