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  1. Thank you Tim, And to answer your question, I had never posted a build thread for the 3window, that was my motivation to get back into the hobby late last year. But for your viewing enjoyment I’ll post some pics of it
  2. So much awesomeness in this thread! All my favourite builders, working on pretty darn cool projects! ive got a lot of projects on the bench atm, but I did a quick inventory and I think I may have enough to assemble my own version, I need to do a little internet sleuthing to see if I can find a visual reference of what I’d like to build.
  3. Well so far this one is taking a bit of time, wheel and tire choices are a bit light ( mostly due to my affliction for hot rods haha) I picked up a foose F100 kit to steal the frame and drivetrain for my step side project, so I stuck the completed frame under the blazer for a quick mock-up. wheel and tire sizes work for the look that I’m going for, so with that I’m off to my lhs to see what they have in tuner wheels and tires. and I think the last two pictures will look better for a colour choice than black!
  4. Good deal, I have that kit! thank you
  5. Glad to see this one finished, so many unfulfilled builds on here that’s it’s great to see them into completion. being a novice ole fella builder I really appreciate the level that some of these builds get to. it has me motivated to get working on my 32 pickup conversion.
  6. This is next level modelling right here, I’m glad I stopped scrolling and had a read here.
  7. love it so far. What kit did you steal the hairpins from, they look longer that the ones in the revell 32 Ford kit?
  8. I’m digging the concept, you had me at flathead lol
  9. Does anyone know if the new revell monogram square body models are the same moulds as these?
  10. So in memory of the very first model that I built all the way back in 1979, I found a mostly complete blazer snap kit. It’s in pretty good condition, the only missing parts are the taillight lenses. I also from the same person bought a new in box 1979 step side pickup the MPC Mule Skinner. I’ll be using the drive train to turn the snapper detail up a notch or two, this should be a fairly straight forward build as it will be a curb side ( the hood does not open) I’ll be starting another thread on the step side pickup build.
  11. Thank you Craig, I did score another load of 32-48 flatheads in my latest trade adventure and there were quite a number of stock flatheads in there. I also got a second Latham supercharger. I will be making that engine a focus of another build. Possibly in a chopped Vicky
  12. Love the interior treatment, looks like tweed
  13. Thank you, I was pretty happy how it turned out.
  14. Sigh... this build has almost defeated me, the body is not coming along as I had hoped, but the frame and engine are almost finished. made some engine mounts and made a nice little shorty exhaust. I may back burner this for a little as I was tempted to stomp on the body after the last round of primer, so many flaws are showing snd I’m not happy at all, I went through my stash of bodies and almost swapped it out for another! so not sure when the next update will be...
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