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  1. The car of my childhood, I’ve always wanted a replica for my shelf but the prices are unreal for these.
  2. Well the glamour shots will be posted in Under Glass. I call this done
  3. I like how this is starting out! I’m in for the updates.
  4. Ok so todays installment is going to be getting the grille and headlights final fittment
  5. I’ll stick with the black steelies I have it mocked up with.
  6. That’s a shame, the smooth lines of this car are really well done, and the front and rear treatments are classic
  7. I have a set of those but one is roached beyond repair, the glue used to attach a hubcap took all of the detail off.
  8. Nice work on both of them Jim.
  9. Bullybeef


    @customline Jim that is some very realistic crust you have created, reminds me of every car I had growing up in Newfoundland, middle of the ocean surrounded by salt.
  10. Well we will wait anxiously for the final chapter.
  11. I’m sure the results will be worth the wait
  12. I’m leaning towards the green, but I’d like it also in a very smooth black. Either way it’s gonnna be a shiny rod
  13. Thank you, I really need to dust this off and finish it, I get side tracked easily… look a squirrel! Thank you, I’ll get this in rotation back to the bench.
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