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  1. Bronzekeg, that has nice character and charm, something current digital art misses entirely. I like it and the fact that you put yourself out in the open with your artwork. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Roger, time for an update! I have taken a hiatus from building every summer so that I can enjoy the time outdoors. It now has gotten colder, and I broke my foot last week, so what best to spend the time with? Modeling of course! Here are a few updates to the Autocar truck. I painted the chassis semi gloss, as it will be dusted with dirt washes. Added some decals and cleared with a semi gloss clear to protect them. Used scotch pad on the tires for a little realism. Did a little mock up work....
  3. Never seen one of these built. Damn nice job these are a bit fiddly. I built the MPC Gurney Eagle and it was challenging. Wondering if the original kit issue used those tires or something different... Thank you for sharing!
  4. Excellent. I just got back to the bench this week after summer haitus. I hit my "weekly mix" from iHeart radio. Within a half hour the 9 minute version of Bauhaus comes on. Had to stop all modelling and just crank it up. Been a few years since I heard this on one of my cassette tapes from college. Bauhaus and Peter Murphy were awesome. Halloween is coming soon but hey, "Every Day is Like Halloween".
  5. This build is awesome, and is more relatable for this kind of car as the muscle era had passed, and the RoadRunner was such a horrible attempt in design for these two years. Transition to opera windows and whitewalls was underway and this hits the era perfectly.
  6. Rick, yea this is great! Looks like ya shamed me into building a scrapbox model myself.... ha ha I have enjoyed the shared models here and are quite like what I expected by the way. I have some old Revell parts packs from the early era, and some funny car chassis in the junk box... Good to see this get legs again, my summer activities came to halt when all of a sudden it got cold outside, and just started paying attention to modelling again!
  7. Here are two that I have, one in 1/10 scale. The body proportions all look pretty good on these two cars, perhaps I will get into the details later, or better yet, build the darn things!
  8. First saw this build today....read through because the detail is amazing and looks great! Would be a great model to somehow show with the sheet metal and outer skins off....but that's a lot of scratch building and change of direction! It will look awesome when complete, and suggest just a little dust or dirt with weathering chalk on the finish to match the few laps the chassis has.... It will add realism and depth to the model. Race cars are not show car shiny. Keep up the awesome work on a classic subject.
  9. Man, first model I remember building with Dad, a 65 Riviera. And I remember the headache and weird feeling after working on it with the glue and paint too! Then I asked Dad if we could get a model of a 67 Sportwagon, but we only found a 66 Skylark GS and built that the next week.
  10. Johnny, looks great especially the lengthened chassis and stake bed build. When I was a kid, I built the exact same layout and color except I did not create the wood stake sides, so it was just a flatbed out of balsa. This model looks nice, and I have a special liking for the old Dodge tilt cabs....
  11. Cool to see. A couple of questions. How did the guy either get the design plans to build the CAD model for this car? Or how did someone get the CAD? It sure would be cool to modify this car, and shorten the area behind the driver to get a "proper sized" and weight F1 car! I see the CAD files to build this on the printer is only $12 US, that is cheap as heck, so what did the printing material cost to make the 1/20 version? Want to see this completed as well!
  12. Nice work and fun to see a parallel build going on - and see the results! I have the six wheeler kit that was released a year or two ago, would love to build it though.
  13. Kurt I bought another 323gtx and as usual my projects grow up to full scale for summer and downsize in winter! So I have some time to find wheel/tires for the Buffum car. I bought gravel tires separate but they are too small and more like 14” tires.
  14. thanks, I looked there and they have discontinued this. I will have to try an email or other communication to see if they will re-pop a few new sets.
  15. On another note, anyone know if the gravel wheel set is available yet? I have the car up on jacks at service, and there are no proper wheels and tires to go on for gravel spec. The Buffum Olympus car has the wrong pavement wheels and tires....sigh.
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