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  1. Whoa! I thought this show was done for a few years ago. As a result I never even expect to look for a Toledo show. Seriously, perhaps I don't look hard enough, but can I set some kind of alert for shows that are coming up? I am sad that I missed this show. I am so looking forward to the MCC show in Michigan next month.
  2. Awesome! I love how you positioned and shot the model perfectly to look real! And that weathering - perhaps you can tell us more on what you used on that especially the front bumper. I just saw a real one ( I think it was real, hmmmm) this week doing some service work on trees or something on the side of the road. I slowed down to look at at and thought about this kit....
  3. Oh I hate to do that myself! I love the trio and the 312 engine compartment looks great! The whole model turned out to present nicely, it has to go up front and center. May I ask what happened to the decals on the lower side pods?
  4. Rich. Here is the 1/10 scale kit by Nichimo. Nd you say over 800 builds! Hory Mory that is huge! Congratulations on that number. I have over 200 instruction sheets stored in a box to keep track of my tally….. got some catching up to do. I also have a few Stratos models built. 1/43, 1/24, 1/20 so far…..
  5. Two of us will be there with models to enter in the show. And money to spend on quality accessories....
  6. excellent! Do you have the 1/10 scale kit to build? this is my favorite car of all time.
  7. HL Japan order arrived when I was on vacation. The two will be built as Olympus Rally competitors, and the Mustang I need to find some nice US decals to maybe replicate the VOLT car.
  8. Ok. Not sure what this photo really is. However. This reminds me of a movie I saw long ago. But it was an eye doctor. The movie STARTED with this scene - eventually the eye doctor poured acid in the patients eyes. I turned it off right away. And think of this every time I go to the opthalmologist. no it is not safe!
  9. I built this Carlos Sainz Cossie long time ago. It’s a Provence moulage 1/43 scale.
  10. Bought this at the HL for the forty off price. Considering a flatbed version of this Pete if the time permits.
  11. Just a bump for this small block engine I need to finish this kit. thanks in advance!
  12. Aaron, looking real good after 25 years away! Can't wait to see the final result, those big scale cars are daunting at times!
  13. Hey thanks for the replies guys!
  14. Cool. I will be watching this build! looks great. Have fun with it. one thing I found with tamiya acrylics by brush is they don’t have a good “ bite” to the surface. And scratch off easily so be careful.
  15. Hello, anyone know of a source of these W11 wheel covers for a 71 Dodge? W11 or sometimes I think known as a "Volcano" wheel cover? I need to get 4 of these to finish my project.
  16. I am looking for the W11 covers - the one on the left. Is this thread about these, and does anyone have a source for four?
  17. What is the backstory on that partially tipped glass? Reminds me of the "Mystery Spot" in the UP that Dad took us to when we were little kids!
  18. Guys, its warming up and sunny here in Michigan, which is rare, and it is now eating into my model building time as I am obligated to spend time outdoors doing outdoors things! So look at it as time to get to the bench till it melts! Also, DST, just leave it the way it is NOW, ya get up in the dark anyway....
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