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  1. Kurt I bought another 323gtx and as usual my projects grow up to full scale for summer and downsize in winter! So I have some time to find wheel/tires for the Buffum car. I bought gravel tires separate but they are too small and more like 14” tires.
  2. thanks, I looked there and they have discontinued this. I will have to try an email or other communication to see if they will re-pop a few new sets.
  3. On another note, anyone know if the gravel wheel set is available yet? I have the car up on jacks at service, and there are no proper wheels and tires to go on for gravel spec. The Buffum Olympus car has the wrong pavement wheels and tires....sigh.
  4. Well, I bought one a few weeks ago at the swap meat for $35, new in open box. Stock version, no tax....I am a happy camper now.
  5. Hey, I am still looking for these wheels OR the whole kit. Still looking
  6. Nonsuch not obscure in this house…. some of the best music all throughout the catalog.
  7. Tony, your model looks great, and the photography outside works great to your advantage. Plus you tracked the highlights perfectly with the lower eye level photos. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Purchased a few items at yesterday’s swap meet in Warren, MI. The mustang is for a buddy that just bought one and is going through/modifying it to drive this summer. The trailer I got going already and a few wired distributors and misc parts too…..
  9. Awesome. Glad you cheated that body down over the chassis. Was it pretty straightforward to do so?
  10. Sorry. I took one at the contest. There were so many great models and friends there. Just like old times (2 years ago). There was far cooler builds there.
  11. I was very very surprised to get this today. Seriously. blush
  12. until

    Tony, myself and many others are NOT on that Face book. So it is good that you post information here, where modelers hang out. I appreciate the rundown. I am bringing SEVERAL models, as is my buddy. Probably 8 or so total. Let me ask you, I have a "heavy commercial" but is box stock, where should it go? Bringing a box stock and competition entries as are my buddy. Bringing cash too, looking forward to the event. Again, keep in mind, not everyone subscribes to face book. Thanks.
  13. I would go there, and tell them that you have a party of 10, and want to order food, but sorry, cash isn't good enough for you....
  14. It has been a crazy last MONTH since we last had an update from the shop. The TR-8 has been in a quagmire of red tape that I think we got figured out. The Feds paid us a visit cause they thought we were tampering with stolen property. Dude completely fooled us as he showed up in this ride (thought it was a new customer). They SHUT us down for a month! That was "Thirty Days in the Hole" for the BOSS man - and now he is eating some Humble Pie. We had to post bond and now he feels he has a debt of gratitude to pay us. So I guess we can get back on the wagon and get moving on the project a little bit till the nicer spring weather comes. We didn't really lose too much to the project as our team spent a week supporting our local rally wrenching on cars and drinking beers with the locals up north. It was a fun time, and yours truly got "roped into" driving one of the course opening cars - which requires driving the stages and making sure all proper safety elements are in place. It turned out I am buying this ride from another guy for a steal. No rust but beat to all heck, perfect for driving fast in the woods. So when me and the boys got back to the shop, and found the cease and stop order on the door, we contacted our lawyer and sent him to work to get things straightened out. In the meantime, the machine shop, which we outsourced the engine to, was able to get a few things done and made progress on the engine. We are leaving the pan off for now, so we can see how the engine is going to fit in the chassis, and working on these "headers" from a SBC that are gonna fit come heck or high water! They really won't be too visible, and tucked down low. Someone walked off with the distributor, so I modified one from that same SBC and it is gonna fit right in. Here is my reference from back in the day. The real car as it was. I have other photos of the "restored" version as well, but this one is perfect to start with. I am unsure If the customer wants the original white with blue trim, or the Quaker State white and green, but the basics are there to get moving on the project now that the shop is open and busy again. There are so many other projects going on at the shop, so updates may be a bit sporadic. Plus, in two weeks time, there is the local Model Show to attend in Warren, MI and have a lot of fun stuff to take and display. So that will be a wasted weekend. Hope to have less drama, more production especially now that the BOSS MAN is off our backs!
  15. until

    Any more details of this? Like, what is the theme if any? What are the classes so I know what models to bring? Will this be as big as the fall show?
  16. Tiago, not really into watching videos, but thanks for sharing details of your build and assembly. I like this kit, I just never built the one I have in my stash. Very nice clean build.
  17. Casey, ding ding ding....this triggered a reminder to my brain...I built this kit and I remember that record. I can hear it in my head now of Carrol going through the gears on the track in the car! Cool thanks!
  18. Tim, your Cougar really looks great as a convertible! Bright red and top down, excellent job on the save. I have a soft spot for these real "last series Cougars" before they went bloated - - thanks for sharing!
  19. It was a long day today, $aturday and lots of overtime. But first, BOSS MAN picked up the whole bar tab so a big shout out to him. The guys got pretty messed up and in not to standard fashion, didn't get much completed Friday...but you know how it goes. I sure do. When the BOSS MAN says projects are HOT, we say "you can't spell hot without OT!" So we got right to it today and the shop was smokin' with progress. Now just to fill you guys in on what's been going on around here, I have quite a lot going on with modelling this year, with a BRBO going on, a lot of side jobs, a Formula One build for the new season and trying to get the shop set up as well. Another hint, I am not a "fair weather modeller". I am a "bad weather modeller". Meaning being in Michigan, when the weather is nice, I will not be at the bench. So time is a tickin' and lets get to it boppers... Let's start with a few images to share so you can see what we got going here... The car on the rack, and we can see where (I) left off so many years ago... Not sure how much detail we are going to get into, it's gonna depend on the budget. Since we are going Time and Materials, with a phantom budget, were going to start with the parts that you normally would see from the outside with the car down on the ground and in Parc Ferme. So we already opened the hood and stripped some of the chassis...and got the engine, at least we are going for a more detailed TR8. Here is another shot. I am leaving the subject details out of this for the moment, but someone will guess it as we go along, and someone will be familiar with this. The vinyl roof was discarded back in the day so we are good there. But the engine compartment will need a lot of detail such as strut towers, firewall, and fitting that aluminum V8 in there, the heart of the beast. For the time being, we are going to have to work on this car "California Style", meaning the hoist will be outdoors until we can get a permit to begin the interior of the shop. Gonna leave the details of that to the BOSS MAN and our accountant, but I will slowly be building more parts and tools to stock the interior when we get it done. A lot of the guys are really shy and don't want their photos on Social Media, so you won't see any of the guys for a while either. Hopefully we can find some new hires that are less bashful soon. I have never done a "diorama" before, but this is kind of fun....we will see how it develops once the city agrees to our permit. I can't show some of our clients cars either, until we get their permissions and releases signed. But I can tell ya, we got some cool stuff coming up before spring breaks and the Calcium Chloride gets washed off the roads and into the protected wetlands around here. Here are all the parts that we found in the barn with the car. Enough to get a decent start, but we are going to have to use that engine as a boat anchor - I don't know what it even is. I guess back in the day that was the closest to a TR8 engine from first glance, but it is just junk. The hood as you can see is for a 4 cylinder, it does not have the raised bump, so that will head off to the bodyshop. The guys got a lot of hours in today, lots of overtime which will buy some new models or maybe a new boat for summer...but we gotta watch the effort during the week. Be productive and get our projects done including this old Triumph. Gotta keep the El Dorado out of the pictures.... We sent the engine off to the machine shop today as well. Another report coming soon!
  20. Agree with Nacho z. It’s less than $20 and worth having it. Works great.
  21. It has been a long time coming, but this barn find was started probably nearly40 years or so ago back in the day. It has been discovered and will get a complete restoration to the original intent of the initial build. The shape the model in now is exactly as it was left in the 1980's by the owner, who is the original owner! The delivery truck showed up at the shop today, with the car in pretty bad shape.... we will need some equipment to get it out of the truck. Yesterday the engine showed up, and our mechanics looked things over and checked that all the parts and pieces are there. Like any car project, some things won't fit the application and some parts are missing, so we did an inventory and my purchasing guy got out there and threw a fit because there wasn't a bill of lading nor a receipt of the individual parts. It was not itemized, as it came in as ONE BIG component. This may have its advantages as it entered and exited customs much quicker and might I add, less duty to be paid which made our accountant happy. So we sent those two guys off into the office to sort things out and leave the real car work to the mechanics. It didn't take long to clean up the parts and get them prepared for the machine shop on Wednesday - and wait for the project car which arrived today, Thursday. So now back to the project car, while the guys were figuring how to get the car out of the truck without damaging it, they figure they have to sublet a rigger to help get it out. Boy oh boy, the accountant got wind of that and all the added expense and went ballistic! Whoa! Things really hit the fan when he called the BOSS MAN and lit things up! So the BOSS MAN shows up and ripped everyone up and down! It was crazy! Once things settled down a bit the BOSS MAN and the guys figured a way to get the car out of the truck and set out to inspect the project. Little did we know that the car is actually a TR7, not a TR8 by checking the VIN, but really that is only a hood issue and some minor changes which were gonna happen anyway, since it is a complete rebuild of everything on the car. So for today the boys called it quits and headed off to the local bar to conjure up a plan on what and how they are gonna attack their new project.
  22. Casey, I was referring to the Gunze Sangyo kit, which I have never seen. I have one each of the Monogram Tr7 and Tr8 already, very nice molds.
  23. I am the older guy that Luc is referring to as well. Plus I owned a GMT800 1999 Sierra and currently have a newer F150 4 door. I would love to build these trucks as I already have a few of my own cars in smaller scale. Trucks are cool, very popular and the options to customize and modify are endless for the builder and the manufcturers.
  24. Exactly Jordan. I am one of those middle age old age guys Luc references. I owned. 99 GMT800 Sierra and currently own a newer F150 and I am the guy wanting to build my vehicles. Including pickups. You can do so much with the stock kit it is endless!
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