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  1. JR, that is some nice bodywork on that Impala. Did you do that work yourself? Give us some details! And do you have a miniature version to share?
  2. Bell’s Hopslam is back!!!! And it will fly off of the shelves too.
  3. Nice set of rigs for your trucking company! Glad to see that you were able to get the loans to up the fleet, as I understand it is tough these days without proving yourself. And we can all see that you have proven yourself with these nice Super Bee builds. Tell me about your Polara/Monaco and 300.
  4. It’s good to see our hobby in front of so many people, where it has been absent recently.
  5. Used to be a search sticky how to that appears to have left the forum. I tried for 20 minutes searching for masking windows help, and had to go outside this great forum to find my solution. There was an easier way to search the forum via outside google but can't remember the way. Too bad the search is unusable here. sigh.
  6. Work fine on ice for me. did you put chains on all 4 wheels so at least you can stop?
  7. Don’t need chains. Just good dedicated winter tires. Snow is fun then.
  8. Wow, this subject matter is totally unexpected as the car really didn't do much in the WRC back in the day. I believe it was most successful in Belgium - for some weird reason I recall....and maybe GB too in the National championships. Maybe, MAYBE I can be hopeful for a Mazda 323GTX BFMR rally car to be kitted by Hasegawa. I really need one badly!
  9. Oh my. That last one Ace was awesome. Was waiting for the last installment, the Tesla.... Oh wait, I hear it now.
  10. A little progress today, primed and painted the engine with tan, which will get oily and grimy....interior started, movin on...
  11. I am at a loss for words, that is a beautiful build and inspirational for details. Can I steal some of your techniques?
  12. Scott, will you quit posting photos of trucks that you see out there in the real world. Sometimes it confuses me and think they are models.... 5 days? Really? I can't even make up my mind in 5 days.
  13. steveracer


    This is a great thread for people to showcase their clapped out junk! I am too chicken to try this, so I am gonna subscribe....
  14. Hope you can find the paint and finish this little gem up and display it!
  15. Catalogs are on their way to a new home via media mail.
  16. Bill, that is expected, but I don't want to go down that rabbit hole....What irked me today? Working with Cyanoacrylates my "typical rebranded bobs" glue tube tip I needed to get two pairs of LONG pliers on to get the cap off. Said cap was messed up as was the tip. Needless to say I got it over my fingers. Went to buy new tips at the woodworking store and put them on. The glue came out nicely, still leaked at the threaded sealed part and got it over my fingers. That seemed to seal up nicely after a few uses, come today, I use the glue again. Somehow still over my fingers. Worked through it. Sprayed the accelerator on my project, that worked great but got that all over my fingers too. Finally, I used the glue and accelerator one more time today. That went well. Till the accelerator threaded part came loose and spilled that stinky stuff all over my model area. Had to take a 10 minute time out to adjust my attitude back where it belongs.
  17. I had hot dogs yesterday. Egg salad sandwich for dinner too. Even drank a hamms beer last night. Going to Walmart later to get some fancy motor oil for the Audi. prime rib was a few weeks ago and with the new year rollin in I have had to cut back on my opulence. 😄
  18. Boy. Ain’t that the truth. I miss working. I mean real working with other people in the same place on meaningful projects. Really. This is getting real tough. ps. I think I have one Edmund Fitzgerald left….
  19. OK, so I got a bit of a start with this kit this week. I am in the midst of like 5 other projects, so this may take some time. First thing I did was find some good reference that I would like to model after. If it is ok to post these photos here, this is my inspiration. Somewhere between these dirty and workhorses and cleaned up workhorses.... Also, a bit of progress....had to tape the chassis down during gluing to ensure it was as straight as possible. All parts de burred and cleaned up as reasonable as possible.
  20. NEVER just throw one down one's throat! What a waste of taste! I like a good bourbon...Cheers!
  21. Justin, I don't know the person...at all. But I love the quality of the bodies on old JoHan kits and look for them as build subjects or parts....
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