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  1. No not yet. I am gonna look for one in the junk piles at the model swap meet and show this weekend here in SE Michigan. I only need the block and oil pan as I want to do a curbside (hood doesn't sit right on these). So I am looking for the short block+pan to insert or one to borrow to make a mold of....
  2. Any information on US availability and pricing on this kit? Available for Christmas?
  3. Awesome! First large kit to look forward to having in a Long Long time!!!!
  4. This kit was supposed to be re-released this year. Has anybody heard any news if this will happen?
  5. And a bit of sporty red in that trim. Although this may be a GS?
  6. First time I have seen a Tamiya kit at the Lobby. Not a car kit. But 40% off for an interested buyer. Maybe they can stock a few more Tamiya kits and migrate to cars…..
  7. These cars look so grand, and your model supports that grandness! Nice long flowing design, thanks for posting this. How did you chrome the Bonneville lettering on the rear flanks? After paint, sometimes those are hard to find! Oddly, I just started building mine last nite, an old Prestige version as well....
  8. I love it. Looks great for a reissue too! Beautiful presentation. Thank you for sharing. Built this as a kid way back when!
  9. Nice find and interesting read! Perhaps some new model builders in the near future will be enjoying the fun thanks to PM!
  10. See, I rarely stray from a basic kit build. When I was a teen, no problem, I would take ideas from Car Modeler and modify kits. I like these ideas and images above, this is what I am thinking!!!!! I need something a bit creative and goofy to get off my boring self.
  11. Well, now I have to think about this....what kind of kits do you like to build. As well, what subjects do you not care for?
  12. Thanks Jordan. I am not sure what I could trade for that kit!
  13. I am going to look for this at the upcoming MacComb swap meet and NNL in November. If someone here has a short block please bring it and make it prominent, I will have some cash in hand....LOL
  14. As I rummage through my parts boxes, and leftover junk from kits, I wondered if anyone has interest in or have done the following: Built and finished a kit from ONLY spare parts from the kits that have been built by you I think it could yield some interesting results. For me, it would be a subject that I would typically NOT even consider, such as a hot rod or goofball street custom mish mash. Would anyone be interested in a separate build "contest" or show and tell thread? Thoughts?
  15. Nice to see one of these built, and extra nice to see one so cleanly built straight out of the box! I love these cars, thank you for sharing.
  16. Pure old school goodness! Beautiful rendition of such a cool subject! Love it!
  17. Scott! Looks Awesome - and great to see another of these things built so clean. looks like you got the nose dive out of it and love the color. Very clean build. PS, back when this kit was new, I extended the chassis (I think I followed an article in Car Modeler?) and made a flatbed from Balsa. This reminds me of that conversion, and yours looks great. Maybe we can drag race ours and see who can do the best wheelstand!
  18. All the best with the build. I will be a vouyer watching from the sidelines. Looks like a ton of work ahead.
  19. Excellent build Ron! Welcome to the forum!
  20. Just got back from Houston with a full load of fuel. Man these old trucks are hard on the body, especially considering this is really a city truck. Could barely hit 50 mph flat out into a Texas grade headwind! thought I would post a few quickie shots before I syphon a bit of gas this morning for the family cars….
  21. oh boy! oh boy! I am taking my wife to the Local Hobby Store this morning! She saw a 57 Chevy kit online there, and wants to get it as her father had one like it back in the day! They also have some other "animal" kits and wants to get some Christmas presents for the nieces....I can't pass this up. Need some Tamiya paints anyway....
  22. To do it right, they have to fix the front fenders first....
  23. Beautiful model of one of my favorite cars when I was a child. Stunning! Perhaps we will see it at the MacComb show in a few weeks????
  24. Hey thanks fellas. I appreciate the feedback and all your appreciation. Today I have to run to the LHS and get some paint for the next kit that I want to paint before cold really settles in, then make a run to Texas and get the tanker, full of fuel and bring it back for a photo session. It will prolly get a little dirty and dusty, and won't have time to wash it so bear with me. This model is box stock except for a little plastic between the front springs and the I beam axle to raise the front end up, plus, I changed the front cab hinge point to be higher on the chassis as well to eliminate the droop in two areas. Unfortunately the thing is a little warped, and as I travel across Arizona and New Mexico to get the load of fuel, I am gonna have to keep two hands on the wheel! Hopefully I can get by chassis guy in Houston at AJ Foyt Racing to take a look at it and make the drive back a bit easier.... I gotta run, and will add more details when I get back from the road.....
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