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  1. Uber nice, foil work is outstanding.
  2. Man that's clean, and I like the wash you put on the grill, looks PE.
  3. I love it, Mexican hats and all. Ola chicka!
  4. Ooo...nice, very traditional, I dig it.
  5. Outstanding conversion, colors are period perfect, keepem coming.
  6. Nothing disappointing there, very cool.
  7. Your killing me, fist I see the Caddy and now this. Green is my favorite color. Wow!
  8. Oh yeah, that's what a Caddy is supposed to look like. Nailed it.
  9. Stunning, color is perfect.
  10. Come on, that shot of the engine is from a real car, this site is for model cars, really some people.
  11. Top drawer workmanship, congratulations on a work of art.
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