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  1. Outstanding, you've done a beautiful job on the BMF and attention to detail. One question, is there glass or clear plastic in the up top?
  2. Oh brother you couldn't have picked a better colour combination than the one's you picked. I'm a 65-66 Pontiac fanatic and your GP is at the top of my list. Thanks for posting, this really made my day, cheers.
  3. Well sir, I must say it was time well spent.
  4. You gave it a great period look, congrats.
  5. Oh my Ludwig that's a bingo!
  6. That's a terrific build.
  7. Like Tony the tiger says " there great!".
  8. Porsche should have offered that color from the factory. Killer job.
  9. Nice, can't beat black and red!
  10. Beautiful, both of them. In rare cases a model looks better than the real thing, this is one of those cases.
  11. Congratulations there all winners, especially that 39, geez!
  12. I say, jolly good job on that Jag-u-waar!
  13. Outstanding group, the Valiant and the Chevy ll Nova wagon are nuts!
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