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  1. Kah puts

    My 2020

    Fantastic, a treat to look at.
  2. Oh yeah, these are fantastic. Thanks for the good vibe.
  3. Your imagination paid off, looks good.
  4. It makes me smile, green is my favourite colour. Caddys are the Marilyn Monroe's of automobiles
  5. Kah puts

    1955 Chrysler 300

    You've brightened up my morning, how refreshing those colours look! Excellent photos to- boot.
  6. I had to put sunglasses on to check this baby out, your engine work is sic!
  7. Kah puts

    58 Buick

    I like the cut of it's jib, those colors remind me of a early 50's Chev custom. Your BMF is top drawer.
  8. Oh yeah, you nailed it.
  9. Indeed a stellar build. 1966 was Cadillac's best year ever production wize, so apparently a lot of buyers thought so too.
  10. In the weeds! Neat.
  11. Outstanding , that touch of makes all the difference .
  12. Killer job, and paint is neat-oh!
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