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  1. Nice score Howard. 👏
  2. A stylish and sanitary build.
  3. Terry that's a killer build, the green paint really gives it a period look and the WW's and those wheel covers are nize.
  4. The Stig would have a jolly good time in that,1/32nd scale wow.
  5. Looks better as a model than the real thing, excellent job.
  6. Spectacular, green is my favorite color 😍
  7. Under the circumstances I think they'll forgive you.
  8. I'm not trying to steal your post but I did build a GTO Shooting Break about 20 years ago, yours is much better.
  9. That's a show quality build. Bravo.
  10. Man that's a sweet ride, you've done a fantastic job replicating your own car. Don't put it away to soon I would put it somewhere so that I could see often.
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