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  1. Nice clean build, right on Anthony.
  2. Fantastic, that interior looks marvelous.
  3. Candy bar rapper! I can see myself putting on a few, real nice 26 year old.
  4. Awesome job on the trim, very cool.
  5. I like it, slant me.
  6. Looks like you had a great time putting this together, sure shows well. I hope we get more of these 1/32 hot rods, there cool.
  7. Take great satisfaction in your efforts for it turned out breathtaking.
  8. Hockey.....puck, tour de force of 50's cruisers.
  9. Uber nice, foil work is outstanding.
  10. Man that's clean, and I like the wash you put on the grill, looks PE.
  11. I love it, Mexican hats and all. Ola chicka!
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