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  1. sadly no mr color, but I found another chart, got most of the colors converted, only few left, but tamiya doesnt have them
  2. Anyone has a paint conversion table from Mr Hobby lacquer mr color series to Tamiya acrylic ones?
  3. what is venture number? do I need it when setting up my account?
  4. do you know any other websites like this? maybe some who sell paint
  5. I am more interested in jdm, german cars, but I will have to build few of old american cars, since their colours and engines look great
  6. I see that many on here are interested in old american classics
  7. Any model kits recommendations with opening hood and detailed engines?
  8. There is a pretty big desk in basement with 4 drawers on each side that I am going to use, I was thinking about making shelves, but dont want them to be collecting dust and pouring them on my working area and painted parts
  9. I will be starting my first model kit very soon, but first I need to clean up a spare room in my basement and make it cosy and suitable for working with model kits. Maybe anyone wants to share their own workbench setups? And give me some tips and ideas on what to do and what to make?
  10. That is very nice of you, i sent you a message
  11. thats a cool build, as this is my first build I dont have any parts hanging around, how much would you ask for tyres?
  12. I know, thats why I uploaded a picture of it
  13. uh I see, thank you for the tip! I thought that they might be too wide, although if it sticks out a bit it would give its own kind of look that should be decent i think. DO you know if those wheels come with tyres?
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