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  1. The 260/289 Cobra Roadsters and coupes were built off the early AC leaf spring chassis's. The 427 roadsters had updated frames and suspensions, built to withstand the increase in HP and torque of the 427's, which included coil sprung suspensions.
  2. The cobras were only "transverse" in the sense of which way the springs pointed. They were more like "1/4 Elliptic" springs. They WERE leaf springs, but were clamped in the middle, and they acted as the springs and the upper control arms, with corresponding "A" frames as the bottom links, and hydraulic dampeners, (shocks) The early IRS Corvettes were opposite of the that, in that the spring was on the bottom, with the control arms on the top, with shocks. The Corvettes had regular uneven control arms with coil springs and hydraulic dampeners up front
  3. might check here, too.. https://www.indycals.net/parts/indyparts/indyparts.html
  4. how did I miss this?? where can I find some info??
  5. yeah Rex, I thought I had it bad, but by the looks of things I'm just a rookie.. lol...
  6. Spectacular. I love seeing this level of scratch building. Very inspirational.
  7. Oh my... I can see that on my wish list.. they have a few cool things... wonder if their cosworth would fit in the Tamiya Lotus 7.....
  8. awesome build!! Sad to hear about Michael. Builds like this make me search out the unique kits and conversions/trans kits to build. Just something different and out of the ordinary..
  9. Help! Looking for the stock, flat hood from the later release of the Revell 64 Fairlane "Thunderbolt" Shoot me a pm if you have one??
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