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  1. Bubbletop Shelby Cobra

    That came out great!!
  2. Dry-lakes scratchbashed '29 Ford/Ardun: Rear Suspension, Jan. 12

    amazing, yet so simple. Thanks for the how to!
  3. 1948* Chevrolet Canopy Express

    now that right there is a fine example of redneck engineering. and I mean that as the highest compliment. have a need, find a solution. Hats off to you sir, well done!
  4. 57 T-Bird "BattleBird" "update 12-25-injectors"

    Thanks for the kind words! I wasn't sure I liked 'em until I got em on the motor and set in the chassis. Like I said, they ain't perfect, but they'll do. be cool if someone would tool em up for 3d printing. I think I'd use the revell motor though, it has a bit more detail..
  5. TRaK Autorama '49 Ford Coupe Street Rod - 12-26 - Done!

    yeah, those guys in the bay area seem to be in a league of their own. amazing how much talent in one room. you hold your own just fine...
  6. TRaK Autorama '57 Ford T-Bird Custom - Update 12-31 - Done!

    Thanks Bernard. Seems we both suffer from the same affliction: Can't build out of the box... But we can build outside the box..
  7. TRaK Autorama '57 Ford T-Bird Custom - Update 12-31 - Done!

    always loved the baby birds and this one is no exception. They really are a little challenging to build and get "right". You're nailing this one just fine. Beautiful!
  8. TRaK Autorama '49 Ford Coupe Street Rod - 12-26 - Done!

    really quite stunning. love the color, the rake, heck, I love it all!! That would be a fun cruiser!
  9. 57 T-Bird "BattleBird" "update 12-25-injectors"

    so, a little update on the injectors. I think the engine is as done as it's going to be. I think it gets the point across, even though it ain't perfect. a little paint touch-up, flare the injectors a bit and finish out the headers, and on to the rest of the bodywork. thanks for tagging along, and Happy Holidays!!
  10. 1968 RKE/JRT SCCA Trans Am Javelin

    yeah buddy. nice start. love the old trans am cars. back when race cars looked like their showroom counterpart.
  11. 50's Sports Racer, Lister Knobbly (Jag/Chev)

    looks like a fun build!! I like the old 50's and 60's cars like this. I always thought this period was the ultimate for hotrod-garage-built sports cars. before all the corporate money sneaked in..
  12. Lotus Seven Replica - diary of a build F I N I S H E D

    Just some of your techniques for making the individual parts. That's one of the great things about forums like this, you see what somebody else does, and it gives you ideas for your own projects. Mostly shaping the styrene pieces to make the parts you need. Lots of little pieces, added together, make one big piece. Like your rear fender, the hood pieces, the nose. Like I said, awesome job!
  13. Lotus Seven Replica - diary of a build F I N I S H E D

    Very cool. I wasn't sure where you were headed with this at first, but well worth watching. I learned a bit from your journey. Nicely done!
  14. AMT Sock-it-to-Me Corvette MSP: Lift bars & springs, Jan. 5

    Thanks Bill. I'm not sure which way I'm going with the tonneau and fairing yet on this build, but I do want to learn more about your 'glassing technique...
  15. AMT Sock-it-to-Me Corvette MSP: Lift bars & springs, Jan. 5

    Amazing work Bill. I am especially interested in your fiberglass techniques for scale thickness fidelity. I fear as I get closer to finishing my "BattleBird", I'm going to run into those challenges with the tonneau cover. At some point in the future I may have some questions?? Anyway, GREAT build and attention to detail.