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  1. Looking at the other thread, this body is quite a bit smaller than the Lindberg. Even though in my photo it looks longer than the gunze, they are pretty much exactly the same length. One thing for sure, it is NOT the Lindberg body. A quick trial fit shows me that it'll fit the AMT chassis with a few mods. Mostly just sheet metal and under hood stuff. I got lotsa styrene, printers plate, etc. After I get the BattleBird done, this will get moved quite a ways up in the line...
  2. So it seems we have another player. Paramount. (red car in pics) near as I can tell, late 60's issue, maybe early 70's. Comparing to the Gunze and the AMT, and to dimensions on wiki, and other places here on the board, this is dead on for 1/25, maybe a mm short in wheelbase. 3 mm narrower at the front door jamb than the Gunze, and 3 mm narrower at the widest point than the Gunze I don't know if it's the same casting as the Lindberg, it seems smaller compared to the other bodies here, and the pics of the Lindberg I have seen seem to show the Lindberg a bit larger than the Gunze. This model has glass and headlight buckets, but it had to miss something.. (that's just my luck) so it has no headlight covers. I'll dig in my stash, it looks like the custom styline headlight covers from the 57 t bird might fit, or at least be close.. This body will probably be the starting point for an early 1/25 CSX 2287, (pre spoiler). Lotsa scratchbuilding ahead... may even find somebody to cast it. Only problem is, I've only seen one, and this one wasn't cheap, although I paid far less that the seller on eBay was initially asking, I am reluctant to let it go to be cast.. we'll see..
  3. The more I look at that roadster, The more I like it... REALLY nice job...
  4. Buddy, It's a LONG road..... I have more done on mine, but it's a LONG road
  5. I am gonna have to live with my scratch built 2 car hauler...
  6. Nice Gary!! Is that the Bartoletti Hauler behind it?? Man, you guys are killing me...
  7. Very cool. If you look around youtube a bit, you can find comedian Jeff Dunham's restoration of one of these.. AND the Pinto that went with it.. No matter. Very nice job on a tough set of decals!!
  8. Great job, Ray. All the others are cool, too!!
  9. Nice job Ray. Always a fun kit. The hemi and the wheels and tires are great, and if you take your time, they build up nice, as you see here... Love the paint, too!!
  10. still stunning. I wish they would reissue these as a "2 n 1" with both engines in one kit. Both these engines would work great in Model T and A hot rods...
  11. Competition Resins offers two different Pinto Pro Stock Bodies, you might contact them to see if they would sell you a hood and scoop. http://www.compresins.com/site/751597/search/site?keys=pinto hood
  12. Thanks for the heads up, Rex! I could drop some money there. Trans Am, Dragon snake, Daytona coupes... WOW...
  13. Those are the black stripes for the Bud Moore team cars. (Folmer and P Jones) The Ford/Shelby Team cars were dark blue and used white stripes (Gurney and Revson) In fact, it's hard to find any 69 Boss 302 racers with black stripes.
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