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  1. great job!! nice vision and execution.. wheels and tires are very cool, any hints where they came from??
  2. or check with Modelhaus Tires.. modelhaustires
  3. Not sure what I'm looking for. I am new at the Big truck stuff. I find myself with a few of the Trailmobile truck boxes from the Ford short hauler and city delivery. Thought "Why not make a couple short trailers??" Question is, where do I find suspension and hitch? does anybody resin cast the parts, or maybe 3/d print them? Frame rails are easy, 1/4" to 1/2"" evergreen I beam. but the suspension not so easy.. Any Ideas?
  4. I drove a flatbed C800 (I think it was an 800, it was in the late 70's, and I've slept since then) It was a factory equipped propane powered 429 and quite honestly it was a bit of a slug in the hills around Northern California, and my brother in law had an early 60's 1/2 ton Ford with a 262 in it, and that was a slug going downhill with a tailwind. I cant imagine a 20,000 lb truck with one of those motors in it. I know gears help, but wow... Those 5 lugs are around, through Modelhaus Tires, and Scenes Unlimited. and I think Ken Kitchen even does a 262. Fireball does an awesome New Process granny 4 speed, also
  5. Thanks for the info!! and @Gramps46, I may be in touch for on of those tops..
  6. Great job on a fascinating subject. This was a big deal back then for all race fans, but for a 11 or 12 year old kid like me it was HUGE. I must have built 5 or 6 of these back then, plus my Dad was a Scout leader, and I think He did a pinewood derby car or two that was heavily influenced by them Awesome job. Might make me get the one I have left out. Those Indycal tires sure make a big difference, also!
  7. I've seen talk of one, but has anybody produced a nice, drop on, hard, up-top for the AMT 289 Cobra? Need a couple for projects, and my scratchbuilding just ain't doing it justice..
  8. Yeah, that's what i was afraid of. Oh well, maybe some one will step up and do some detail stuff. Lots of light and medium duty Fords could use it..
  9. I finally found some shots of the photo etch fret, does anybody still make or sell this??
  10. Dr Kerry and Gloozalot Both great traders! Great descriptions and timely shipping! Thanks Guys!
  11. How bout another old motorhome, (5th Wheel) https://www.motor1.com/news/347029/custom-1970s-ford-c900-rv/
  12. Funny, reading thru this thread 9 years after 1st post, how many of these things DO exist now. Moebius and their pickups, the Rev Bronco, The revell 1/25 Cuda. Modelhaus Tires are still around, other resin tires and conversion kits seem to pop up all the time. Several reissues, sometime with new or corrected parts. The 3D Printing industry is primed and starting to flourish. But I'm also reminded that if something shows up and lights yer match you better jump on it. We all got real used to Modelhaus being just a call away, never even dawned on anybody they might retire someday. A lot of these resin casters are, shall we say, in the twilight of their lives. Company's get bought and sold, never know how long something's gonna be available, (Revell Model A's???). Remember to patronize the cottage industry and your local shops, if you're lucky enough to have one. And if you want it, buy it when you see it!!..
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