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  1. Don't forget SnJ Model Products Spray Metal kits. They still pop up on the ebay once in a while. I have an aluminum kit, but I'm not convinced it's still any good.. They produce very convincing metal finishes https://www.amazon.com/SNJ-Model-Products-Bronze-Starter/dp/B06WGV3X4L
  2. um, YES!! now if we can get someone to photo-reduce the gauge faces.. Nice job as usual Bill.
  3. Nice save. I love the AMT early Mustangs. I will be checking out the 2+2..
  4. another happy customer. got the 1 ton front end parts, rear springs, and the 6 lug 1 ton dually wheels. GREAT quality, and prices. And spectacular delivery times. Now to find a Dana.. (and some tires) Although, the kit tires do slide right on those rims...
  5. I too am retired, (disabled) and I seem to have tons of time, but I also have modelers add. I have about 7 things all in various stages of assembly and disrepair. I learn a lot watching you all on this board. Lots of neat tips and tricks that seem so simple once you do em.. Keep gluing!!
  6. That's perfect, although I did have to dig out my calipers to change to inches. lol. looks like those will fit readily available tires. That's REAL helpful. Again, AWESOME stuff, Bill!
  7. Great stuff, Bill. I know where some money's going the first of the month.. Can you tell us what the O.D. of the wheels is. my truck wheels assortment is sorely lacking..
  8. Hey folks! I'm in need of glass for the 1/25 AMT 64-66 Mustang. Convertible, Hardtop, Fastback, doesn't matter which, as long as it has nice clean windshield. I have an old Ragtop I'm trying to restore and the front glass is monkey'd, hate to by a whole kit just for the glass. Drop me a note with terms, etc. Thanks in advance.
  9. nicely done! gave me some ideas!
  10. nice clean detailing! Great work!!
  11. yeah, I can see rookieresin.com is gonna get some of my money. Thanks Bill.
  12. Yeah, Please put me down for a 68 when they are ready..
  13. cool project. in the 70's, one of the drag kit car manufacturers, that specialized in "econo-altered" cars, created a cobra body for their altered frames so the cars could run in "heads-up" door slammer classes like Super/Gas, and I can't find ANY mention of them anywhere. they were a lot like the blue one you referenced above, driver seated left, lengthened wheelbase at the cowl to match the frame, and the cockpit was a little bit forward to clear the taller tires and suspension. I think it was "Brodie" race cars, but they don't seem to exist anymore. At the time I really wanted to build a real one. I think the bare frame and body was only around 10 grand. but alas, I was about 30 grand short.. haha. Great project, I'll be watching...
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