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  1. problem with that is, Revell did the Ed Roth "Rat Fink" cars, and Round 2 has this round of licensing. If we can get the decals, we can use them for any truck/trailer combo. Round 2 has a nice stand alone Rat Fink decal sheet out now, available at Round 2 or where ever Round 2 decals are sold. Some on ebay too.. Rat Fink Decals
  2. other thought is. a couple months after the kit is released, you'll be able to buy the decals from Round 2 to put on any trailer you want..
  3. Ooooh. one of those Dumas boats, and a spare 534, and some scratch built turbos.... hmmmm.
  4. Hey Gramps, Beautiful!! But I don't understand the Vac u form+bondo=finished body. How does one accomplish that??
  5. does anybody have a link to the purchase of this kit? I cannot find it anywhere on the above site, and I'm usually pretty good a tracking stuff down.. I too have modified a Sunny to more resemble a true 289 roadster.. like to have one of these kits..
  6. What a great build!! But knowing it began as a simple "?" AMT kit and seeing all the scratch building and planning it took takes it to another level! Fantastic!!
  7. I don't know. It seems if you wait long enough, a couple bidders will fight over it. Bidding is up to almost $350 right now, with less than a day to go...
  8. quite amazing, Bill. I too am enjoying it, but it is WAY to rich for my wallet.. Still fun to watch though... Thanks for the ride along...
  9. I can see the similarities. I too like the Cobra more, but those GTO's are pretty timeless....
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