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  1. AMT Shelby Cobra street freak

    Ooooh, I didn't see that at first. Nice. Now you got me thinking....
  2. Real "Period Correct" Speed Racer Mach V

    Very cool. I followed this as a WIP but it came out looking like it couldv'e come from the manufacturer like this. Great concept and execution. Looks like it could be competing with the Cobras, Scarabs, Ferrari's and Chaparral's of the day. Great job!
  3. Wanted :glass for Revell 57 Chevy Sedan

    Somehow I lost the entire clear tree from my Revell 57 Chevy sedan kit. If anyone can help? PM me Thanks Ralph
  4. 1957 T-bird Promo hubcaps and tires.

    if you don't find anything else, you can have these. nice and clean wheels and tires, great chrome and whitewalls, and they say Ford inside the recess..give me a PM if you want'em..
  5. 1967 Mercury Puma GT

    Awesome start. always liked the Ford/Mercury concept cars. This should've been a production car
  6. 57 T-Bird "BattleBird" "update 10-18"

    So, I build pretty slowly. I seem to be more interested in "little Victories", than the sum of the parts. The real car had a quick-change and dual shocks. The amt kit didn't come with spring plates or rear shocks, so I checked the Fireball Roberts 57 Ford to see how they did it. Come to find out there is an extra set of dual shocks and the corresponding spring plates in the kit. I picked up a nice q-c and grafted it in the rear axle, and added a cross member and voila! dual rear shocks and a quick change! I added the necassary drive shaft hoop.. I then decided to come up with a bit better way to mount the engine. A little bit of evergreen, and some more eyeball engineering came up with this; Now I can get onto the headers and finishing up the interior... Thanks for looking!
  7. 68 Mustang 2+0 Short Wheelbase - DONE!

    This is a great start to an interesting concept, and all of Hoffman's ideas also got me cooking up a little somethin'... now where did I leave that AWB 66 Must.....
  8. 33 WILLYS WOODY conversion

    Stunning!! Very believable. Great job!
  9. 1957 Thunderbird.

  10. 57 T-Bird "BattleBird" "update 10-18"

    So, when I started this thing, I told my self I wasn't gonna go nuts with minute details, I was just gonna build a model. well I'm still tryin to hold true to that, but if you're doing a "replica" you need to at least catch some high points. The pictures of the car from back in the 50's shows the doors were completely gutted, to the point of having semi jagged edges in the sheet metal. I tried to do that, but decided to go with just a door with the upholstery removed. Most of the interior details will be covered by the tonneau cover, so I'm not REAL concerned with the minutia, but I thought I'd try something new. (at least new to me) A couple shots of where I'm at on the interior.. not much is glued together yet, so there is still some gaps and such that will get filled..
  11. AMT Trophy Series Deuce 5 window Box Art Replica

    Wow, that's a really cool trophy, and an even cooler model!
  12. 57 T-Bird "BattleBird" "update 10-18"

    Hi Dave. Sacramento CA.
  13. 57 T-Bird "BattleBird" "update 10-18"

    at this point, scratching it. here's a couple pics of 'rough draft'. using 3/32" aluminum for the stacks. it looks better with the stacks on. I have a couple other thoughts too, and any suggestions welcome.. and I may use the engine out of the new Revell 57 Ford. On this I grafted the bell housing and trans from the old tool revell parts pack 427.
  14. 57 T-Bird "BattleBird" "update 10-18"

    Thanks for all the kind words. I have to say, it can get a little intimidating for a mere mortal as myself to post his work among all the stellar builds on this and other forums. But we all learn from each other, right?? I know I've learned a lot here. And it's given me the confidence to try new things. Thanks again. thought I'd show a couple more pics showing a bit better detail on what had to be done to get the 56 grille to fit in the 57. From the underside looking forward you can see where I lengthened the corners, (about 3/16") to match the height of the grille: next you can see how plastic much was removed to re-shape the nose. so far no filler, just liquid cement and styrene stock. the next shot showa what happens when you try to remove the bumperettes from the 57 grille assy Other nice thing about the 56 grille, is it actually has a lip that surrounds the recess in the sheet metal. Fits and looks a lot better. another shot to show the new bedding. Still a little filling to do, and I have to figure out the little spoilers on the ends under the headlights, but it's coming along. soon some shots of the engine mods, and suspension stuff.. found some springs to replace the block of plastic in the front end, and raised the spindle to lower the front end. plus a shot of the hilborn injection I'm trying to replicate..
  15. 57 T-Bird "BattleBird" "update 10-18"

    I haven't been around for a while. I've been lurking off and on, but haven't been building much. Recently I got the bug, and decided to attack a project I've been thinking about since I saw the Hot Rod article back in the early 90's. So I figured I'd show what I've done, and hopefully, where I'm going First thing that has to go, is the AMT 57 Grille/Bumper Assembly. That looks an awful lot like the grille in the AMT 56, so. I took a pretty clean 1st issue 57 and started sanding and grinding and filling until I came up with this. I cut the sheet metal out of the engine compartment, and started work on the frame from the 56. As others have mentioned, the AMT 56 seems to sit high on the frame, a little too much frame shows beneath the rocker panels. the next few photos show how much I had to shorten the underhood and interior sheetmetal to get the frame tucked up inside the body like I think it should be. I also opened up the area behind the fenderwells for the outside the frame header routing. I also moved the front perches for the rear springs from the interior plate to the frame to make it easier to buildup the frame as an assembly A little preview of the rear rolling stock, those neat old AMT slot car tires-Firestone "Gum-Dipped" 9.00-9.50-15's More soon...Comments and suggestions welcome! (Anybody have an extra flat 57 hood??)....