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  1. Thanks Rex. I meant no disrespect, it just gets frustrating. I got a list about a mile long of "frustrating"... I'll try calling him tomorrow..
  2. last place I saw the transkit was Modeler's Warehouse. https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/ I emailed Harold Bradford a month ago, got no response. Kind of a shame really, all I really want to do is give somebody some money, but I can't even get an email responded to.. I have a half dozen of those AMT kits, AND 3 of the Sunny kits.. all I need is a hardtop... or 2
  3. sure would like to find a hardtop for the AMT body. I've emailed a couple guys to no avail, even asked here before, Somebody has to have one they'd sell...
  4. great all around!! Liking them tanks! could use a couple for a project I got going..
  5. I just got a letter from him about some decals, was mailed 13 June. I too would like to know. @Exotics_Builder, any insight? Is Fred OK?
  6. I sure wish they'd re-issue the 70's Bronco "Wild Hoss". Can't help but think they'd sell a bunch, especially if they put em in retail assortments, or paired 'em with the old service trailer. Or an assortment kit with both trailers, and PLEASE find the ramps for the little trailer in the multi car sets, (Cobra, Piranha.) Maybe the Open Road Camper and or wedge hauler. Just thinking out loud..
  7. The decals came from the AMT 3 car set, with the Cobra, 1953 Ford pickup, and the tiltbed trailer..
  8. well that looks like it was fun!! Nice job Ray!
  9. Nicely done. I forgot how much I like that kit, you did a great job with it..
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