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  1. Geez Dave, your scratch building chops are second too none...... Thanks for the tutorial....
  2. Nice start JC... Greatly enjoy watching your builds. Just like one giant "How To" session...
  3. Nice job JC. Great tutorial on how to use those chassis with the 1st Gen AMT's...
  4. Hey Bud pretty sure I have you covered, I'll check this weekend..
  5. WAY cool... where did you get that intake? and you might try to raise the engine a bit. That would be a fun ride!!
  6. Looks GREAT!! it's one on my list... if you need some decals, check with camaro69 here on the forum...
  7. problem with that is, Revell did the Ed Roth "Rat Fink" cars, and Round 2 has this round of licensing. If we can get the decals, we can use them for any truck/trailer combo. Round 2 has a nice stand alone Rat Fink decal sheet out now, available at Round 2 or where ever Round 2 decals are sold. Some on ebay too.. Rat Fink Decals
  8. other thought is. a couple months after the kit is released, you'll be able to buy the decals from Round 2 to put on any trailer you want..
  9. Ooooh. one of those Dumas boats, and a spare 534, and some scratch built turbos.... hmmmm.
  10. Hey Gramps, Beautiful!! But I don't understand the Vac u form+bondo=finished body. How does one accomplish that??
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