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  1. Correction! I used powerslide decals and wheels, not wet works. Sorry to Mike’s.
  2. I swear that I did not consciously work on these cars at the same time. Once I realized my subconscious mistake I knew that I had to post them together. Anybody that remembers the 1988 season will know what I am talking about. Anyways here are some models. Both are box stock monogram kits. Earnhardt car has 2x apple red and silver with craft paint black and 2x clear. Wet works and kit decals. Rudd car is is Tamiya white, ironlak green and kit decals with slixx grill decals to replicate the road course car. Both kits gave me hood trouble for final fit and I will be looking at them later to see if I can fix them. Also I went back and touched up the grill on the Buick after looking at the pictures.
  3. So, here is my latest Days of Thunder fantasy build. Again if the movie had been life, would there have been an expansion into trucks? There was in my head. Revelogram kit with wet works (awesome) and kit (not awesome) decals. Craft paint with 2x clear. Built from the box except for wet works ultra wheels.
  4. Looks good to me as well. Earnhardt cars, like the man are always stubborn or at least that is my experience.
  5. I HATE IT, when I see how bad I am at decals compared to some of you. Looks like a fantastic job you have done.
  6. No heaps, just beautiful, beautiful race cars.
  7. Looks like you could climb in hit the switches and go racing, very nice work.
  8. Very nice and very interesting to make the actual camera car.
  9. That right there is a serious model and a very good looking one too.
  10. Wow. I am always impressed by the older car builds and how nice you guys make them.
  11. Very nice. Just finished a truck and used some of the these decals for that build and you are exactly right they are a nightmare. Especially the tires on mine. So I will say again, very nice.
  12. Nice job on those. I have the 84 season and this season of these cars sitting in the wish to complete pile.
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