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  1. Would love to see this finished. I'd really like a '72 Riviera boat tail kit in my collection. A friend showed me a 3d printed Riv' kit he got off of ebay, it was horrible, avoid that if you can. I'd gladly wait for a properly massaged '72 like this being cast, even if only a body. Very nice work Rico!
  2. Wow!! that looks amazing, nice work I only hope to do half as nice on mine
  3. Yes the owner Jeremy was away offline for serious health problems a couple of years he was almost completely immobile, and is still recovering as far as i know He spent all last year 2020 clearing up old orders, for anyone not refunded automatically from when he was first taken into hospital Now he has continued working on resin products again, but sells only through a retailer Modelbuilderswh.com or by direct email request contact clearlyscale@gmail.com Even though my original order was refunded, i wanted to repurchase, so contacted Jeremy on email, asking for that plus a Hellcat conversion set He very kindly asked me to wait a little while, so he could catch up his current work, didn't invoice me, then he emailed me back saying "your order and hellcat conversion set is ready" Here is link to my thread with photos, the quality is even better than my photos can show, they are perfectly smooth parts I really need to get back to work on this set, and will be getting a set of the wide fender flares he is working on producing He also is bringing back his VW Mk1 GTi stuff, including a lot of new related items, so I'm looking forward to those soon
  4. Not sure if I'm supposed to say, I've heard Jeremy of Clearly Scale is making or has made some upgrade parts for that AN Ram model kit.
  5. They stopped business years ago I believe, and somewhere, maybe was here? I read they shorted many on pending orders before closing. I had wanted to order one of their Ferrari 333SP models, but didn't for that reason.
  6. https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/search?q="clearly+scale" Randy sells the Clearly Scale engine sets, best quality resin products in my opinion. He may have, or be getting soon the LSX engine sets, and there's a LS V12 also.
  7. Wow! that is on another level of craftsmanship (which I'll never be LOL) Beautiful build!
  8. Nice looking products. He does his own design work and printing.
  9. Randy is a great guy, he always sends out orders right away A+ It's great to see Clearly Scale teamed up with Model Builders Warehouse.
  10. Randy at Model Builders Warehouse is excellent, and says they are working on building up the full selection of Clearly Scale products they make, plus a bunch of new products, to the modelbuilderswh.com web store. Jeremy is still very much recovering, but will never fully recover, he said in email to me, but has help from friends and family so has resumed the level of production best he can, working on clearing up any back orders from when he was hospitalized last. He says they are not planning to reopen Clearlyscale.com , but instead provide all products through Randy MBW. The only other place there are photos of more Clearly Scale products, is on their Facebook page, but can be viewed even if you aren't registered there. He is still taking email requests clearlyscale@gmail.com for stuff like Hellcat Challenger conversion sets. I'm looking forward to all the new stuff he's been working on!
  11. I've been looking at one of these kits, but will probably wait to see a build first. It is odd to be based on the wrong year of mustang, 65-66 instead of 67-68, there must be a reason to have done so?
  12. Wow, those are beautiful engine sets. I will have to really up my skills before being able to do one of those justice. Is the GT40 engine set designed for a specific model kit? https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/collections/engine-kits/products/gt40-engine-transaxle-1-24th-scale
  13. Wow, that is excellent news! I have been wanting one of these for a long time, but the prices i've seen being asked, have been crazy! About $40 is a bargain in my opinion, maybe i'll have to buy two!
  14. I have both a clearly scale hellcat engine set, and a couple of years ago had purchased an iceman hellcat engine set. They were both the same engine, only the clearly scale set is beautiful, the iceman copy was horrible, i ended up tossing it in the garbage. It was only much later i learned that iceman had been making recast copies of clearly scale engine sets, while he was still in hospital. The iceman recast parts were uncleaned and open mold castings, full of pin holes, no instructions, no decals, nothing. For this reason, of recasting another persons work without permission and for profit, my personal choice has been to not ever purchase from iceman again. The 3D printed engine sets sold by iceman are actually the work of Andy Chew in Australia, who does some very nice design work. Iceman doesn't do his own design work, only runs printers, and sells the items on ebay. I cant speak for the quality, but the photos shown don't look very good.
  15. Recently got my Clearly Scale Hellcat conversion set for Revell Challenger. I'm also very pleased with the quality. I know Jeremy had some serious health problems over the past few years, and apparently spent the last year, with some help now, clearing up back orders, myself included, from when his web store shut down. It's nice to see positive comments on his behalf. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his products coming out, and sounds like a lot of new stuff too, which I will be ordering through Randy.
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