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  1. Great job!! Dude must've been tired, fell asleep without eating his meal!!
  2. Super clean build!! Those rear wheels look great tucked up in there!
  3. Thanks Claude, great to be participating, instead of just watching from the stands!
  4. Thanks so much guys, I appreciate the support & encouragement! Keen to start on another one soon!
  5. Wow - mind blowing work!! Love that the exhaust tips echo the shape of the original taillights! And how awesome is it that you gave life to a concept you had nearly fifty years ago!! Great looking car, bravo!
  6. Posting this here as it's more of a wacky show rod than a serious drag machine, but please let me know if i should post under drag racers? This is my first completed build in about 30 years, after being invited to an online build off. The theme was FFAFF - 'Friends F***up A Forty Ford'! - so i cut one up & put it over the remnants of a 'Bad Medicine' kit. Engine is a mix of 'Tarantula' & 'Bad Medicine' parts, with 'parts by parks' ditributor, paint is dupli color rattle can. Cheers, CraigR
  7. Got invited to an FB build off, so finally completed a model, my first in 30 something years! Think i'm hooked again! I'm into hot rods, but as a kid my uncle's model truck collection held great fascination, so theres a few big rigs in the stash. Cheers, CraigR
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