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  1. Nice work on the Cuda I am starting this build & have a few questions. Where did you get the single 4 barrel manifold & the headers ? How about detail parts for the engine bay ? I ordered Gurney blue in a spray can from MCW & they told me it would be a custom mix & would cost more. I also see that Fireball is now making 1/25 scale minilites, so I picked up a couple of sets. Do you have the dimensions on the front spoiler ? Thanks, Mark
  2. I found some Marina Blue spray paint at Model Car World Finishes. Also ordered a can of Gurney Blue for my next Cuda Trans Am build.
  3. The Hobby Town in my are got rid of all their models car kits (except for a very small area of car kits) & replaced the car kits with a whole wall of gundum kits.
  4. Yea I have been trying to find a can of the Nassau Blue. but haven't had any luck yet. I could get a can mixed at an auto paint store, but I don't want to pay $30.00 & only use 1/4 of the can. Also been looking for Duplicoler with no luck either.
  5. Thanks Mike for the info you provided. As far as the Pattos decals for the #26 car, they are short of contingency decals, but I have plenty of other decal sheets to get them from. The one that I don't have is that quarter panel decal. Good to here there will be a 1/25decal set for the Gray Ghost because that is another one I want to do sometime. What would be really cool is to have the decal sheet for the #7 Fisher 69 firebird car.
  6. I'm looking for GM Marina blue rattle can spray paint or a close match to it. Any suggestions ?
  7. Thanks for the pic of the Fisher 69 firebird. I plan on doing that car using the AMT 69 firebird kit. Also thanks for the pic of the #26 Titus car. I have started building that one from the Revell 68 kit. I found decals for the # 26 from Patto's Place. They are on a sheet with the decals for the Titus 68/69 #13,#18 firebird. I bought most of my transam decals from Patto's The are very good IMHO. Do you think 3 amigo's will do the #26 car in 1/24 1/25 ?
  8. Does anyone make a dana 4 link for a 67 camaro. I am trying to build a replica of my brother in laws pro street 67 Camaro & it has a dana rear end with a 4 link & standard shocks (not air bag) with a tubbed rear end I'm using a resin cast pro street chassis.
  9. Yes you did an excellent job on this model. I was hoping to find a challenger like the revell aar cuda because it has the interior without the back seat. I'm not good at carving up an interior to remove the back seat & console. I tried it with the 1/24 scale 1970 pontiac trans am & it came out not looking very good.
  10. Monty Yes a member from New Zealand did a build awhile ago, but I'm pretty sure he used the 1/24 scale kit. I have the Revell AAR Cuda in 1/25 scale and the Revell Challenger in 1/24. I just don't like the size of the 1/24 as most of my models are 1/25. I'll check around for the Revell one based on the diecast Thanks.
  11. I have a couple of questions. Does any manufacture make a 1/25 (not 1/24) scale 1970 Dodge Challenger ? I want to build the Sam Posey car. Also what is the correct color green paint for the body ? Are there any model spray paints that are close ?
  12. Fireball modelworks for the hubcaps and tires.
  13. The real car I had was actually the Sprint version with the 4 barrel carb & all the hop up engine parts, but with a 3 speed turbo hydromatic transmission. It also had a fold down rear seat & a rear window defroster in the rear shelf. I bought it from a guy in Middleton Wisconsin that ordered it that way brand new. He was a long time SCCA member. I hit a deer at 55 mph a few years after I got it & replaced the grill. left front fender, radiator, & hood & had it repainted in it's original color. I paid $1800.00 for it drove it for 5 years & sold it for $1800.00. It is one of those & wish I would have kept it cars.
  14. A replica of my 69 Firebird that I owned from 1979 to 1984. AMT kit, Fireball tires & hubcaps,& limelight green automotive custom mix paint. Correct Illinois license plate.
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