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  1. Nice build. I found some NOS Stinger decals on ebay so of course I had to go out & buy the AMT Prestige kit. You are right about the kit & the build it had me going crazy at times. I somehow lost one of the headers, & that's all I need to complete. I'm gonna modify some parts box headers & then it will be done.
  2. So did they add to the chassis where that funky piece goes across by the exhaust pipes? You are right about it not being as raced. Pictures of the real car are hard to find. I was going to modify the rear wheel area for bigger tires, but decided just to go ahead & build it as is. I wish the Firestone tires were a bit wider in the back.
  3. I finished this up a couple days ago. A pretty easy build, but the hardest thing for me was the paint job. Using an old Kodak ezshare z 710 camera, so the colors are not quite right. It doesn't do blue very well.
  4. mark 23

    air cleaner

    Very nice, I hope to make some this week.
  5. mark 23

    air cleaner

    I'd like all 3 please. What do you want for them? They are exactly what I'm looking for.
  6. mark 23

    air cleaner

    The first pic you show is exactly what I'm looking for. I have a few of the duel spigot air cleaners like you show in the 2nd pic. I also have 2 of the nascar style air cleaners that I scrounged from some 1/24 die cast. After reading some of the posts on how to make the flexible ducts I'm gonna give it a try as well.
  7. mark 23

    air cleaner

    I'm looking for some air cleaners where the air intake is turned to match up with the firewall. Most I have seen come with chevy small block motors, but there are others too. I'm building some 1st generation Trans Am cars & a lot of them took the air in from the low pressure area in the hood cowling. I'm also trying to figure out what material to use for those air cleaners that face forward & connect to the front cowl with what looks like dryer vent material.
  8. Does anyone have one or more of these bodies for sale or trade, or does anyone else make this body??
  9. I'm working on building this car too. Still have a ways to go, but I hope it turns out as good as yours.
  10. Yes I see they are suspending selling of any castings until further notice.
  11. Yes I watched the ebay auction of the open door one, & it went for way more money than I can afford.
  12. Does anybody resin caster do the 67-68 mustang coupe body, or were any model kits ever produced of the 67-68 mustang coupe body ?
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