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  1. I have found that by moving Way back and Zooming in you will flatten the perspective angle and get a greater depth 0f focus giving a more realistic look to your image. However you do need much more light and/or a tripod or very steady hand.
  2. Splendid workmanship as always Mark. I can see a market for 3D printed radiator and oil cooler cores with full flow through capabilities coming in the future. Model On!
  3. Hay Roadkill, Great start and cool mods! Who doesn't like the Gulf livery. ? For me, wheels and tires are always a challenge in 1/8 scale, do you remember if these were from a RC source? Look forward to more wip. Thanks,
  4. An unfortunate reproduction. Definitely not up to Chris' standards. However it at least gives us modelers the opportunity to have one of the most beautiful LSR cars of that era.
  5. Surface tension spanned the gaps. I've used shrink tube to with great results.
  6. You mean they through you out for Bad Paint!? Man, I hate it when it does that.
  7. Cool! Wonderland has a nice site, and their listing for the 35 has a pic of the test sprus with parts.
  8. Question, after you wound the wire on the bolt did you apply the glue then or after removing the bolt, or use a release of some sort before working the bolt out? Still Amazed!
  9. One word of caution, ok, more than one word, the CA clue can fog aluminum and some clear parts depending on composition of the material.
  10. SM? are you using the guitar strings for brake lines? Spectacular work.
  11. What a tidy package, Love the alternator drive of the axle shaft!
  12. What a Gem!!! Thanks for sharing. 3D is the wave of the future, now if they could only do away with the supports. Maybe a project for the space station and zero G?
  13. Boy, takes one back.. I think the earliest was helping Dad build a 20 mule team borax wagon set that you could get with box tops. Helped Mom with a one of the Knight in armor kit. Don't remember which was my first model I built myself, probably the USS Olympia, in 6th grade. First car I remember was in 61 when I built an AMT 32 pickup which I chopped the top on using a hacksaw and gluing thread to the distributor for plug wires, inspire I expect by an article in Model Car Science. And all us boys of an age got Big Ts for Christmas the first year they were available. Alas all gone except the memories and magazines.
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