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  1. With the plethora of T kits out there there is a golden opportunity for a Ford assembly line diorama just crying out to be made.
  2. The 1905 Premier racer is on my bucket list, 1911 Marmon Wasp definitely, though it looks like indycals had a limited production run a couple of years back. Spirit of America Sonci 1 in 1/24th though it looks like there was a dicast version but very inaccurate. Barney Oldfield's Golden Submarine. For starters
  3. ICM appears to have some interesting 1/24th cars. The brass era guys will like the Paris cab Renault and the Benz Patent Wagon is pretty delicate in this scale but very exciting kit.
  4. I believe the line elevations are from MFH site. The company seems to be pretty fanatic about detail. Did you scratch build the H?
  5. Better late than never? When I was in search of a P&W turbine to stand alone with a curbside 67 Indy STP car I used the engine form the 68 Lotus, cast the bottom half and with a little 'slice and dice' action was able to get rid of that ugly motor mount.
  6. Quick update... I did an annealing test on a section of guitar string and found it quite flexible afterward. Heat the metal to a light orange color and cool it slowly and it will have the flexibility of copper wire. If you don't cool it slowly it gets very brittle. Spring steel does that if it cools rapidly. These are pretty tight bends so the coils open up if you're not careful.
  7. That sounds like a daunting task, and not just with the models from what I've seen of your 1:1 shop in the background. At least the models are light weight unlike the acres of books in the old research library. All the best on the move too may it go smoothly and a joyous setup in the new place. John!
  8. WOW! Engines Engines Engines... and an amazing shop! Just like the bosses to be standing around with their hands in their pockets. I am in Awe of the heavy machining equipment. Great work with MDF and balsa. Maybe I missed it but you have an English wheel but I didn't see a sheet metal box break, or tube bender for your headers. I've moved a few shops and it is always nostalgic when the old ones are empty and we reflect on all the great work that went out the door. Thanks for a very entertaining morning! BJ
  9. That is totally out there! My other favorite was this V8 version from an old R&T P.S. page. They said it was a Maserati engine in keeping with the Citron norm.
  10. And the Roadster has a full frame and tanks. Great jumping off point for a body off project.
  11. There are still a quite a few of the Lotus turbine kits for sale on thee bay. Granted they aren't cheep but run between $20 > $45. What would a new issue run you these days?
  12. No, sad to say this is going to be a 'curbside' version no engine bays no cockpit. However an engine on frame mock up stand could be done. I was planning a plenum box arrangement built into the frame rail to feed the carbs. The engine is already drawn in 1/24 just need to do the projections... Oh, and build the thing. At one time I was thinking 1/8 which would come out 7.7" long 4" tall, the 1/24 is only 2.56 x 1.44.
  13. Thank you Matt for your beautiful work. One of the most beautiful designs in auto history an one I always look forward to at the historic races. Who's wheels did you use?
  14. I was able to get hold of the AMT triple kit with Lotus, Watson, and McClaren. They unfortunately chose to include 2 part plastic tires that are a travesty to Firestone. As I recall the original vinyl weren't much better.
  15. Fantastic job Andrew, It has been a delight and learning experience following this build. Did you do one for the Lotus 11 shown in the last shot? It was always an privilege to get to see Sterling Moss driving his old C types and GP cars at the Laguna Seca Historics over the past 20 yr. that I've attended.
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