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  1. You maquette me laugh...Harryhausen Lives!
  2. Would Jurassic park been better with hand painted dinosaurs? The same "is it art" controversy that has raged for eons. New tools new styles. Are 3D printed models less viable than hand mastered or mass produced kits?
  3. some days are just like that an you got to know when to fold them and walk away. Very Nice job all the same Pat. The injected Ardun V12 would definitely make it jump.
  4. the first couple of time around I missed the mini key chain on the silver bike! Great fotki build pics too. Thanks agin, did you do the 3D work too?
  5. Thank you for the lead on Renaissance models, a vendor I had not heard of. It appears that the have wheels for the 35 and 51 but included in the 51 wheels are the detachable rims as on the 35 wheels. these would be a good source for wheels to re=work the Bburago type 55 to something more acceptable. After checking my Conway "Grand Prix Bugatti" and Haynes owners' manual it appears the the 35 did have larger breaks in late versions. I expect that, even as today's teams, upgrades were pretty much on going. Viva Le Mark
  6. That's OK, some of us have been fanatics for a long long time. An appreciation of the make is all that 's necessary. Us old guys would say something like... I am surprised that the Targa Florio car shown has the larger breaks than the early 35s!
  7. Ralph Nader would ha quashed it.
  8. The old Monogram kits come up on thE bay often. prices vary. Wheels are really type 51.
  9. Then there is the best of both worlds! After years of burning 18-20 rolls of 36 shot 35mm only to get 4 or 5 good shots, scanning them for cropping and final touch up, I welcome the digital photography. Hand art vs. digital art is like is like apples and plumbs. Each has it's place in the art world just a different tool to an end. Picasso/Pissarro
  10. To my eye the MFH kit tires look bulky for the 35's and detract from the overall look. From what I've seen of the Italeri 1/12 Alfa and Jason's Fiat kits they get the ratios spot on. Cant wait for the release and the press photos.
  11. Thanks for the feedback Mike. Yes, some of the old decals can just fall apart after the years. Perhaps a foam brush applicator will give a thinner coat. I was wondering if the future would smear home printed decal sheets. Thanks again!
  12. It was a thrill to see your bikes at NNL this year Curtis. Great work on the details and finish!
  13. Hello Sera, Thanks for another wonderful How-To video of another great LSR car. YES, let us not forget or bury history. Looking forward to your SSC build.
  14. Great build and finish work Terry! Chris was "The Man" Have several of his kits and treasure them even though unmade. the midget unfortunately isn't one of them. Back in the day... 60s there was an article in Rod & Custom Models that had a how to chop down the Monogram midget kit to make a 1/24 (or was it 1/25) car. I want to say the Monogram kit was out of scale.
  15. Curious.. Has anyone tried using the future to seal home printed decals instead of Krylon spray clear?
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