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  1. A Masters Class on how to make the humble fire extinguisher. Just got here, must go back and see the rest. Thanks!
  2. A couple of ref pics for you Pat. The Hauler is looking sweet too!
  3. Those crazy Italians just make them that way to increase the low end torque.
  4. Nice work on the interior, you've even got a CB radio for road reports. The winch is coming along well too. The toothbrush handle / gearbox is pretty trick too. Yeah, the historic races is always a treat.
  5. Thanks for the heads up; on the Parafilm. I saw it available for plant grafting in the garden center so wasn't sure of use. Has anyone had luck using aribrush frisket film? Thanks again for everyone's input.
  6. Great progress, whit walls are a very clean look. here is a shot of a bit different COE carrier I saw at the historic races. Sorry to say I didn't think to get more reference pics. End of a long day and headed back to the car.
  7. Back in the days of our youth, talking 50s 60s here, ocasionally you would see some hot cars on TV like the Munsters coach or Rock stars cars by Barris. In our spare time, if you were into cars, and who wasn't, you would go the the grocery store an pour over the latest Rod and Custom, Hot Rod, and Carcraft magazines where you would see the latest Roth customs and other wild rods at the car shows. At the same time you had the big 3, or 4 or 5, model companies providing kits that you help inspire you to build some of the hot show cars and provide you with the parts to create your own Radical Rod. Today's rods are mostly slick custom Boyd type machines that would be hard for most novice builders to even attempt form an old reissue 32 roadster of 60s stock/modified car kit. And yes, the digital age of constant gaming input definitely lacks inspiration for the automotive imagination. We faithful still march on! And Model On!
  8. hey Big O, The Parafilm looks interesting, flexible and quite thin. Have you done any masking using it alone? I am looking for a ultra thin (to minimize edge buildup) masking material that has low to medium tack. Thanks for the info.
  9. If it's got a motor it needs to be in there! Nice little chain saw. Your framer has the workingman's tan all right.
  10. Thank you Guys! I really must get back on the horse and make some commitments to window treatment and color.
  11. Yes here are some problems but what a Wonderful concept! Gullwing Study! Beautiful paint job too.
  12. Sweet Machine Joe! I'd go with the 427 SOHC too you certainly have enough room under the hood, maybe with duel turbos. I once stuffed a Potvin blown 427 into a Opal GT with wicked results. Look forward to seeing whatever you do!
  13. Cool, I've always had a thing for the Cadillac "Flower Car" hearses, kind of the ultimate "El Camino". You can still find them for sale out there.
  14. Thanks Pat, surprisingly the v12 was only 267ci stock. I 'd be willing to bet that Kohler had it opened up.
  15. Let us know the figures on that Ardun after you've run her through her paces.
  16. Nice Work... Sweet little Awl! Have you considered making a quick mold and casting the right side rocker? The unequal arms were for Indy. Meticulous work. Son and I did airplanes and he and I are passing the torch to his son.
  17. My thought is "what ever work is good" ball point pen caps, rocket nose cones, blister packs. I like your use of wheel covers, turbo mags etc. make great jet engine parts. I can see where the Gundam kits would offer lots of bits and pieces to work with. I really like the Maschinen Krieger kits, much too pricey for kit bashing but a great reference source for detail like you have. I rememer going to a show of Star Wars models and seeing a large section of a Star Destroyer side trench. It was made up of all kinds of bits and pieces including a Peterbuilt truck cab, battle ship turrets and superstructure, doll furniture, etc. In the movie it all went by so quickly you never noticed except that it was texture that gave it interest. Thanks again for sharing your process.
  18. Fett's Vet! Thanks for the WIP shots, it looks like most of your work is from scratch do you also kit bash Trasformer and Robo warrior kits for details too? Thanks again!
  19. It Was an interesting race with most all the fun happening in the last 2 laps! Go Vet! Anyway, Didn't know that such a thing as waterslide rivets existed! Thanks for the lead. Looking trick!
  20. Mad Mike has the scale wiring down pat on his 1/8 Indy Ford. That is one of the nice things about large scale is the availability of materials that can be used to approximate the 1:1 parts. Mad mike has the wiring down on his 1/8 Indy Ford. I like to use 24 gauge electric wire that comes in many colors. Solid rather than braided seems to be more manageable and hold if's shape. The injected engine uses 24 ga. The blown engine I believe are 22 ga. because I wanted a high performance silicon look, but I think they are a tad too big. Of course these are apples to oranges compared to a small block Chevy in your T.
  21. Early on I did work one up in CAD, could be printed but the skin is only 1/8 in 1:1
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