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  1. Thank you guys for your encouraging comments. Thank you Stephen, we are safe from the fires but unfortunately huge forest areas especially in southwestern part of Turkey have been totally destroyed. I hope the nature will heal itself soon...
  2. Very nice model, clean and neatly executed. The color is really attractive. Execution of chome parts is really well. I have one comment on the model, in fact a general comment which applies for many models in this forum: why do this truck have shiny black tires? I have never seen a vehicle, even a brand new one, with such shiny black tires. Nothing is pure black in natüre, let alone vehichle tires. They are like antrasite black at best but mostly a darker shade of grey with some level of wear and tear depending on the subject. I see that this is a general issue in most models in this forum. Maybe this is a tradition in an american scale modeling community, I dont know, I am not living in US. But I dont think that the vehicles in US have such shiny black tires, that is not realistic. I see some amazingly realistic and nice car, truck, van models in this forum but these unrealistic tires really take all the realism away for me.
  3. This Russian Project kit seems interesting, with the interesting tank on it. I have never worked on vacuform kits but I would say Zvezda kit should be a nice candidate for such a conversion, as the kit is amazing in terms of detail and fit.
  4. Thank you for your nice comments guys. These russian trucks are really ugly but at the same time it has a wierd beauty in it:) I dont know about trumpeter kit but zvezda kit is really top notch. It has a fit as good as tamiya. I did not use any putty during construction. The engineering is also very nice, maybe a little over-engineered in some parts but all in all, it is very enjoyable great kit. Highly recommended...
  5. Hello guys, this is actually a military truck from Zvezda and after seeing some civil versions, I decided to make a civil version with some barrels and lumber on it. Thank you for all comments and critics... regards, salih
  6. Great model and photography, very well executed. The paint job is very nice, very clean, overpaints. Attention to detail is great...
  7. Amazing model, very realistic, especially the chrome parts are very well executed...
  8. Cok tesekkuler Abi:) I live in Istanbul but my family lives in Izmir and I have lived there until college days. Were you in Izmir in the US military base?
  9. I have not seen the actual car either but saw some photos on the net. It is really a small car, probably slightly bigger than a motorcycle:) In fact they have used a chain for the transmission instead of a shaft:)
  10. It is very realistic, very good model. Simply amazing...
  11. Thank your all for your encouraging words, I am glad that you liked the model. Pete, the kit is nice but the plastic is too thick. You may want sand down some of the parts that show it but that is not applicable for the windscreed. Inserting the body to the chasis was quite difficult, you have to really spread the sides of the body and hope to not break the plastic (I learned it the hard way). Gluing the dashboard to the body also requires a nice strong glue. Once you gloss the body, you will not be able to use Tamiya green cap. I used gators grip but it requires a lot of time to cure. The front grill's shape (curvature, in fact) does not fit the body as you would expect from a Tamiya kit, you may need to slightly bend it under some heat but decide it yourself:) As for the photo uploads, I had no idea about the forum's ability to store the images. I was thinking that 3rd party image upload sites take care of all the store issues. I will keep that in mind. salih
  12. Hello all, I have recently finished Tamiya's Honda S600. It is a tiny car, probably 2/3rd of a normal size car. The fit of the kit is ok, probably a little more problematic than recent Tamiya standards. Chromed everything with Alclad. Used tamiya spray white mixed with some tamiya acrylic earth to get a classic car color from 60's. Used automotive gloss as the top coat and applied alclad for the trims over it. Thanks for your comments... salih
  13. Great model, very clean and neat. Paintjob is really top notch. I dont know why it did not get lots of critics but compared some unrealistic car models in the forum, your work really deserves much more appreciation...
  14. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words...
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