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  1. They've gone up for sure, I've just paid $20 for the 1k clear at AutoZone. Up from $16 about 3 weeks ago...
  2. Yes $29.99 is correct, I paid that as my hobby lobby is not nearby...
  3. Found the AMT 71 Mach One Yellow at hobby lobby today. Bought it at no discount full price as I won't be going there for a while with higher gas prices....
  4. Mr hobby is lacquer and is great to use. My airbrush is used mostly for aircraft. For model cars I use duplicolor spray cans for primer, paint and 1k clear (Wet sand if needed but usually great results just from spray can ). Also sometimes tamiya spray paint for car bodies and rustoleum flat black for chassis. Though primer isnt required I do use duplicolor primer gray and white colors of depending color choice. Of course gray for dark colors, white for light colors to really pop. Try using duplicolor spray can primer, paint and 1k clear you will have great results.
  5. MikeC, You have several flat black options: you can use restoleum small brush can/spray can which I've used since the 1970s on models. Available at walmart or home stores. My favorite flat black is Mr hobby flat black which is lacquer paint but is harder to find but available in hobby shops or online. Or you can use any black paint (or craft paint at your hobby lobby) and use testors clear dullcoat, krylon clear Matt finish or even a flat varnish topcoat for desired flat black finish. I use all 3 three at times. Just a few suggestions...
  6. I like that ventura, that was my very first car model I built in 1977.
  7. I agree with you, we can only hope for more of these old birds to return with new life.
  8. 1/8 scale trans am - I'm in for sure! Also hoping for 1/20 scale - pace car trans am, z/28 and corvette...
  9. Got these today from Spain. Rangoon Red is for 64 Galaxie. Not sure what other paints are for yet, but, I'll use them on something. Never used Gravity paints so hopefully it will be a positive endeavor.
  10. I use Mr White Surfacer. I painted an Amt Cougar - yellow - that was molded in reddish orange. The surfacer worked great, just wear respirator as it's super strong smelling. Mr Surfacer paints have a high pigment that covers quickly.
  11. Hoping for 64 Galaxie modified stocker race car...
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