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  1. Found the answer. There is a recess for the exhaust
  2. Hi, need help. For my next project I need information about a cab lenght (BBC). It's not a 63 (to short) and not a 73 (to long) BBC. Basic Truck is the Kenworth K123 from AMT. Pictures from the Cop Series "Chips". Thanks for any information Marco Brock
  3. 173/5000 My tag axle Ford with Nelson hood conversion is not quite advanced, so I started to build an IHC V190 dump truck. I hope the beginning you like 173/5000 My tag axle Ford with Nelson hood conversion is not quite advanced, so I started to build an IHC V190 dump truck. I hope the beginning you like
  4. Hello, have a short question. Is my Lift Axle correctly assembled? If not, can someone make a sketch of it? Do the airbags have to be installed in direction of the cab? It is for my Ford LT Dumptruck with Nelson Truck hood conversion. Thank you
  5. Thank's for your answer highway. I have a rough idea of it. I have also found the many pictures on the internet via lift axles but the axles are usually installed differently. Sometimes under the airbags sometimes in the middle. The most important thing would be to help me with a sketch of my components in the right position. Could you make a sketch for me? Thank you again
  6. Hello, I'm from Germany and I have a question. I am currently designing 2 nelson truck hood conversions for ford ln and lt models. Now I would like to install a steerable lift axle. I do not know how this is assembled and how the installation should look. Who can help me
  7. Good Morning Vince, yes I'am doing this because the resin body was not accurate. The cab of my truck now is accurate, but it was many work. On saturday I go to a big model exhibition. I inquire there Resin for molding. Maybe it works molding my cab?
  8. Hey Vince, The Frontier Kit was my starting bases. But now it looks like very different. In Moment I`am working at the radiator grille. More pics the next days.
  9. Hey, the Truck have a complete restyled frontier resin design cab
  10. Hi, I`am from Germany. In Moment I worked on a GMC B-Series from the sixties. Look here:
  11. HI, my Name is Marco and I`am a Truck-Modeller from Germany. I bought a lot of the cabs from Frontier Resin Design. I like these Trucks very much. They have not ever the right measures but I`am a long year Modeller and so it is for me no proplem to give them te right measures. I don`t know about any other company that produce for example a FWD Cab or a DODGE Coe. So I´am very happy to enlarge my collection with these exotics. I hope the company will build many more rare Trucks like Sicard, Peninsula or Scot. Many Friends from me, members in great Modell-Truck-Clubs in Germany and Netherland get enthusiastic with the nice Trucks from FRONTIER RESIN DESIGN!!!
  12. Hy, how much for the CCC ? Will you send to Germany? With best regards M. Brock
  13. Hallo, look at eBay Item number: 140276676276. There is a rare Cook Bros. Truck. Look at the other Items from this Seller too. SICARD
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