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  1. I appreciate the replies, I realize im kinda splitting hairs here, i think im just going to put like 2 coats of alclad aqua gloss on it and it will be close enouph most likely. but your previous reply will give me something to think about when doing other cars.
  2. Im building a model dodge charger and mixed flat red and gloss orange from tamiya to get that reddish orange color of old charger engines and the finish came out pretty flat. From pictures on the internet these engine paints on the engine block (not only on chargers) seem to have most of the time a glossy finish to them. I was thinking of just buying tamiya gloss and shooting a couple coats of it through my airbrush to make the engine block more glossy. would this be a good way to go or is there a better way?
  3. Thanks for the reply mike and yes thats very true about getting the exact colors right, I have some tamiya paints such as flat aluminum, chrome silver, and one other I forget the name of which i just bought out of pure looks to use for some of these parts. They look good enouph but I could most likely do better. And also most of the parts on the underside of the car in real life are most of the time painted a flat black or gloss black or like a dark grey after I looked at some reference photos. There are so many companies that make metal paint for models and so many different variants of metal color that someone like me who just started it gets a bit confusing as to which ones to use but in all honesty its seems like the best bet is to just pick whatever looks closest and just go with it.
  4. Many of the parts for the chassis say to be painted "steel" and I wanted to know what others are using for this "steel" color (paint color/company). Also any techniques used to weather these parts and make them look more used would also be appreciated. Thanks 👍
  5. Thanks thats a great idea, ill give that a shot. Also could you tell me what you did to the transmission to give it that dirty look, ive been looking for a way to dirty up the engine and make it look more used.
  6. I finished painting the engine on one of my kits and wanted to know what I should spray the parts of the model with in order to protect the paint. Also would I want to spray this for example before applying weathering pigments or washes or after? Thanks
  7. Im looking for a tool to add depth to the roof and side scoops and also cut out the two sections of the hood. Any suggestions ?
  8. Would it be ok to airbrush vallejo model paints onto pieces primed with Tamiya liquid primer ? Ive heard people say to stick with the same brand for the most part when painting models (same brand paint and primer) but could I ignore that in this situation ?
  9. I realize plastic cement is meant to bond plastic on plastic so how should you glue together parts that are already painted? Ive heard people say to just scrap the paint off on areas to be bonded which im not completely opposed to but are their any other ways which are better ?
  10. Heres the complete engine assembly directions for a 1967 Shelby gt350
  11. Im building my first model car and wanted to know how you should go about painting the engine of the model. Personally, I was going to first prime all the pieces and then paint them with an airbrush before using glue (Tamiya plastic cement) to attach any of the pieces. So to clarify have zero assembly of the engine done until all the pieces are primed and painted so If pieces of the engine are different colors I wouldnt have to mask anything. Is this the right way to go ? Also would plastic cement not work as well on two pieces of plastic if they already have paint on them ?
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