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  1. Hello, I'm new to this forum, but thought of showing off my latest model. It is the first in over 40 years. I got a kit as a Christmas present in 1977. A -65 Corvette Sting Ray in 1/8 scale, by Monogram. However, I thought it was so bad in the detail that it was never built. But 2019 I got to myself that maybe anyway. So I googled and found that some had built it with added details that got me inspired. So about 1500 working hours later it was finished. Those who built the kit can see that a lot of additions and modifications have been made; the entire chassis, openable doors and detailed interior, etc. I have made a complete documentation of the project in progress. 65 pages of text and images that can be obtained for free as a pdf file from me upon request by email to: larsinger@telia.com
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