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  1. Nice build! Not to nitpick, but that's a 39 Chevy, not a 38. Flames are awesome!
  2. I hated that Foose version and never built the kit, but dang, you did a great job making a silk purse out of a Sow's ear!
  3. Can you help me with what colors to paint this car? Is it orange or red? What did you use for the colors?
  4. The duvall windshield makes this a great kit to build a Doane Spencer Roadster, to park next to my McGee on the shelf.
  5. Really nice builds! I have a drag city 5w and 3w and this makes me want to build them!
  6. I got my decals off of eBay I believe... I thought they were fine, but I wasn't trying to be super detailed in my model. As you can see it lacks many details, but I just wanted a pretty shelf model.
  7. Here's a few I've built over the last 15 years. The first 3 are 1/8th, the last one I built recently as a model of the famous McGee Roadster. It's not an exact replica but close.
  8. Man, I'd love to see a 54-56 Cadillac in 1/25 scale. I've never built anything in 1/32.
  9. That's one killer 57. Stance is perfect. And the story makes it better!
  10. The top you're trying to replicate is a stock 32 top with extra material on the sides. As has been mentioned, a Monogram 32 Roadster will get you started, then add some plastic to the sides to create the new shape of the side opening. I'm pretty sure I have one of these tops in my stash if you want it.
  11. Those 5 spokes look really good with the bias ply Firestones. My buddy built a 1:1 roadster with that same wheel/tire combo.
  12. Looking good, the Z looks perfect as does the X members. Where did you get the Ardun parts?
  13. This is my favorite kit of all time. I have built several over the years. I've still got two of my builds in the collection, so here's some inspiration for ya!
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