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  1. Nice build! Not to nitpick, but that's a 39 Chevy, not a 38. Flames are awesome!
  2. I hated that Foose version and never built the kit, but dang, you did a great job making a silk purse out of a Sow's ear!
  3. Can you help me with what colors to paint this car? Is it orange or red? What did you use for the colors?
  4. The duvall windshield makes this a great kit to build a Doane Spencer Roadster, to park next to my McGee on the shelf.
  5. Really nice builds! I have a drag city 5w and 3w and this makes me want to build them!
  6. I got my decals off of eBay I believe... I thought they were fine, but I wasn't trying to be super detailed in my model. As you can see it lacks many details, but I just wanted a pretty shelf model.
  7. Here's a few I've built over the last 15 years. The first 3 are 1/8th, the last one I built recently as a model of the famous McGee Roadster. It's not an exact replica but close.
  8. Man, I'd love to see a 54-56 Cadillac in 1/25 scale. I've never built anything in 1/32.
  9. That's one killer 57. Stance is perfect. And the story makes it better!
  10. The top you're trying to replicate is a stock 32 top with extra material on the sides. As has been mentioned, a Monogram 32 Roadster will get you started, then add some plastic to the sides to create the new shape of the side opening. I'm pretty sure I have one of these tops in my stash if you want it.
  11. Those 5 spokes look really good with the bias ply Firestones. My buddy built a 1:1 roadster with that same wheel/tire combo.
  12. Looking good, the Z looks perfect as does the X members. Where did you get the Ardun parts?
  13. This is my favorite kit of all time. I have built several over the years. I've still got two of my builds in the collection, so here's some inspiration for ya!
  14. Wow! That thing is killer!
  15. Really looks good, the whole look, and the flames really capture the "Ohio Look" as I've heard it called.
  16. That’s pretty dang cool! Now build a replica of “The Homer”. Remember that one?
  17. Our house burst a pipe in the attic during the great freeze of 2021 in Texas. It dropped the ceiling in the living room and flooded the house. We had to move out for 7 months and live with my in-laws. So, to keep from killing anyone I built a lot of models! 32 Sedan, 32 Bob McGee Roadster, 57 black widow, Rutherford 63 Chevy, Johnson 63 Chevy, Fireball Roberts 62 Pontiac
  18. Can you post a picture of straight on the front so I can see what the headlight bar looks like?
  19. I haven't built a Model A in over 20 years.... I may be inspired to build another! Nice builds fellas!
  20. That motor detail is outstanding!
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