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  1. Thanks guys! I really like how the Fordor turned out.
  2. I just got here, so I'm a little late. Seriously, before 2020 it had been a good 3-4 years before I'd worked on anything... but so much time at home got me building again. It was a nice mix of box stock builds and all-out builds. (as I call them). The 32 sedan and Chevy gasser were the all out builds, the Black Widow and the Eliminator coupe were the easy, relaxing box stock builds. I tend to alternate so I don't get burned out. My eyes are tired so I've got a 1/12 67 Corvette on deck that will be a box stock build.
  3. Very nice. I also have one of these I picked up cheap that wasn't broken. My grandfather had several 41 Cadillacs, at least one 60 special and the last one he had was a series 62 coupe. He always carried a couple 50 pound bags of sand in the trunks to lower the rears of them... in combo with their already wore out original springs, they sat pretty low. I tell that story because I was thinking of lowering mine a bit, to resemble the 41 Cads he had.
  4. Really cool! I’ll be following along!
  5. Proportions are really important to me. I grew up around Hot Rods and and Customs so I know what a Mercury, even a custom one should look like. Revell really missed the boat on this offering. The AMT kit is much more correct. So I built the AMT kit using a lot of cool parts from the Revell kit. The only mod I did was flush mount the skirts.
  6. This is the most recent Round 2 version of the AMT 37 Chevy. I had a partial Modelhaus 38 Chevy conversion kit on the shelf for over 20 years. The kit 37 grille is so bad (not resembling a 1:1 37 grille very much) so I used what I had of the conversion kit which was the hood, grille and one bumper. The Modelhaus kit came with the correct 38 doghouse but that got lost long ago. So I made the 38 grille and hood work on the 37 doghouse. Only 37-38 Chevy experts will know the difference. Anyway, this kit has a great decal sheet, and tires. I used drag city castings small window Halibrands for wheels. Painted to resemble tarnished magnesium. The paint was fun to do. The Hay Auto decal is my personal logo I printed on decal sheet.
  7. That's really neat. My dad had two real 41 60 specials. One was black, I have the Danbury Mint version, but I need to pick up this 1:18 scale beauty! Nice job on the converstion.
  8. I deleted my social media so since I used to post my builds on Instagram, I needed another outlet to connect with scale gearheads, so I stumbled onto this place. Here's my most recent build.
  9. Dan Hay

    32 Ford's

    Here is a Drag City Fordor I just finished over the Holidays. I'll be posting more 32's as I get pictures. Revell parts pack Cadillac engine, lots of parts stolen from the new Revell Model A roadster kit. Tamiya colors cleared with testor's "Extreme Clear" Lacquer. Hand painted old style flames, inspired by Lee Pratt's coupe he built recently.
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