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  1. Nah - just have to understand technology and adopt the right solution... or live in a suck-ass wireless world. Your call
  2. I worked with an engineer, brilliant guy, who would throw those mouse balls through the drywall in aggravation. LOL. I do remember the early optical mice requirements - but they were so precise. Do you remember the track balls - a paradigm shift that didn't take...
  3. ^^^^ exactly. Wireless mice are for amazon browsers and social media queens.
  4. Ya, the fit is pretty good but there's a lot of mold separation seams to get rid off which you don't see much in today's Tamiya kits. I'm hoping the decals work okay.
  5. I swear by wired mice. You can find them at NewEgg. Gamers will not use wireless so they are around and plentiful - some of them way to expensive. The optical wired mice are great - the old ball mice not so much lol. You'd have to take them apart and clean all the lint and scum of the axis rollers. I had a true XT I bought from the company I was working for way back for $700 which was a fortune at the time but I really wanted a PC. I installed a V20 chip and it was 'super fast' lol. Leisure Suit Larry was my favorite game. I learned to program in C on the XT and a copy of Kernigan & Ritchie - made a career out of it.
  6. Well... not model related exactly, but I will use it to take pics of models : ) I got this photo thingy with hopes of taking better pics
  7. Well... not model related exactly, but I will use it to take pics of models : ) I got this photo thingy with hopes of taking better pics <a href="https://imgur.com/XblE3Pz"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/XblE3Pz.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
  8. I won't use wireless mice. They aren't good for gaming. Newegg has a bunch of wired mice at reasonable prices https://www.newegg.com/p/0TP-00Z5-000B6?Item=9SIARTPCEX7824&Description=wired mouse&cm_re=wired_mouse-_-9SIARTPCEX7824-_-Product&quicklink=true
  9. Progress. The new kits are so much better, engineering, fit etc. This one takes a bit of patience.
  10. Well done! That's the thing with those bombers... a lot of manufacturers put so much detail in the interior that we modelers can't ignore. I built the Accurate Miniatures B-25 and totally detailed out the wonderful interior of that kit. You did a great job on that old Revell/Monogram kit. FYI: 231367 LG-R a 322nd BS B-17, "Chow Hound," was lost on a "milk run" August 8, 1944 with Lt. Jack Thompson as pilot. This B -17 took a direct hit by flak, broke into two and crashed will all hands lost.
  11. All right - ready for some MotoGP history. The man that changed MotoGP forever bringing American dirt track style to European MotoGP racing... Mr Kenny Roberts. The young American that brought the knee down, sliding around corners to the race winning the championship in 1978, 1979 and 1980 pushing that Yamaha around the track and giving us what we see today in MotoGP - here is the 1980 winning build! Starting with the frame. This is an old Tamiya kit and it shows. The new kits have zero mould separation lines... this has many. Still fun to build Working a few alclad metals Got a bit of the motor together, more to come
  12. Great progress. Surely looking like a bike - it's great when you get the wheels on!
  13. Welcome. I have Pete Brock's 510 in the stash. I had a 71 510 in college and I regret selling it. Look forward to your builds.
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