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  1. Your solution looks awesome. Thanks for the tip, now looking for a lathe - my favorite machine in metal shop
  2. I've got a nice set of turned aluminum wheels with photoetch centers. So how do you go about mounting these - they don't have mounting pins or sockets. Do you cut the center hub off the kit wheels and glue them? I'm building Garlits 09 Challenger and need to figure this out. The wheels in this pic are resin, but I got some nice aluminum ones Thanks, John Wheels are kinda like these :
  3. Nice - that's one of my dream cars. I did the Revell kit a bit ago
  4. This is Purcilla - she loves the unboxing of kits
  5. Very nice! Super cool subject. 🐕
  6. That's fantastic - welcome back! We're lucky you decided to build again
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Mike - The British WWI captain, Ardennes Stretcher Bearer, and 3rd Texas Cavalry are Jaguar kits in 1/16. They are/were fantastic kits. The WWII German is a Dragon figure I believe - in 1/35
  8. Thanks for posting. Some interesting stuff in there.
  9. I've got the Mustang and the Cobra in the stash - can post pics if you like. They are huge when you're used to working on 1/25 - 1/24 - 1/20 scales.
  10. Stellar build! Looks fantastic. Well done. Plumbing is awesome
  11. Keavdog

    Comet fun

    Yes - 100% box stock. Only issue I had was the pinstripe decals cracking.
  12. Nice collection. I really like the Rufe - built that one when I was 19 or so. There's something about float planes I really like. About 2/3rds of what I build are aircraft. For a nice first kit experience try the original release Tamiya Spitfire Mk1. (61032 ). Low parts count and fits perfectly and since the new tool release these are cheap.
  13. Ha! Thats cool - he looks so grumpy. Natural metal finish looks great. What did you use?
  14. Thanks all. The Kawasaki is the 1/12 Tamiya Ninja ZX-RR kit. Their bikes are a joy to build
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