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  1. Ouch... that's not encouraging. I have four EBBRO kits in the stash as I'm a F1 fan.
  2. A beauty. And what an amazing collection! I thought I had one of these in the stash, but it turned out to be an EBBRO Type 91 Lotus Special
  3. What a huge fun project. Curious what the final display will look like. Goodwood? (But LHD R models )
  4. Amazing detail all around. Fantastic job on a great looking MOPAR!
  5. I built one of the 356 convertibles (don't recall which one) way back for my girlfriends step father. He owned 3 of them. He was 6'4" and looked hilarious driving them. Primarily an airplane builder back then, I was amazed at the included parts and details - I didn't know what I had but really enjoyed building it. I would surely build another in this line if I came across one.
  6. Lot's of progress. I sure do like those Tamiya bike kits - so well engineered and a joy to build.
  7. Thanks for posting that. I really enjoyed that dudes presentation - logical and balanced and pretty informative. Gotta love the instant torque on EV vehicles for racing applications. Formula E is pretty cool to watch, reminds me of my RC10 racing days lol. And there's an electric car running in the 8s in the quarter mile. But then again - you loose the visceral storm and fury of the ICE
  8. I have a collection but haven't worked on it in years. I do end up getting some of the car stuff as gifts etc. I'll have to grab these when they come out. They did a muscle car sheet a while back
  9. Totally agree! I went through the instructions several times and still had a few hiccups.
  10. Very nice! It's a really nice kit, finished mine earlier this year. A group build/club build would be a great thing to see. What did you use for the snow? Turned out great.
  11. Very nice. I built that one a while back - what a wonderful kit. Funny - I had a CoolPix as well. It did have a very good macro mode.
  12. Cover your beer when they come around!
  13. Watched this one tonight (Free 7 day trial - also recommend Greyhound if you are a WWII buff). This was a pretty good movie, really enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation combraman.
  14. There's a great preview on The Modeling News here: https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/04/preview-italeris-new-112th-scale-lancia.html#more
  15. Some awesome rides here. I have a couple 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca 2009 Charger RT - heavily modified
  16. I have the Competition Resins set mentioned above. They are made of a dense rubber and have a flat spot so the set just right
  17. Great thread. A couple worth mentioning: Hell or High Water - great story, lots of action. Kind of a modern western set in TX. Jeff Bridges should have got an oscar. No Country For Old Men - kinda the same genre. Javier Bardem's character is one crazy dude and mean.
  18. Day after my second COVID injection... nasty headache, blah and my wife is in the same boat.
  19. Thanks - If you ever make it out to San Diego they are up every day.
  20. Coming along nicely. One of my favorite car models - like others here, I too have built this one way back. Beautiful car as well.
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