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  1. Okay: resin cast, 3-D printed, made of epoxy spot-filler cast in Fix-All... all are okay, I'm sure, But I can't do 'em. Likewise, buying new kits for an engine or needed bits, esp. on the collector's market, is out at my age and stage of the game. I guess i'm licked unless one of the (seemingly) dwindling repro sources can help. I don't mind the dough so much, on a project like the '51 Chevy, a replica of Dad's car that I'm restomodding for my son, so if anyone has a MII/Pinto front suspension for sale... ? I'm a 1:1 restorer, and I abhor fake-a-loo model details, esp on kits that can be viewed from undersides. On the other hand, I don't have time (life) to start plumbing in brake lines and hose clamps, etc. So... if I can find someone to learn me resin-casting, I guess that's the way to go; amazing how many plastic modelers do not live in my area, it seems. I joined an IPMS chapter an hour's drive away, but haven't been to a meeting yet as they are in the eveining, and now days I don't drive late at night... guess I should just tell it to the chaplain, huh? But, I still think the Parts Pak thing is good, at least for some aftermarketers. BTW, in my kit heyday, I bought all the P.P. series, though some of them were silly (overchromed, etc.) so I know that they did make the mfr. some dough. Still have many of the bits, too. Wick
  2. Guys, thanks! That's what I was afraid of... buying new/collector kits to get a few components. Bear in mind that my interest is in mostly 1940-1965 cars. and that's what I have in my small (preserved) cache. The late model LS engine would almost loosen my purse strings, if I needed that one! The MII front group: couldn't someone who knows more about replicating than I do make some repops of that tree? I always bought the old kits that came with two mills; still have a number of flatheads that I didn't use c. 1960 -- and I'm using them now! I have so many Ford Y-blocks that I'm going to use four to make a 'Hillbilly Showboat' dragster -- eventually. This '51 project isn't going to get an accurate modern front suspension, probably; I don't have time enough left to fab one, at almost 76 years of age. Not and finish up my other priority kits, I guess. Wick Humble Chico CA
  3. Okay, I meant to type 'Car 54' -- you knew that! Gettin' old! Wick
  4. 2021, and I'm getting closer to having my diorama a fact. We loved 'Car 53' when it was on prime time, but can you find a '61 Plymouth sedan? BTW, a Snap-Tite '49 Merc kit, when first issued, had decals that showed car 54, no less. Wish I still had 'em ! LITB was full of cars, as was FKB. Perry Mason was great; his sponsor changed several times and new rides appeared for he and Paul Drake, incl a Stingray! The Beverly Hillbillies Olds is well remembered, but what about the Model A in The Real McCoys? G-pa McCoy even had an encounter with an LA rod club, who helped him with a breakdown; I still recall that they put on 'a real Stromberg carburetor.' Not sure how...? Wick
  5. Oops, I meant SBC with 327 valve covers, gang! Gettin' old; can't read this small font! Wick
  6. I mostly just build/rebuild kits from my modest collection bought in the early sixties, but since so many are 'rescued' (smushed, parts missing, and the usual) I've 'resto-modded' a number of 'em. But, there are SO many more modern components that we use now that are not available; I wondered why some enterprising resin guy (or even mainstream source?) doesn't make something like the old 'Parts Paks' for these! A good instance would be the resin-body conversion I'm doing on a '51 Chevy two-door to match our 1:1 restomod of Dad's old '51 two-door Styleline two-door sedan; it now has a SBC and 5-speed with FiTech injection, Mustang II front end, S-10 Blazer rear end (discs all 'round), and some other mods under the skin. I don't want to (and won't ) buy and break up a MII or Pinto kit to get the IFS and R&P steering, but... I can't just run the stocker, either. The SBC (with real '63 427 valve covers!) is easy, however if I try to scratch-build the rest -- probably won't look great, and will take too long in the bargain. There are dozens of mostly mechanical parts that would find an eager market, and could be cast from annual or other kit protos (or 3-D printed, I dunno!) including turbos, 9-inch Ford rear ends, modern LS stuff, Gen II Hemi (sorry no TM, guys), and much more. Vintage speed parts too: Paxton-McCullough blower kits, the old AMT Latham blower, Fenton flat-head headers, etc. The thing is; I can't trade for all the bits I'd like to have (some are really small, and esoteric, anyway) and I'm not a guy who buys dozens of kits a year (money mostly goes to 1:1 cars, so far, at age 75) just to bash out parts. Anyone else think this is a good idea? Just me sayin'
  7. I need a CHP decal set (Tony's Squads sheet); just the old style set as I cut them out and lost them somehow before I got the car done. I'm doing a '60 Chrysler pro-stocker or match racer in b&w with period correct emblems. This is an old New Yorker from JoHan that I salvaged (rescued) that I bought new in 'sixty; JoHan kits could be had at a chain called 'The 88-cent Stores' here in CA, and that was a savings from AMT/SMP at $1.39 retail. 88-cents, that is. When the mini-wage was 1.25/hr... ! I adapted a 1.25 Dukes Charger chassis and tub; fit's almost like made for it. The JoHan tubs were so shallow; very 'promo' standard. I prob have the wheel covers from this car, and a '61, to trade? BTW, is Tony's Custom Squads not around any more?
  8. Jolly; Not yet, but I'll post some later, or send to your email PM. This is a '49 coupe kit I bought when it was first issued, did a bad candy blue paint job on, later stripped and repainted nicer BUT put it under a shop light (cold day) which slipped down and melted the roof! Now it's a ragtop, oc. It will be white with indigo blue metallic (a Nason urethane) scallops, ala SoCal coupe -- sorta. Wick
  9. At age 75 (spelled seventy-five... alas!) I'm still moving on old, very old projects which I still have from 'the day', which for me was about 1959-1965: * A'53 Stude ragtop, with stock frame X-member added based on my old Avanti kit, just need to find colors wild enough, but period corerect. *A 'saved' '60 JoHan Chrysler HT with G-2 Hemi power, done as a CHP cruiser converted to pro-street, on a Duke's charger frame. *A 'rescued' '50 Ford converted to ragtop/kustom; sectioned, molded pans, the works with Cad power; full t 'n r, bubble skirts, and all. *A 'Miller' street roadster, based on a ruined Cad V-16, now V-12 DOCH (based on Hawk M-B '39 GP car engine) with transaxle, Bugatti GP spokers (Harry had them first on the TNT car proto), exposed fuel tank ala MGTC, DuVall Winshield, bobbed Model A top, etc. *'61 T-Bird roadster, based on Styleline kit I began in '61; huge marine V-16, individual cockpits with driver's headrest, giant wire wheels, in red of course. *A '58 Cad die-cast (Maisto, I think) done in a ratty style, homage a Stray Cats band; flat black DP3770, with red interior, w/w's and graphics, to match my 1:16 die cast "59 ragtop done in Larry Watson style and colors. Ned to find some 1:16 guitars for versimiltude. My first attempt at a diorama: the scene from Leave It To Beaver where Eddie Haskell and Wally Cleaver jerk the rear-end out of Lumpy Rutherford's pretty '40 Ford ragtop (car is done, converted from broken AMT '40 coupe), with the brush-flamed A-bone touring car of Bud Anderson broken-down across the street. Billy Gray told me he thought it was painted gray by the studio! Wish me luck, folks! *Resurrecting more damaged in storage rods and kustoms; I put my cars in a big box in 1969 when the Army grabbed me! *More replicas of 'MY" rides: '55 Chevy DelRay post (61), 'and 51 Ford Club Coupe ('63) to go with my '65 Tempest Custom 2-dr HT 326/stick; all of which are conversions (maybe never again!) I rotate jobs; seems to keep my efforts from getting blunt, but doesn't make for instant progress. I joined IPMS and after C-19 gets less, will be attending meetings of the Dragonlady chapter in Yuba Ciaty, CA -- I hope! Stay healthy; Wick Humble Chico CA
  10. Thanks for the info; I'll try to act on it asap. Re: no responses, my Vintage Chevy webmaster says that my email address has been tagged (quite erroneously) as a 'spammer, or spambot' and their forums won't let me post or even read blogs; period. Also I'm not getting blog comments -- as I once did, maybe 15/day!) from Hemmings Motor News site; I'm old and I don't get it!! Sorry if I seemed indifferent to replies! Casey; are you saying you have those to swap/sell?? Wick, age 75
  11. I'd still like to find a source for the big old Firestone road race (or Bonneville) tires (to fit 1.24 or 1.25 scale) racers. Or, can someone resin cast from some generic 'rubber' tires from my 1959 Stombecker 'Scarab' kit? I want to build a few 'old school' Bonne cars -- and finish the enhanced Scarab as well - and most of the kit tires I can find with my limited contacts are to puny looking. A lot of kits (Strombecker, Comet, etc.) came with flexible 'rubber' meats back in the day; guess I tossed out all I had at some benighted time period! Help? Suggestions?
  12. I want to find a Modelhaus resin kit of the early '60s Dodge wide bed pickup; 'my' fire crew in 1968 had a Power Wagon (318 cu in. 4 speed) 4X4 set up as a USFS Class 4 tanker, and I'd like to make a replica in memorial of those days, and my pals on the Modoc (CA) Nat'l. Forest. It was my fifth summer crewing, and I had been a foreman since '65, rated 'Crew Boss' on my Red Card, which I still have -- along with my helmet, etc. Any one able to put me on the trail of this kit? And out of curiosity; what commercial kit was it based upon, or what would provide a good set of axles, transfer case, etc.?? I'd like to build this 'tribute' before I get to old; 75 already!! Wick
  13. This kit wasn't easy to sourcein 1961; the annuals dried up immediatley the new '61s appeared. In our N CA area, the stores only stocked ragtops in the AMT/SMP lines; JoHand and Revell often were hardtops. Anyhow, I ordered mine from Auto World in Scranton PA, along with a '60 Impala HT, and a '60 T-Bird HT (with the Dave Shulkis Ranchero conversion instructions') which never got built -- I still have the dash, f&r bumpers, and the part of the rear deck cut out to make the hauler!. SO: I just finished my '60 Merc as a very near replica of the Starbird custom shown in CARS Magazine, which I began in '61; is that the record for length (60 years) of time to completion of a project?! As a matter of fact, I don't know if Darryl ever actually built this car, it's only shown as illustrations. It is b&w, but I painted it in pure DuPont deep blue mixing lacquer; looks purple in sunlight! Also used a '61 Chrysler 'domed' instrument panel; the Merc is going into a new 'customized 60 Impala kit, which will be black lac, like the old '60. The gang is right; it never had a stock spear. :-<) Wick Modeling since '53
  14. I have the '63 annual kit I bought new, but converted to the 421 SD or 'Powershift' S/FX version; I cut down a full-sized top for it so the folded top boot might be around; I'll look. Wick
  15. I have an unbuilt '61 Special wagon kit (in progress since that year, of course -- as a two-door panel now) an I may not use the chrome port holes... originally I filled the holes. I have a nailhead V-8 in it, and was thinking about going with four ports per side, which would of course require one more stick of three to make eight. Trade, or ?? Wick Humble, 75 years of age
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