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  1. Oh yeah! That's a great build!! Congratulations!!
  2. I bought them here in Brazil but I think SPTA carries similar products. They are 1 inch and stick to a velcro shaft. Each color has a different grain. https://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-1230281092-boinas-espumas-e-l-1-polegada-suporte-para-micro-retifica-_JM
  3. That's a nice result. What wattage do you use? And how many lamps? Are they LED or fluorescent?
  4. I think any modern phone will do. Mine is a Redmi Note. Modern phones have pretty good zooms. 1) Don't use macro. 2) step back from the model and zoom in. 3) by trial and error, find out the max zoom your phone can go without compromising the quality. On mine, I can go to 2.5x. So I zoom in and step back until the car is completely in frame. The further back you go, the more front to back focus you'll get. Taking pictures this way needs a steady hand; so use a tripod and the camera's timer If you can. Lighting: Get as much light as you can. Don't use LEDs. Most of my LEDs give me zebra stripes on the pictures. Something to do with frequency. I got two 150W daylight bulbs on the sides and two 20W tubes on the top lamp (my table lamp). Hope this helps 😊
  5. I built my Photo booth today. Just apare wood and tracing paper and strong lights. The pictures are straight out of my Cell phone. No editing at all.
  6. Very nice!😊😊
  7. Beautiful build and great pictures!
  8. Wow! That looks good! Beautiful shiny finish.
  9. What a privilege to have a car like this! 😊😊 I really liked this kit. It's my first AMT kit. Will look for more. No fun doing cars if don't go after the smoothest shiniest finish 😎😎 Thank you!
  10. Thanks!! Thank you! I used a local brand : Dryco Colors. 😊😊😊 Thanks! I still have a lot to learn. On this car i tried using 2k Primer. Nice stuff!
  11. I'm flattered😊. The headlights were a bit dull to begin with. I glued them with Future as I always do and they got a bit foggier.
  12. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘ Thanks! I used my cardboard box photo setup😎😎 Thank you! Glad you liked it 😊
  13. Thank you! I thought the black would be too basic but it came out fine. 😊😊😊 Thanks! I didn't use foil. It was all masked and chrome painted. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thanks! It is a nice kit. Usually the final assembly is annoying but, on this one, everything goes smiothly.
  14. Thanks! I'm trying out these abrasive sponges. They work great on my Dremel.
  15. Second build of the year. This is the AMT kit OOB. Great kit!
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