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  1. Thank you! I got the paint from FirescaleModeler. They really got the color right.😊
  2. Thank you!! Thanks!!😊 Thanks! That's one of the beauties of the kit: Tamiya made separate chrome pieces for the trims. Quite amazing engineering.
  3. This is the new Tamiya kit. A very fun build.
  4. Thank you! Thanks! For the wheels I used Steel color paint . It's from a local Brazilian brand Dryco. 👍👍Thanks! Thanks! The white stripes are decals. Made painting quite simple.
  5. Maybe the last one of 2021.... Or not 😁. Great kit from Belkits. First one I built from this brand. Super complete and the build is fabulous.
  6. Those are veeeery nice wheels.👍👍
  7. It's Pepper Gray. The same I used on the Eleanor. It's Sherwin Williams car paint. The 2K is also SW. The 5:1 catalysed one. I sprayed it on with 40psi and no thinning and got this silky look.
  8. Thank you! 😁😁👍👍👍 I also prefer the Bird. I'll build the Camaro next... See how it goes Thanks! They are Porsche 917 wheels. 3D printed. It's the first time I used 2k clear with no thinning at all. Really liked the finish.
  9. My rendition of a mean Firebird 😁 really enjoyed this one.
  10. Thanks! 🙂🙂 I was afraid of overdoing it. Thank you. Yes, the tires came with the kit. These Beemax kits are great. I'm also enjoying Belkits kits. Thanks👍👍 🙂🙂🙂 👍👍🙂
  11. Perfect! From the build down to the weathering. Loved it. And congratulations for the weathering.
  12. Thanks! 🙂👍Thank you Thanks. I tried to get the same type of weathering as this picture
  13. Finished the Toyota Celica Beemax kit. Weathering was done with enamel paint.
  14. Great work! Very nice indeed! Feeling tempted to get one. What was the build like?
  15. Thank you😊😊 Those Tamiya decals... Still learning I know.. 😁😬😁😬😁... Maybe a bit too much on the mud. But Monte Carlo Rally is quite dirty. Never a clean car. Thanks! Great fun to do.
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